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  • The Golden Compass

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    Philip Pullman’s novel, The Golden Compass, raises questions by readers due to its questionable ideas on organized religion. To craft his novel, he uses different literary elements and devises that create a fantasy story that children love, and for older readers it shows secular ideals. Pullman’s greatest strength in writing his novel is said to be the way he develops his characters (Young). To understand a character, one must first know what their motivations are and what “stuff” they have. He must

  • The Golden Compass Essay

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    College, where you hear about something called "Dust". In your world, people have a pet that is the external expression of their soul. You're flabbergasted by Northern Lights, so you want to go up North to learn more about them. You receive a golden compass from the master of your school, and are told firmly to show it to no one. You find out that you can read the future of specific things/events using this tool, and you are the only one that can read it. Later in the day you meet a kind looking woman

  • Symbolism In 'The Golden Compass' By Philip Pullman

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    The Golden Compass tells the story of Lyra Belacqua who lives in Jordan College that studies experimental theology. In the novel every character has a daemon, an animal that takes on different forms thorough the children childhood and settles when the kids grows up. Then like every novel there is a villain which in this case is called the Oblation board who believes children should be separated from their daemons so that they don’t settle, separating children from their daemons it’s called Intercesion

  • Exemplification Essay: Abortion and America’s Lost Moral Compass

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    flying, and opportunity abounds. We consider ourselves the most religious and the most generous of all people. We have the most stable government in the world, yet we find ourselves in a national crisis. As Americans, we have lost our moral compass and we are facing a national crisis today. Many years ago, a court determined the value and the sacredness of life. It was determined then that the sacredness of a women's choice is more valuable than the sacredness of the life she carries. Then traditional

  • Jane Eyre Essay: Following the Moral Compass in Jane Eyre

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    Following the Moral Compass in Jane Eyre Jane Eyre is the perfect novel about maturing: a child who is treated cruelly holds herself together and learns to steer her life forward with a driving conscience that keeps her life within personally felt moral bounds. I found Jane as a child to be quite adult-like: she battles it out conversationally with Mrs. Reed on an adult level right from the beginning of the book. The hardship in her childhood makes her extreme need for moral correctness believable

  • Who Is Pullman's Use Of Place In The Golden Compass

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    There are five literary devices used to tell a story. One of which is place. Place is used within the story to describe a location or setting. Within the book, place sets tone and is used to set narrative. Pullman’s use of place in The Golden Compass allows him to establish epic scenery within the novel. Many people will ask “what is place?”. Place is a description of atmosphere, time period, location, social hierarchies, culture, perspectives, etc to help illustrate a setting. Place can be used

  • The Achievements of the Tang and Song Dynasties

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    China’s Song and Tang dynasties fostered scientific advances comparable to Rome’s during its Pax Romana. The most significant and impacting of these were the development of primitive gunpowder and porcelain of the Tang and paper money, and the magnetic compass of the Song Dynasties. Although these may seem very far off, if you look hard enough, you can see traces of their impacts in society today because most of the advancements today we owe to them. The Tang dynasty was an era of major technological advancement

  • Hans Christian Oersted

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    to do this, he provided a compass needle mounted on a wooden stand. Oersted noticed that every time the electric current was switched on the compass needle moved. This is a new discovery because previously no one had known that when electric current passed through a wire, it produced a magnetic field. Before this, it was generally accepted that wire carried an electric current. The compass needle’s movement proved the magnetic field. This can be demonstrated with a compass and a magnet. The wire carrying

  • Family Values and Gender Roles

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    to be.  For example in "Keep Within Compass,"  it is obvious that a man drew the plate because the woman is depicted to be genteel, sedate, and almost air headed in appearance, with no voice of her own.  This is a prime example of the despicable properties placed in gender roles.  Girls cannot play football and guys cannot be cheerleaders.  The gender roles are defining what is right and what is wrong within society. For example, in the "Keep Within Compass" plate, the woman is wrong if she

  • Investigating the Growth of Pleurococcus on Tree Trunks

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    Investigating the Growth of Pleurococcus on Tree Trunks Factors to consider/have an effect « Type of tree « Height « Light intensity « Temperature Observations Preliminary method « On your tree, use a compass to find out which side of the tree is north. « Then place your grind against the tree trunk and count how many squares have growth on them. « Write your results down in a table and repeat for east, south and west. Preliminary results Tree number Site

