Communist Leaders

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  • Legacy of Communist Leaders

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    Legacy of Communist Leaders The History of modern Russia (twentieth century) is the period of communist government. After the revolution in 1917 Russia became the first communist state, which survived until 1991. Seventy-four years of rapid changes left an enormous mark in the history of Russia. This period of history introduced us to the greatest communist leaders. History doesn't happen by itself. There must be Individuals who make it. And in our history those individuals are Lenin, Stalin

  • Iron Griffin the Communist Leader of the Shadowlands

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    It all began with the day Iron Griffin changed the government to a communist country. The sirens the hover cars the police rang out my ears from out side. “Beedo, Beedo, Beedo, Beedo, Beedo.” Catbug woke up immediately, and sprinted to turn on the holoscreen. The tv spoke “Breaking news, the Iron Griffin has changed the government to a communist country. With the help of his Greymages, Deep Shadows, and Westeronin he has overthrown the Falcon and taken over the country.” As soon as Catbug heard

  • Book Comparison of the Rise of Communist Parties, Soviet Union, and China

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    Book Comparison of the Rise of Communist Parties, Soviet Union, and China The first half of the twentieth century were the breeding years of Communism. The books Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini by Bruce F. Pauley and China in Transformation by Colin Mackerras both deal with the rise of Communism, the former in the Soviet Union and the latter in China. Although one book deals with the rise of Communism in the Soviet Union and the other book deals with the rise of Communism in China, both authors

  • The Relationship Between the Communist/Socialist Movements and the Liberation Movements

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    Communist/socialist movements played a vital role in the development of liberation movements. Throughout most of Asia and Africa the communist/socialist sphere of influence grew to amass approximately a third of the worlds population. Engulfing many nations on the cusp of their independence. The relationship between the communist/socialist movements and liberation movements was based on an acting factor that enabled the movement to succeed because of the communist/socialist influence over the factor

  • Communism And Communism Similarities

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    The Communist Manifesto began with the famous sentence, “the history of all hitherto existing societies in the history of class struggles.” (Newman et al 267). This work in 1848 by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels was distribution of the ideology that would become known as Marxism (Columbia Electronic Encyclopaedia). Looking to the French Revolution of 1789, Marx argued that the old order of aristocratic feudalism had reached a point of revolutionary crisis, and had been overthrown by a new capitalist

  • Dynastic System In China Essay

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    Before the Communist Revolution, China had a dynastic system for their form of government. A dynastic system consisted of China being ruled by emperors and it started around 221 BC. The first known dynasty in China is the Shang Dynasty. The social classes included the upper class of nobles, the working class, and slaves. In the Shang Dynasty, China was well- known for their well- organized armies and the chariots they used. Their system of writing consisted of pictures called ideograms, pictograms

  • The Marxist Ideal Cannot Work

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    asks of society and its members to be absolutely without ranks, without greed or leadership. This has been clearly impossible for society. Each step to achieving a communist establishment has been, continues to be, and will be, in actuality, a step towards the totalitarian societies of past and current so-called communist countries. Communism became popular solely in under-developed countries, contrary to Marx's beliefs as to what should happen, and its rise in these countries

  • The Reichstag Fire and Hitler's Power

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    Power A week before the elections in Germany (27th February 1933) the Reichstag Building was burnt down. Some people blame Hitler for the fire, others blame Van de Lubbe or the communists. Hitler wanted to gain control of the whole of Germany and have all German support. So although Hitler was chancellor, and leader of his political party, he was not yet a dictator. To achieve his goal of being a dictator, he felt the need to put a set of emergency powers in to place, taking away the basic

  • Animal Farm As An Allegory

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    through its use of comparing the farm to communist Russia, comparing the pigs to leaders of the Russian Revolution, and through the comparison of Animalism to Communism. To begin, Animal Farm is an allegorical lesson through its comparison of the farm to communist Russia. Orwell makes a point to show us that the farm is no place to be living, and an informed reader of history can infer that this was comparable to the fate of the common people in communist Russia. In his paper, Rodden says of Animal

  • Dennis v. United States, 341 U.S. 494 (1951)

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    Facts: The petitioners, the leaders of the Communist Political Association (CPA), reorganized the Association into the Communist Party through changing its policies of peaceful cooperation with the United States and its economic and political structure to into the Marxist-Leninist doctrine of the Communist Party. The Communist Party set itself apart from other political parties by disregarding the normal process of change set forth by the constitution. From the literature, statements, and activities