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  • Comparing One Hundred Years Of Solitude And Thousand Cranes

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    Choice in One Hundred Years of Solitude and Thousand Cranes     The issue of choice arises when comparing Gabriel Marquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude and Yasunari Kawabata's Thousand Cranes. The men in each novel forever seem to be repeating the lives of their male ancestors. These cycles reveal that man as a being, just like the mythological heros, has no true choice in the ultimate course his life will take. The male characters' personal development is overshadowed by the identity of

  • Comparing Death Of A Salesman, Young Goodman Brown, And No Exit

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    Choice and Responsibility in Death of a Salesman, Young Goodman Brown, and  No Exit   Sartre and his existentialist philosophy have been subjects of curiosity for me for years. Only recently, after taking a philosophy class, have I begun to grasp some of the major principals of existentialism. Though I'm unsure about some of the peripheral arguments and implications of existentialism, the core of the system appeals strongly to me: Human beings are themselves the basis of values and meaning

  • Explication Of Robert Frost's The Road Not Taken

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    an everyday part of life. Although many decisions made throughout the day may not be crucial to our path of life, most every decision will affect life in some way. Pop tart or bagel, milk or orange juice, as well as drive or take the bus are all choices people make to begin their day, but Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” is a perfect example of a life altering decision. Frost wrote this poem when his dear friend, Edward Thomas, was stuck between staying with Frost and becoming a poet, or going

  • The Sorority Movie

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    In our life, people always face making choices, no matter what kind of choices they make, which are going to influence themselves and others. As we all know, the choice is good or bad, it will give people a good or bad influence. However, everything is relative, including the choice. Standing in a different perspective to look at the problem, there will be different ideas, so that cannot determine which is right, or which is wrong, all depends on the way people look at the issue. However, people's

  • The Wife of Bath by Geoffery Chaucer

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    the knight, gives him a choice. It was either to have her old and ugly but faithful or young and pretty but wonder off. "You have two choices; which one will you try? To have me old and ugly till I die, but still loyal, true, and humble wife that will never displease you all her life, or would you rather I were young and pretty and chance your arm what happens in the city where friends will visit you because of me, yes, and on other places too, maybe."(309-316) By comparing the Wife of Bath's prologue

  • Theme Of Free Will In Anna Karenina

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    surrounding society does not find an answer to the question, ''Why should I look for more?''. A woman herself can encourage her family and loved ones, leading them to freedom of expression. Deprived of this energy and realizing the truth, she sees no other choice but to leave. And the railroad, linking her with man of her desire, eventually kills Karenina.

  • Sequential and Simultaneous Linear Menus

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    writer of “Visual search of computer command menus” proposed that people randomly choose which item t... ... middle of paper ... ...see that for the most part, simultaneous menus layout overshadow sequential linear menus designs. However, the choices we may in choosing which type of design should be base not what would like to see and have your end users make on their daily or weekly basis. It should be base on the type of task and what you would like the result to be. For example, if you expect

  • Freud and His Castration Complex Theory

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    is prevalent in The Denial of Death. Becker highlights The Oedipal Project by Sigmund Freud to make note that becoming the originator of a personal connotation is the central aim for any child (Becker 36). The road to this goal is paved with many choices and obligations. "If the child is to be truly causa sui, then he must aggressively defy the parents in some way, move beyond them and the threats and temptations they embody" (Becker 39). This selection is rooted in Freud and his Castration Complex

  • Comparing Wordsworth's Ode to Duty and Elegiac Stanzas

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    Comparing Wordsworth's Ode to Duty and Elegiac Stanzas A past attitude is reverted to and revised in Wordsworth's "Ode to Duty" and "Elegiac Stanzas." Employing geographic metaphors, both celestial and earth-bound, the poems climb over rocky Wordsworthian terrain that details his reconciliation between past and present and implications of the future. Though vastly different stylistically‹"Ode to Duty" utilizes an antiquated verse form and language, while "Elegiac Stanzas" is written in Wordsworth's

  • Catholic Views On Abortion

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    One’s own free choices are what is said to be the acts that accumulate in one’s life, which overall, forms who we are as a person. Along with the blessing of free choice, also comes the extreme importance for knowledge. “For the Lord gives wisdom; from His mouth comes knowledge and understanding (Proverbs 2:6)”. The Lord provides an individual with the gift of knowledge, to know when and when not to act, and to know the difference between such moral and immoral acts. Only now, it is up to the individuals

