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  • dream career

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    My Dream Career Selecting a career is the most important decision in a person’s life. The Health care industry has a good future in the United States of America. According to the American Department of Labor, the Medical assistant is one of the fastest growing health care professions. I have always been inclined towards health care and therefore I decided to be a medical assistant. To become a medical assistant one should possess different qualities. But the most important quality is to be a very

  • Why Must We Dream in Metaphors?

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    relates to, is like, compares to things I already know about. Part of the poetic process is to be on the lookout constantly for these metaphors, these comparisons between unlike things constantly, as (in a metaphorical sense) a mechanic might hear a car coming down the street and from the noise of the engine discern a kind of secret knowledge, an awareness, that is lost on other hearers. The strong arm of metaphor has led to statements like, "Thatís why schema theory is a kind of Swiss army knife" or

  • Malcolm X

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    other Nation of Islam members were jealous about his popularity and worried about the power he was gaining. After the JFK assassination, Malcom stated: "President Kennedy never foresaw that the chickens would come home to roost so soon... Being an old farm boy myself, chickens coming home to roost never did make me sad; they always made me glad." After many death calls from irritated Whites, The Nation of Islam started to distance themselves from Malcom.

  • Canterbury Tales Essay: Importance Of Clothing Analysis

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    impression of one. It speaks of where a person has been and where they intend to go. Their appearance also illustrates a person's true self and aspirations. A man wearing torn jeans, dingy shirt, and old shoes might be thought of as poor or coming home from a hard day's labor. However, a young woman in a Gucci dress with Versace pumps could be assumed to have access to a large amount of money. In "The Prologue from the Canterbury Tales," Chaucer uses clothing as an insight into people's

  • Odyssey Criticism

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    Guest," he explains his views of Odysseus' self struggles that appear when he arrives back home. His point of views toward the mental and physical struggles that Odysseus goes through are hard to disagree with. He puts a strong emphasis on the effect that others are going to have on him, when he reveals himself. I strongly believe that is something every individual has a struggle with, whether it is coming out of a disguise or just something that is not usual to others. A shock on the people who

  • Attempts to Connect in Joyce Carol Oates' Shopping

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    introduced with the line,  An old ritual.  Saturdaymorning shopping   (833).  The story takes place when Nola, 17, visits home during spring break to see friends and to shop with her mother, Mrs. Dietrich, 47.   Though 40 years separate the two, Mrs. Dietrich strives to connect with her daughter through this shopping trip.    Nola does not complain because to her, shopping is  like coming home   (835).  However, a connection does not happen because of a lack of communication.  During the trip, Mrs. Dietrich

  • Sweatshops

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    When you think about children, chances are you think of them getting up in the morning, going to school then coming home and going outside to play. Sadly this isn't always the case. In other countries, children are locked up inside being forced to work. Is it fair that a child is forced to work a twelve-hour shift, seven days a week earning only seven cents an hour? This means if a child were to work eighty-four hours a week (when the maximum is 60 hours a week), then they will have only earned $5

  • Maggie: A Girl of the Streets: She Never Had a Chance

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    Maggie was born into a destructive cyclical existence (20). She grows up in the tenements, probably the same ones her parents grew up in, and experiences a routine of drunken behavior, disrespect, violence, and poverty. Eventually, her father stops coming home drunk, accosted by her drunken mother, where they break furniture and attack each other until they pass out. However, Maggie’s brother replaces him. Both father and son obtain barely working class jobs and acquire no education to speak of, except

  • Personal Narrative - The Day My Mother Went to the Hospital

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    up my two younger brothers and rushed to my God Mothers home in Millville. My God Mother then explained that my father would not be home for a while, being as he was rushing to Cooper Hospital to see my mother. At this point in time, being of such a young age, I started to block out a lot of what she was telling us all. I only remember a little bit of that period of time because of my memory block. When my father had come home from the hospital, he told us all that our mother had

  • Family Values, Personal Values

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    my childhood stages. Therefore they were rarely home to guide me through good family values. Now that I am an adult my parents are persistent to spend time with me and teach me values not taught to me when I was a child. I believe it's like teaching an old dog new tricks. A child needs direction from the childhood up to adulthood not the reverse. I recall coming home from school to an empty house. My parents were working to provide us with a home, things we needed and wanted. Regardless, as a

