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  • Comfort

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    "Come on, Jane!" You pulled your coat tighter around you and willed her to move faster. "Don't you remember what Heimdall said? We don't have a lot of time." She fiddled around with moniters, pressing buttons and splicing wires together. "I'm going as fast as I can!" "I still don't see why you want to go see that je-" You glared at Darcy. "He's not a jerk, he has perfectly good reasons for everything he's done." She put her hands up in surrender. Jane was working on a teleportation device. It

  • The Importance Of Comfort

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    to fabric comfort, significance of spacer fabric, low stress mechanical properties, thermophysiological comfort properties, moisture management properties and body armour system. 2.2 FABRIC COMFORT Comfort is an important characteristic of materials and it is considered as a fundamental property of a textile material. Slater (1986) defined comfort as a pleasant state of physiological, psychological and physical harmony between a human being and the environment’. Li (1998) defined comfort as a holistic

  • comfort women

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    as "Comfort Women". The comfort women are a big issue between South Korea and Japan. "The Japanese government has maintained that the legal aspects of their wartime aggression were settled in the Tokyo Tribunal and the resulting Tokyo Judgment, as well as the San Francisco Peace Treaty of 1951, which formally ended the war and stipulated that Japan pay war reparations(Kuki 245-256). “In a Japanese Diet session in June 1991, the government denied the involvement of the state in the comfort system

  • Southern Comfort

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    Southern Comfort "The old ball-and-chain" is a phrase that many Americans are familiar with. Oftentimes we imagine it spilling forth from the lips of some distressed, fatigued, overworked man who is with his nagging wife. It is this image that the advertisers for Southern Comfort are trying to reproduce. They want the person looking at the ad to sympathize with the man in the image, the man dragging his imaginary "ball-and-chain". We associate the ball and chain

  • Southern Comfort

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    Southern Comfort Visual communications I We are shaped by the world around us, all we experience in life determines our way of thinking and ultimately defines who we are. This essay will show how the film "southern comfort" demonstrates this and how perception is affected by our surrounding and our experiences. The commanding officer of team Bravo because of his service and Discharge in the Vietnam war gave him the leadership qualities the would have been a great help later in

  • Comfort In The Air

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    Comfort In The Air Have you ever been on an airplane where you were so desperate to use the lavatory that you rush out of your seat only to abruptly hail to a stop as you see the food trolley moving ever so slowly down the aisle? Nature calls and mentally all you want to do is push everyone out of your way, hurl the trolley against the wall and run like your life depends on it towards the lavatory. Of course, that would not be the action of a sane individual. Instead, they would wait patiently

  • The Comforts of Culture

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    The Comforts of Culture We as a nation, have come a long way since the mid 1900’s when racism was everywhere, and discrimination was looked at as almost a normal, everyday occurrence. In today’s world, blacks, whites, and Hispanics are interacting everyday, whether it be at the work place, on athletic teams, or even just around the neighborhood. Although it seems like most people are looking past differences and are able to make friendships with those that might not have a whole lot in

  • Concept Of Comfort In Nursing

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    Nursing: The value, act and quality of care that the nurses deliver to their patients’ are nursing. The nurse addresses the patient’s comfort needs and creates a care plan. As the patient’s comfort needs change, the nurse interventions are updated. If the patient feels that they are being cared for properly, they will be emotionally and mentally better, which will aid in their recovery (Kolcaba, 2011). Authors had written many books on nursing theories which classifies them into various categories

  • The Importance Of Comfort Theory

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    1991). In 1992, Kolcaba completed another extensive literature review to incorporate holism into comfort theory. According to Research Gate (2015) Kolcaba’s research has been cited 547 times. Comfort theory has been adopted by many in the health care field. Southern New Hampshire Medical Center adopted comfort theory when they successfully sought Magnet Recognition Status. Components of comfort theory have been incorporated in the National Intervention Classification, the national Outcomes Classification

  • Importance Of Thermal Comfort

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    surrounding environment, including schools. However, the study of comfort in teaching and learning environment is very limited in their number of publications, especially for schools. Thermal comfort is defined as “that condition of mind, which expresses satisfaction with the thermal environment” (ISO Standard 7730). Thermal comfort describes the synthesized feeling about the body’s thermal state. Hensen, (1991) defines thermal comfort as “a state in which there are no driving impulses to correct the