  • Euclid

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    assumed that it is possible to produce a finite straight line continuously in a straight line. In the third postulate, Euclid states that a circle may be drawn with any center and distant (that is radius.) A compass, for example, demonstrates this postulate. When one draws a circle using a compass, one is plotting all the points a certain distance ‘r’ from the center point. In the next postulate, all right angles are equal to one another. In the last postulate, it states that through a given point not

  • Electromagnetic Induction

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    conductor near a stationary permanent magnet caused a current to flow in the wire as long as it was moving as in the magnet and coiled wire set-up. Faraday visualized a magnetic field as composed of many lines of induction, along which a small magnetic compass would point. The aggregate of the lines intersecting a given area is called the magnetic flux. Faraday attributed the electrical effects to a changing magnetic flux. The necessity of motion to produce a current is due to the fact that electromagnetic

  • The Compass Campaign: The Compass Campaign

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    The Compass Strategy Although mental illness is a widely known and universally felt issue, knowledge on this topic rarely aims to address younger populations (Jorm, 2000). Despite this fact, most mental disorders are seen during young adulthood, and are often characterized by co-morbidity (Wright et al., 2006). During the time the program was implemented, mental disorders accounted for 55% of the total injury and disease burden among young Australians from ages 15 to 24 (Mathers et. al.

  • The Effect of the Height of a Crater on Its Diameter

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    measuring the diameter of the crater and see how the height effects this. Labelled diagram: I will measure the diameter of the creator using a compass then measure the width of the compass against an accurate ruler. Equipment list. 1 X Retort stand. 1 X Margarine tub. 1 X steel ball bearing 16.7g 1 X 1 metre ruler. 1 X compass. 2 cm of sand in a 50g margarine tub. Method: · Collect all the equipment that is listed in the apparatus list

  • Smart Car Technology

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    Oldsmobile Toronados, the visual part of the system is a computer monitor. Through detailed colour maps, it leads the driver through the town. The map changes all the time, cause a computer connected to a navigation-satellite, and with a magnetic compass installed, calculates the fastest or easiest way to your destination. When yellow circles appear in a particular place on the screen, it means that there is traffic jam here, or there has been an accident on the spot. The computer receives this information

  • Einstein

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    although a merchant, possessed an inclination for technical matters and so he managed an electrical business where he invented and sold equipment such as dynamos and electrical lamps. He introduced Einstein to the mystery of matter when he gave him a compass at the age of four, which seemed to Einstein that it came from another world as it behaved in such a determined way that it didn’t fit to his into the nature of events. He said “this experience made a deep and lasting impression on me” and he was

  • A Pattern of Visionary Imagery in W. S. Merwin

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    reconciliation with the unconscious: to argue that, in the works published from 1962 through 1977, he moves from a generally negative sense of it to a far more positive one. Though individual poems in the collections ranging from The Moving Target to The Compass Flower reflect varying senses of the unconscious--there are quietly happy poems in his darkest collection The Lice, for instance--the general pattern in these books and those published between is one of a coming-to-terms with the unconscious, a movement

  • Narrative Essay: A Canoeing Adventure

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    well planned (two months in the making). But once the trip was underway, it was evident that there were a lot of things that I hadn't planned for. Four hours into the canoeing, our map blew out of the boat and could not be found. Our only compass was attached to it. Not having been on this river before, I had to navigate by instinct. This method takes considerably longer and nightfall was creeping up on us. Various hazzards such as beaver dams and unseasonably low water levels exhausted us

  • Hamlet

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    and whirling words" with which Hamlet hopes to persuade people to believe that he is mad. These words, however, prove that beneath his "antic disposition," Hamlet is very sane indeed. Beneath his strange choice of imagery involving points of the compass, the weather, and hunting birds, he is announcing that he is calculatedly choosing the times when to appear mad. “Hamlet feigns insanity because it allows him to do several things that he otherwise would not be able to do…” (The Hamlet Paradigm, by

  • Carl Friedrich Gauss

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    mathematicians. Using number theory, Gauss proposed an algebraic solution to the geometric problem of creating a polygon of n sides. Gauss proved the possibility by constructing a regular 17 sided polygon into a circle using only a straight edge and compass. Barely 30 years old, already having made landmark discoveries in geometry, algebra, and number theory Gauss was appointed director of the Observatory at Göttingen. In 1801, Gauss turned his attention to astronomy and applied his computational skills