Commander Essays

  • Master and Commander: Far Side of the World

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    Captain “Lucky Jack” Aubrey, the protagonist in Master and Commander: Far Side of the World, is an excellent example of a leader to both his crew and the audience of the film. Lucky Jack received the nickname because of his tendency to be in the right place at the right time, to win battles and, if necessary, narrowly escape disaster. The movie takes places during The Napoleonic Wars when Great Britain was at with France. Captain Aubrey is the captain of a British battleship, the HMS Surprise, when

  • Operation Husky Case Study

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    While General Eisenhower was appointed Allied Commander in Chief, he had no real command authority over his subordinate leaders for the Allied operation hence the issue that plagued the C2 function of the operation. Eisenhower had three subordinate commanders, each being a British general officer that commanded a major functional area; the ground, air and naval forces. Eisenhower was accustomed to the

  • Air Force Leadership Philosophy

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    INTRODUCTION The topic of leadership has been explored and written about by thousands of authors who are considerably more qualified than I am to write about the subject. However, I’ve always maintained that developing, evolving and articulating one’s own leadership philosophy is an essential part of a professional’s growth. Through academics and experience, I’ve concluded that leadership is a “soft” skill, more art than science, and that leadership principles can be universally applied. As a

  • Free Handmaid's Tale Essays: Offred

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    because thats what everyone else values and now she feels as if thats her only way to survive through this society. (Atwood pg.143) Now that Offred has this relationship with the Commander and Nick at the same same time. She feels as if she has power in the sense that she's the only one that knows whats going on with the Commander. She loves having something over Serena Joy. "The fact is that I'm his mistress. Men at the top have always had mistresses, why should things be any different now ?.... Sometimes

  • Creative Writing: Feudal Japan

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    perturbed state "I understand that we need to get married, but we will now need to escape this hell hole, we should start up our own clan." Maichi said. She told me of a plan, then it was an act of Justice. I stood up on the roof of the temple of the commander. Gave out a speech which then caused the people living in suffering repent. "Today is the day, to create a new tribe, new opportunities for all residents". There was a great war, between the residents and the military. As I was

  • Edsons and Carlsons Raiders

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    which means that the warrior is capable of fighting on land and sea. The idea of an amphibious landing was developed through the training of the Marine Raider Battalions, which was tested and perfected in combat. Although there were two Raider Commanders with very different views on how to prepare their marines, Evans Carlson and Merritt Edson were responsible for training lightly armed Marines for amphibious assaults. II. Body. 1. Historical Background a.     Forming of the Marine Raiders b

  • River God Summary

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    off to help Tanus defeat the Shrikes. In two years, they defeat the whole band of Shrikes and capture several of their leaders, and when Tanus presents them to the Pharaoh, Tanus’s sentence is lifted. When the Pharaoh demands to know who their commander is, they all point to Lord Intef. Intef is captured and sentenced to death, but escape before it is carried out. After that, during a terrible sand storm, Tanus and Lostris are finally able to be alone, but Lostris then got pregnant with Tanus’s

  • Comparing Ender's Game and Fahrenheit 451

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    us out last time. They had us cold, outnumbered and outweaponed. The only thing that saved us was that we had the most brilliant military commander we ever found. Call it fate, call it God, call it damnfool luck, we had Mazer Rackham.' " (p. 25) The future seems dark because the humans are trailing in bugger war. If the military could get another commander like Mazer Rackham, then the future would be brighter; Ender Wiggins trains to be the next Mazer Rackham.  In Fahrenheit 451, people wanting

  • superman for president

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    Maybe he should just be a person that you trust in to keep The United States of America running smooth. Well if that is what you think of when you think of the President, my candidate is all of that plus much more. Superman would be the perfect commander in chief of these United States. The first of my candidates multiple qualities is respect for the people. Past presidents didn’t have that characteristic. He realizes that the people come first, that is the whole purpose of becoming the president

  • Herald

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    changed immensely over the centuries, as they became more dignified figures in the chivalrous world. The earliest record of a herald just mentions him as a messenger in war. He was a medieval officer in charge of carrying messages to and from the commanders of opposing armies. As we will see, this simple office turns into a complicated job that is still around in today’s society. In the twelfth century, the herald’s job grew to consist of announcing and conducting tournaments. This included announcing