  • Forgotten Heroes

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    close your eyes and pray to god it wasn’t ever that bad. During the Vietnam War, or the ‘unpopular war’, many men faced things unimaginable today. Soldiers kept quiet to avoid the pain and humiliation that American citizens put them through upon coming home. Often times the soldiers discarded their uniforms to avoid public humiliation. They faced rejection and verbal, sometimes physical assault. Needless to say the war was not a welcomed topic. Just as in Tim O’Brien’s short story of ‘How to Tell

  • Relationships

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    don’t spend time together anymore instead its spent with your friends away from home. Some signs to tell if the other person in the relationship is cheating is by the person starts to come home from work later then they usually do, they start to smell like perfume that neither of you have, when you confront them about cheating they get all nervous and deny it, when you ask them why they’ve been coming home late from work lately they makeup stupid excuses. And they say there going somewhere

  • Computer Hackers: The Who's, What's, When's, Where's, Why's and How's.

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    Computer Hackers: The Who's, What's, When's, Where's, Why's and How's. After coming home from a long day at school, I turn on my computer and go to the Internet to see "What's New!" Then all of a sudden I hear, "You've Got Mail!" I check my e-mail and it's a message from my friend in Alabama. It is warning me about a computer virus that is being spread, and that I should watch out. Thank goodness someone warned me about this. I said to myself, "This kind of stuff must be the work of those hackers

  • The Differences in Josephine and Mrs. Mallard of Kate Chopin's The Story of an Hour

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    women are expected to maintain a certain role in society, Mrs Mallard, unlike Josephine, is not satisfied with her life due to the societal restrictions. At the end of the story, Josephine and Mrs. Mallard respond very differently to Mr. Mallard's coming home. Josephine and Mrs. Mallard feel very differently about the societal restrictions placed on them. Josephine is portrayed as the perfect nineteenth-century woman. She fulfills her duty as care-giver. This duty is seen when Josephine is kneeling

  • The Effects of Racism on Hally in Master Harold and the Boys by Athol Fugard

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    that he could return to those times because that was a time when ?life felt the right size?. (Fugard 379) Unfortunately, Hally?s mood changes drastically throughout the play. When his mother calls from the hospital with news that his father may coming home, Hally quickly becomes very sharp with the two black men. For example, he says to Sam ?Tell me something I don?t know, Sam. What the hell do you think I was saying to my... ... middle of paper ... ...e end of the day feels no better about himself

  • Power Relationships in Hughes's "Father and Son" and Lawrence's "The Prussian Officer"

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    feeling that the dominant male is hiding a secret from those around him is more explicitly stated in "Father and Son." From the very beginning, the narrator informs the reader that Bert is Colonel Tom’s son. "Today his youngest son was coming home….Bert was coming home" (Hughes, "Father" 599). This occurs before the reader realizes that there is a problem in the relationship: that Bert is illegitimate and has a black mother. Additionally, Colonel Tom is hiding his interest, and even pride in this boy

  • Teaching Morality

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    Teaching Morality In The Night is Dark and I am Far From Home, Jonathan Kozol writes that "The first goal and primary function of the U.S. public school is not to educate good people, but good citizens." (1). He implies that the public school has no function but to turn out people who will vote, pay their taxes, and follow the nations laws without protest. If this is so, and I believe that it is, should the philosophy of the public school system be changed to produce morally upright individuals

  • math graph story

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    chess tournaments there wasn’t much of a social scene around Winchester University in Omaha, Nebraska. The school year at this college was year round, but the students were given a 30 day summer vacation in July. The majority of the students went back home to visit their families during this time. But as juniors at the University Charles, Fredrick, and Stanley, all childhood buddies, decided it was time for a change and that they needed a little more spice in their life. Realizing that they were almost

  • The narrative epic, ‘The Odyssey’ composed by Homer between 750 and 650

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    suitors must go scattering to their homes. Then here’s a course for you, if you agree: get a sound craft afloat with twenty oars and go abroad for news of your lost father— perhaps a traveller’s tale, or rumored fame issued from Zeus abroad in the world of men. Talk to that noble sage at Pylos, Nestor, then go to Menelálos, the red-haired king 330 at Sparta, last man home of all the Akhaians. If you should learn your father is alive and coming home, you could hold out a year. Or if you

  • Out of Your Car, Off Your Horse

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    will destroy our communities. I also find some of his sustainability ideas to be far reaching. When Berry refers to basically the city folk being forced to become agriculturally responsible, it is just hard to see someone working on Wall Street coming home in the evening to plow his fields. Even though I find those type of ideas far fetched I do agree that for “conservation” to become global it should start at the local level. If each individual would contribute within their own community the community