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  • Lip Color Essay

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    Ancient Times of Lipstick (Lipcolor) Have you ever been anxious to know about the history of Lip color and just exactly why lip color was a beauty kind of thing? Who all exactly wore it or discovered it? Lip color was made in many different types of values. Lip color was used to bring out your appearance among others. Ancient cosmetics were a status of men and women. Many hunters would use lip color to honor the gods while the teenagers were using it to please their opposite sex or to just look

  • Longest Lasting Emulsion?

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    Hypothesis: If you blend 10 mL of canola oil, 90 mL of water, .25 g of xanthan gum, .2 g of whey concentrate, and yellow food coloring for 20 seconds then it will create an emulsion that will last longer than 15 minutes. Background Info: An emulsion is the combination of two or more unlike substances that are not usually mixed together. For example, oil and water. When an emulsion is shook the ingredients will combine and in a short amount of time, separate. The amount of time it takes for the emulsion

  • Expanding Lives: My Teaching Philosophy

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    which we take on while others we ignore. Teaching and learning are two of these chances, two I feel upon which we should never pass. In order to ensure I am teaching and learning at nearly every prospect, I have always lived my life as if it is a coloring book. When I was a child, I scribbled on every page, leaving messy streaks of crayon and never staying in the lines. Time went by with elementary school, and I learned the importance of following rules and staying in the lines. As I grew older

  • Principles of Diffusion and Osmosis

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    glass of water and put a drop of food coloring in. The molecules of food coloring would move from the initial site of the drop, which has an high concentration of the coloring, to the rest of the water, which has a low concentration. Eventually, the food coloring will spread out so that the entire glass of water has an equal concentration of it. At this point, the glass of water is in dynamic equilibrium - that is, the average concentration of the food coloring throughout the water is the same. Molecules

  • How does Heat Affect Density

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    certain things or reactions happen. An example of this is why lava lamps work. The heat from the Alka Seltzer mixes the oil and food coloring in our lava lamps together that gives the lava lamp the effect has. For example, in Nelly’s and my case, the heat is the Alka Seltzer. The heat changes the density of the oil and the food coloring. This gives the oil and food coloring a chance to mix and make what appears to be “lava.” The heat makes the molecules in the mixture expand and move slower than when

  • Essay On Slime

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    soda, contact lens solution, water, and liquid starch. All of these slime recipes have one ingredient in common, glue. Kids have an array of substances they can add to their slime mixture to create more fun. Additional substances can include food coloring, glitter, Orbeez, small toys, beads, or even confetti. Does decorating slime mixtures increase the consistency of a standard slime mixture? Orbeez can make the slime feel

  • Examples Of Multiculturalism In The Classroom

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    celebrate the welcoming of the season spring by coloring cracked eggs. Most students should be able to make connections with Egyptians way of celebrating spring with our version of Easter and coloring Easter eggs. The only difference is that American’s try to avoid cracking the eggs they use to

  • Importance Of Color In Filmmaking

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    Kane) Stock Footage of silent film cinema in the past. Tv shows with color, Films with color. Various Shots. [Black Screen] Closeup shot of 16mm film reel being processed. Motion graphic of 1 showing on screen [Cut into] Method of hand coloring on video Motion graphic of 2 showing on screen [Cut into] Method of stenciling on video, old stock footage. Motion graphic of 3 showing on screen [Cut into] Method of Tinting on video Motion graphic of 4 [Cut into intro credit of Techincolor

  • How would you explain white privilege to colleagues and what could you do to address its impact on your work with Aboriginal people

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    development (Zufferey, 2012: 2). Auto- anthropology may well be a technique that draws on specific experiences of the investigator, to understand but personal and consummate experiences area unit connected to historical and cultural contexts that privilege coloring (Ellis and Bochner, 2000). Work literature, theories, policies and practices area unit ofttimes questioned for being partiality as a results of work may well be a culturally and historically embedded activity that exists at intervals white institutions

  • The Craft Of Bandhini

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    Bandhini, otherwise called Bandhej is an Indian creatively colored craftsmanship. The term Bandhini is gotten from the word bandh which implies " to tie". The craft of Bandhani is very talented procedure. The strategy includes coloring a fabric which is tied firmly with a string at a few focuses , accordingly delivering an assortment of examples like Lehriya, Mothda, Ekdali and Shikari relying upon the way in which the material was tied.They are known with different names like Khombi, Ghar Chola