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  • The Mathematics of Map Coloring

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    The Mathematics of Map Coloring The four-color conjecture has been one of several unsolved mathematical problems. From 1852 to this day, practically every mathematician has studied the problem long and hard, but to no avail. The conjecture looks as though it has been solved by Wolfgang Haken and Kenneth Appel, both of the University of Illinois. They have used computer technology to prove the conjecture. The calculation itself goes on for about 1200 hours. The staggering length of the computation

  • How food coloring affects the body

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    PA; & Haenggeli, CA (2004). Food colourings and preservatives—allergy and hyperactivity. In: The Lancet, 364(9437): 823-824. Retrieved March 5, 2014, from Rowe, KS; & Rowe, KJ (1994). Synthetic food coloring and behavior: A dose response effect in a double-blind, placebo-controlled, repeated-measures study. The Journal of Pediatrics, 125(5): 691-698. Retrieved March 5, 2014, from Vargas, F; & Lopez, O

  • Coloring Easter Eggs

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    For many people, coloring Easter eggs is a holiday tradition that has been carried on for many generations. Whether this is the case for you, or you are starting a new tradition, coloring Easter eggs can be easy and entertaining fun. There are limitless creative possibilities for people of all ages. When coloring Easter eggs, you should begin by hard boiling the eggs. Be sure that they have had a chance to cool before coloring to avoid burnt fingers. Next, you will want to cover your workstation

  • Food Coloring Experiment

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    sugars, proteins, minerals and vitamins, is combined with detergent, or any other form of liquid soap, tends to give you an especially dramatic reaction. In the experiment, you’ll need 2% or whole milk, food coloring of no specific color, dishwashing liquid, cotton swabs, and a plate. The food coloring is only to add color and to show actual reaction; otherwise it wouldn’t be visible to the naked eye. A simple step by step process will allow you to perform a swirling color wheel of milk every time. I

  • Science Project Using Paper Chromatography

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    strips of paper- coffee filters or chromatography paper 3 cm by 9 cm Wide-mouth jar Pencil Ruler Tape Water Toothpicks Food coloring ( red, green and blue) 1. Do your background research so that you are knowledgeable about the terms, concepts and questions above. 2. Use a pencil to lightly label which candy color or food coloring will be spotted on each paper strip. 3. Draw a pencil line 2 cm from the edge of each strip of paper. 4. Next you need to extract some dye from

  • What to Do About Gray Hair

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    important to do the same in the cabin, and it is desirable to have the same master, then he will be able to find the right concentration and shades of colors, not to hurt the hair; - Use conditioning products that add shine - reflections on hair coloring to hide the border. 6. Take your gray hair Consider an option that may no complexes about their gray hair - take it once and for all. If you work on your way and style, gray hair can add glamour and elegance. Gray hair, tend to go for women with

  • Graph Theory: The Four Coloring Theorem

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    Graph Theory: The Four Coloring Theorem "Every planar map is four colorable," seems like a pretty basic and easily provable statement. However, this simple concept took over one hundred years and involved more than a dozen mathematicians to finally prove it. Throughout the century that many men pondered this idea, many other problems, solutions, and mathematical concepts were created. I find the Four Coloring Theorem to be very interesting because of it's apparent simplicity paired with it's

  • Essay On Four Color Theorem

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    exploration, maps have helped people record the specifics of new and unexplored regions of the earth. The earliest maps were crudely drawn by hand and were rough estimates of geographic area based on interpretation of the land. Once people began coloring maps, to designate partitions within regions, the problem arose regarding the necessary number of colors it would take to color a map. II. History The theorem was first proposed by August Ferdinand Moebius in 1840. However, the problem was ignored

  • food reaction

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    more than four weeks project. In the first week of the study, the children were given a diet that contain most of food additive for a month. During the second week, they were assigned to supplement their additive free diet with the artificial food colorings Tartrazine, Sunset Yellow, Carmoisine, Ponceau, and the preservative Sodium Benzoate. All of them are given at the same time in a single drink daily for one week. In the other two weeks the children was given a fruit juice to drink which was identical

  • Gray Hair Essay

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    graying . Annular graying : characterized by discontinuity , since white hairs appear loose and scattered head usually, but can also occur in groups or tufts . Causes - Why leave the reeds ? causes Canas As mentioned above the graying (loss of hair coloring ) is produced by the reduction of melanin. But this reduction is due to several factors such as : 1. The passage of time or natural aging. Aging is part of the destiny of human beings, and having late or early graying of our genetics , so that as