Comparing Stories

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  • Comparing Creation Stories

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    creation story highlights the most important aspects of the cultures that wrote them. Not only do they show the values of the people, but they can give us an insight into how these cultures might have been. Comparing the Atra-hasis, Rig Veda, Genesis, Yijing, and Popol Vuh has uncovered many distinct themes when focusing on the time and place the creation story occurred. Patterns found in creation stories from different parts of the world show how similar human beings are. Creation stories told in

  • Comparing and Contrasting War Stories

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    Was it actually fair how war was portrayed to these young boys than to how it actually was? The Red Badge of Courage and All’s Quiet on the Western Front are both interesting stories that explain the reality of war and how young men like Paul and Henry get dragged into it. These stories do not show all the singing and dancing filled campfires, but show and explain what the battles were like and all the anxiety of waiting to go to battle. The Red Badge of Courage and All’s Quiet on the Western Front

  • Comparing the Stories of Mark and Peter

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    The stories of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection in the gospels Mark and Peter differ greatly. Each author has his own plot, descriptive language, audience and characterization of Jesus. What we know about Jesus and how he is portrayed changes between the gospels. For example, the Gospel of Mark uses many Jewish references and makes parallels to the Old Testament which was most likely for the benefit of a Jewish audience. Also, the Jesus in Mark’s gospel is characterized to be more divine, befitting

  • Comparing Story Of An Hour And The Interlopers

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    Between “Story of an Hour” and “The Interlopers” Some stories are so different that you would say they can’t be similar in anyway. I beg to differ. The short story, ‘The Interlopers’ and the short story, ‘Story of an Hour’, each relate to each other. ‘The Interlopers’ tell the story of two rivals who hate each other with a passion, getting trapped together and eventually overcoming their hate for each other, only for the story to end with them dying. ‘Story of an Hour’ tells a story of a woman

  • Comparing The Superstitious Man's Story And The Call

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    Comparing The Superstitious Man's Story And The Call Iam comparing the two stories, The Superstitious Man written by Thomas Hardy and The Call written by Robert Westall. The Superstitious Man's story is narrated by a third person. We don't actually find out much about the narrator because not much is mentioned. However in The Call the story is narrated by the rota-secretary of the local Samaritans. Tension in The Superstitious Man is built up in many ways in the story, when Betty finishes

  • The Story Of Joseph: Comparing Two Accounts

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    The Story of Joseph: Comparing two Accounts While most people in the West know the story of Joseph as a religious text from the book of Genesis and the Tanakh, it is crucial to realize that it is also a very important part of the Islamic faith when studying Western religion. In the Koran, the story of Joseph is also told, however it yields a different meaning. The two different accounts of the story of Joseph in chapters 37 and 39 through 50 of the book of Genesis and in Surah 12 of the Koran

  • Essay Comparing The Awakening and Story of an Hour

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    Comparing The Awakening and Story of an Hour The heroine, Mrs. P, has some carries some characteristics parallel to Louise Mallard in “Hour.” The women of her time are limited by cultural convention. Yet, Mrs. P, (like Louise) begins to experience a new freedom of imagination, a zest for life , in the immediate absence of her husband. She realizes, through interior monologues, that she has been held back, that her station in life cannot and will not afford her the kind of freedom to explore freely

  • Comparing the Ghost Stories: The Old Nurses Story versus The Ostler

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    Ghost stories have been popular throughout the ages. During the nineteenth century, there was a sudden boom and ghost stories were made popular. Storytelling was the main source of entertainment as there weren't any films, TV's or computer games. People would gather around in groups telling or reading each other stories. The stories were made more real by the superstitions people kept and as the rooms were lit by dim candle light, it built a sense of atmosphere. Most ghost stories were written in

  • Comparing West Side Story and The Outsiders

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    West Side Story and The Outsiders West Side Story is a book about two gangs living in a large city. The Outsiders is a book with the same concept, two gangs that are archrivals. Even though two different authors wrote these books during two different time periods, they have the same story line. These books are realistic, because gang rivalry is still going on today. They are different, since they were written separately. Also, both these books have different problems between the main characters

  • Comparing Three Nathaniel Hawthorne Stories

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    Nathaniel Hawthorns short stories, such as, Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment, Rappaccini’s Daughter and The Birthmark all have an underlying meaning and demonstrate a similar recurring theme. Hawthorne uses his stories to clarify his beliefs on the competition between nature, religion, and science in everyday life. In all three of his short stories he refuses the concept of science coming before religion or nature. Hawthorne clearly thought if nature or religion was tampered with using science it could