  • Jacques Cousteau

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    the first time, and his future course was set. In 1943, he and Emile Gagnan developed the first regulated compressed-air breathing device for sustained, unencumbered diving. After World War II, he created and organized, in conjunction with Commander Philippe Tailliez and Frédéric Dumas, an underwater research unit to carry out technical experiments and laboratory studies in diving. In 1950 he founded "Campagne Oceanographique Francaise". Also, in the same year, Captain Cousteau acquired

  • Essay on the Importance of Enobarbus in Antony and Cleopatra

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    strange love affair, we are introduced to some interesting secondary characters. The secondary character most important to the theme of the play is Enobarbus. Enobarbus is a high-ranking soldier in Antony's army who it seems is very close to his commander. We know this by the way Enobarbus is permitted to speak freely (at least in private) with Antony, and often is used as a person to whom Antony confides in. We see Antony confiding in Enobarbus in Act I, Scene ii, as Antony explains how Cleopatra

  • Lost Moon vs. Apollo 13

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    “Houston we have a problem,” those words caught the attention of the world on April 13, 1970 during the flight of Apollo 13. The movie Apollo 13, made in 1995, is based on Jim Lovell’s autobiography called Lost Moon, published in 1994. Lovell was the commander of the Apollo 13 mission; Tom Hanks played him in the movie. The crew also included Jack Swigert and Fred Haise. In general, the movie does a good job of portraying the flight of Apollo 13; however there are some significant differences. The

  • Essay on the Character of Offred in The Handmaid's Tale

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    woman, before she entered the Republic of Gilead. She was given the name "Offred", when she entered Gilead. This was to make it known that she was a handmaid. Offred becomes psychologically programmed in Gilead as a handmaid, and the mistress of the commander who is in power of all things. She was used for her ovaries to reproduce a child, because they are living in an age where birth rates are declining. Offred was ordered by Serena Joy, the handmaid's barren wife who develops some jealousy and envy

  • handmaids tale

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    The central social hierarchy within the novel is the gender hierarchy, placing men in a position of extreme power. This is evident in every aspect of the book, as the entire Gilead society is male dominated. The Commander is at the top of the hierarchy and is involved with designing and establishing the current society taking control of a nation of women, and exploiting their power by controlling what is taught, what they can teach themselves and the words that they can use. Soon all of the women

  • General Douglas MacArthur

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    General Douglas MacArthur General Douglas MacArthur is one of the United States' most popular and accomplished generals. He is mostly known for being the commander of all Allied forces in the Pacific theater during World War II. His life was a spectacular rise and tragic fall. He was one of the United States' greatest leaders of all time. He lived his entire life living by the West Point code of Duty, Honor, and Country. Douglas Macarthur was born on January 26th, 1880 in Little Rock, Arkansas

  • New Cadet

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    an insignia on their flight cap; when we saw an officer approaching we had to salute. Knowing I had the opportunity to join such an recognized group I took it in a heart beat. From that point I was unstoppable, the next year I became a squadron commander and vice president of Kitty Hawk, a JROTC honor society. I was a leader, I had reached my goal, but not only did I want to be a leader but get my cadets involved and assist them like Wendy did with me. When my squadron did well and impressed Major

  • Speech: Leadership by Giving Subordinates the Honor

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    Speech: Leadership by Giving Subordinates the Honor 1. Its 0630 and I'm in full service dress blues. I've been told that I must report to the Wing Deputy Commander to explain the actions of a Communication Security (COMSEC) incident that has occurred in my section. I am in charge of the account but did not personally have anything to do with the incident. Do I shift blame to the Airman that committed the incident? What would you do in this situation? In the next few pages, I hope to explain

  • Essay on A Society of Oppression in A Handmaid's Tale

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    States. She traces the development of this institution, but from the perspective of a different group of oppressed people: women. Like the institution of slavery, women in Gilead were enslaved through biblical justifications. According to the Commanders, God intended the ultimate power to be in the hands of man, not only because man was created first, but also because it was woman's temptation that expelled them both from the Garden of Eden. Women, therefor, must be controlled by man. Slave traders

  • Commander's Challenge

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    without any cover but our commander ordered us to fire with all weapons and not to let the enemy to use their weapon precisely with other soldier they took her to the safe area and got medic for her. Having chance to see their commanders’ ability arranging all possible actions saving unit member’s life regardless of danger, helps personal feel themselves comfortable also valuable. They learned commander is responsible for their mission together with their unit. Commander has to know how to reach unity