  • Creating Meaning and Identity through Consumption

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    fashion. Youths tend to shape their identity through different styles or ways of dressing, differentiate themselves from others and express their feeling or identity through fashion. Young people need more attention or acceptance from others comparing with people at other stages, as youths are experiencing a process of being adults. The formation of identity can be exemplified through fashion. Young people tend to establish their identities through the way they dress. As Hall,S (1997) stated,

  • Movie the Matrix and Octavia Butler's Dawn

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    happiness and peace of mind that came from that decision have shaped my life ever since. I share this example because it is the key point of what I want the reader to understand from the comparison in this paper. It is a comparison between two choices made by two different primary players from the movie The Matrix and Octavia Butler’s novel Dawn. There are some very startling similarities in the clash of matrices portrayed by the movie The Matrix and Dawn. On the surface the two works might

  • Comparing Philosophies in West-Running Brook and Meditation 17

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    any correlation between the two, whereas the latter, voicing man’s dependence on G-d, optimistically surmises the crossover a restoration of our natural haven. Frost utilizes "West-Running Brook" as a catalyst towards an insightful philosophy comparing human existence to a west-running brook. The westward direction of the brook informs the reader of the poem’s focus on death due to the inherent archetypal associations between death and the sunset, which occurs in the west. "Running" and a stylistically

  • Comparing 1984 and Brave New World

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    Comparing Orwell's 1984 and Huxley's Brave New World In Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four and Huxley’s Brave New World, the authoritative figures strive for freedom, peace, and stability for all, to develop a utopian society. The Utopian society strives for a perfect state of well-being for all persons in the community, and over-emphasizes this factor, where no person is exposed to the reality of the world. As each novel progresses we see that neither society possesses family values nor attempts

  • Comparing Television and Internet Sports News

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    Comparing Television and Website News Television news is one of the best ways for people to know what is going on in the world today. With the momentum the World Wide Web has gained with in the last 6 years many television news station have also add a website to their media coverage. ESPN is no different; the station still has Sports Center where all the viewers can keep up with their favorite sport, but ESPN also has the website where the viewer can get the same or even

  • Comparing Relationships in Susan Minot's Lust and Coraghessan Boyle's Carnal Knowledge

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    Comparing Relationships in Susan Minot's Lust and Coraghessan Boyle's Carnal Knowledge "After the briskness of loving, loving stops"-Susan Minot This quote from Minot summarizes the love affairs in her short story "Lust" and T. Coraghessan Boyle's short story "Carnal Knowledge." The protagonists in these stories go to great lengths to please their significant others hoping to find loving, fulfilling relationships. They make sacrifices and relinquish certain degrees of power to find happiness

  • Essay Comparing Beowulf and A Knight's Tale

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    Comparing Beowulf and A Knight's Tale In the stories of Beowulf and A Knight's Tale, there are many different themes. One of the major themes is the religion that runs through both of them, yet both stories have a very different view of religion. In Beowulf, it seems as if God has chosen where our life will end and where it will begin, everything happens by the will of God in a fair and just way. In The Knight's Tale, we see Greek gods playing with the characters and when they "play" with

  • Comparing Crime in Beloved, Crime and Punishment, and Utopia

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    Crime in Beloved, Crime and Punishment, and Utopia To begin with an omniscient and philosophical frame of reference, crime is only defined as crime by the society defining it.  When a mass of human beings coagulate to¬ gether and form a civilized society, they are bound to make rules and laws to follow and bide by; for laws are one of the cornerstones of a civilized society.  If there were no laws, society would be uncivilized and in a chaotic state of anarchy.  These laws are decided

  • Comparing Conrad's The Secret Sharer and Heart of Darkness

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    Similarities in Conrad's The Secret Sharer and Heart of Darkness Joseph Conrad's books, The Secret Sharer and Heart of Darkness, both deal with each of our "dark selves".  These books also have similarities which are overwhelming. In describing the true inner self of humans, Conrad used many symbols which have become apparent in many of his novels. Conrad uses the same or very similar objects in many of his works. Joseph Conrad wrote Heart of Darkness in 1899 to recount his voyages

  • Comparing Fitzgerald's Great Gatsby and Eliot's The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

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    The Great Gatsby and Love Song of Alfred J. Prufrock So often, it seems, life can seem like a "patient etherized on the table" (Eliot, 3). Be it the apparent futility of existence as a whole, or the insecurity of those single moments of doubt; life is often fleeting. I believe life is best described as a fickle beast, always elusive; always turning down some new and unexpected road. This fleeting life is what both Jay Gatsby of  The Great Gatsby and Alfred J. Prufrock of "Love Song of Alfred J