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  • The Colonists

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    by love?" -Powhatan 1609 The colonists in Jamestown were lazy. They wanted to search for gold rather than grow food. The English began to starve which led them to steal from the Powhatan tribe. This is a continuing trend through US history. By 1830 the Indians were removed from their ancestral lands and given very poor land. In 1607 Britain established Jamestown, the 1st permanent British Colony in America. Jamestown was led by Captain John Smith. The colonists had better technology which they

  • American Colonists

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    American Colonists You wil be amazed to learn that which has been occurring in the American colonies. Chaos reigns where once there existed reverence; rage has displaced peace. Some wick ed force has corrupted the colonists’ hearts against their own king and, therefore, against their own best interests as wel. Moreover, the fuel for this sinful fire, in a large part, emerges from a tiny pamphlet, writen anonymously – and for this and li tle else, I give its author credit for inteligence. If identified

  • Colonists Identity

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    what was then French territory. When England won the war, the colonists were happy because now hey could move west. However, England drew a Proclamation Line which made West of the Appalachians for the use of the Indians. England wanted to tighten their control over the colonies. England wanted more authority over the colonies. They needed to pay off their debts so they saw the colonies as a personal bank for their use. The colonists felt united because they believed that they did good fighting for

  • Colonists to Revolutionaries

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    American colonist who is attempting to break away from the imperialistic power of Great Britain. During the time of Great Britain’s reign over the colonies, you feel as though Great Britain has progressed into a mother country that is both unfair and untrustworthy to the colonists of America. Although there may be numerous explanations as to why the colonists transformed into revolutionaries against the mother country of Great Britain, there is one recognizable reason that drove the colonists towards

  • Taxation on American Colonist

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    it was right what they did to the American colonist, but many know it was wrong and some even consider it to be illegal. The British Government put a tax on stuff for everyday use, like paper, stamps, tea, ect. The American colonist knew it was wrong and unlawful so some refused to pay the price of the tax. British soldiers went to those people and demanded the money, if refused again or unable to pay the person would be beaten or even killed. The colonist revolted against the British Government which

  • Indians And Colonists Relations

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    Americans. The thought of war between the Indians and the early settlers creates an image of clashing cultures between the well-armed Europeans and the hand-crafted weaponry of the native Indians. We tend to have the perception that the early colonists came and quickly took away the land from the Indians but, in reality, the Europeans did not have this power. Though French explorers and English settlers had a different perception of land ownership than that of the Native Americans, the fate of

  • US History and Colonists

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    1. These natives and the colonists were far too different to be made united. America was at first discovered by Europeans, and I believe that it is very true that they brutally enslaved, killed, and conquered the Indians. Take Columbus for example. Sick, frustrated, angry, and unable to control the Spaniards on the island, Columbus blamed the Indians for his troubles and the very small production of gold. In January 1495 he seized over a thousand Indians to make them slaves. There can be no excuse

  • The Colonists of the New World

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    accomplishments of these two colonies, the Massachusetts Bay colony thrived in all the relevant places: Labor, economy, and community. Initially, the amount of occupational diversity in the Massachusetts Colony made a huge impact on its labor force. When colonists first arrived in Massachusetts, the people fit themselves with a wide range of jobs. These include, men who were fit to be leaders of the colony and had experience in governing (Divine, 90). The Virginia Colony’s first settlers on the other hand

  • The American Colonists' War for Freedom

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    The years of 1763-1765 were truly defining moments for colonist of the colonies, soon to become the United States of America. ‘’War! War! This is the only way!” American Colonist shouted,as they took to the streets proclaiming defiance of British rule. “We as a people shall fight for our freedom and have victory.No more shall we continue to let others control our countries and give our money to a monarch who has no concern for our right’s, dedication that was put forth to help fight and respect

  • American Colonists: Declaring Their Independence

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    now, but that's how it could have been if the colonists had never declared their independence from England. That isn't what happened though. Grievances were made, events came to pass, and the Declaration of Independence was written. Taking a look at the documents from that time, as well as treatment of other colonies by the British one can see that the colonists were completely justified in declaring their independence from England. While the colonists had many grievances surrounding King George III