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    Commentary The article that will be discussed in this paper is entitled “Phenomenology as a method to investigate the experience lived: a perspective from Husserl and Merleau-Ponty’s thought” co-written by Maria Lucia Araujo Salada and Ruebens de Camargo Ferreira Adorno. The article gives a run through of the phenomenologies of both Maurice Merleau-Ponty and Edmund Husserl, in order to appropriate their theories into psychological nursing. The question written at the beginning of the second

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    they both belong to the late Modern English period. In the process of transliteration, Five salient syntactic interests, two morphological interests and two orthographic interests of my transliterated passages constitute the major part of the commentary, followed up by a brief conclusion. 2. syntactic interest 2.1 disordered direct object and indirect object In present day English, the position of a direct object and an indirect object is interchangeable by replacing the indirect object with a

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    “Frankenburger, is this the future?” this phrase attracted my interest at once and since then the topic of my article was decided. It is seemingly clear that there are a lot more existing issues that are under the gun; however I believed that the issue of In-Vitro meat is the most suitable issue that can be discussed by a student with a fresh but esoteric view. As I analysed my sources it was prone to find out that the majority of the articles concentrated on factual reporting that can easily gain

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    English Commentary The following is a commentary on paragraph in P.G 211 a 212 in the Sorrow of War.. The paragraph from page 211 to 212 has a very important significance to the story as a whole. It has a lot of metaphors and similes that add to the sorrowful mood of the story. In the beginning, the paragraph is very poetic, juxtaposing past images of life to future and present images of death and destruction. In specific it juxtaposes the "eternal" beauty of his girlfriend Phuong to

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    in steel. In an effort to convince steel companies to reduce and stabilize their prices during America’s time of economic distress. To do so, President Kennedy used various rhetorical strategies, such as: logos, diction, and polysyndenton, in his commentary. However, although there were times when he used these rhetorical strategies singularly, President Kennedy mostly used them simultaneously, making it increasingly difficult for his listeners to argue against his perspective. Furthermore, being one

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    Practice Commentary This passage taken from Denton Welch’s Maiden Voyage, introduces the readers to the main character (whose name is not mentioned) in a place that is not well known to the main character. Through the use of foreshadowing, symbolism, effective setting and characterization the author is able to successfully display a situation where an adolescent’s rebelliousness leads him into trouble and unexpected events. This passage begins with one of the characters, Mr. Butler, telling

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    Mary Oliver?s poem, ?Egrets?, frantically runs the reader through a labyrinth of feeling, imagery, and uncertainty. Dragging the reader beyond Oliver?s dirt path, through the hostile environment of a jungle, then to a great pond occupied by majestic egrets. The background of the speaker is unknown, the moment in time can not be truly determined because egrets live in tropical climates and the environment described in the poem can not distinguish the exact area which the poem is taking place, thus

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    “There are two secrets to making a good presentation: preparation and practice” (p.6) this from Hindle (1998) gives clear instruction on to how best go about starting a presentation. First the subject matter must be refined, the purpose of the presentation decided and the tone set. From this point it is easier to start gathering materials, the sources will be dictated by the type of presentation being given. If the presentation is lighter in nature it would be acceptable to gather information from

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    For my argumentative writing piece, my purpose of this was to inform how fees in higher education were causing many problems and it should be free. Before doing all of this, I firstly thought about the audience. I believed this issue should be informed to everyone. This is quite vague as it does not have a specific target audience. So, my focuses are on the educated people and people who are willing to learn higher studies in our society, as this topic mostly appeals to them. I wanted to write in

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    Text 3, a four frame comic strip by Cathy Guisewite, published in 1986 with the permission of UNIVERSAL UCLICK, discusses the challenges faced by women in regards to the society they live in. The text aims to shed light on gender discrimination and make its viewers recognize the role of society in building up both male and female genders. The use of relevant images and emotive language revolve around the audience, purpose and theme, tone, stylistic devices, and the structural conventions of the