Compulsive Buying Industry: The Dangers Of The Fashion Industry

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Another thing people tend to say that makes fashion offensive is how people do things like sag their pants, not wear undergarments, or dress up like a gang member. These styles are often looked down on as they are considered inappropriate as they are said to show too much skin or may give people the wrong idea. First, sagging pants doesn’t reveal any skin as the undergarments still cover the the person’s butt. Next, people who don’t wear undergarments usually are covered up pretty well. Lastly, dressing up like you are a gangster is an objective thing. Gangsters dress up like normal people, saying somebody is dressing like a gangster doesn’t really mean much. None of them are offensive. It fair that people will give these styles an odd look, but they aren’t even close to offensive. The fashion industry even gets odd looks. People say that the industry itself is offensive. People say the industry itself is sexist towards women, they discriminate against people, and even causes people to get Compulsive Buying Disorder. These claims extend to how fashion is considered offensive to people. All this isn’t true though. The fashion industry is far…show more content…
There are people who also like blaming the fashion industry for the this problem. They are saying that they are forcing people to think that they need the things that they are selling will make you happy (Elisa). This is simply not true, the problem of addiction is much more complex than somebody simply wanting to keep getting something they like. The problem stems from the brain and can be caused by genetics or the environment the person lived around. The person with Compulsive Buying Disorder can’t control the fact that they want to keep buying things. Even then, it’s not only clothes that most of these people like to buy; these guys usually buy anything they think is mildly

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