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  • The Controversy Over the Electoral College System

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    Electoral College System A number of Americans fail to realize that when they vote they are not voting for the president and vice-president directly, but for electors who then cast their ballots in the Electoral College. Until the recent battle between Gov. George W. Bush and Vice-president Al Gore for the presidency, this new generation of American voters has never witnessed a controversial election. Historically, there have been problematic elections allowing voters to question this system. The

  • Case Study The Electoral College System

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    Times, I bet I can get more people to come out and vote in the next election. Many people feel that the problem of very few voters coming out is due to the present electoral college system used. They feel that their voices aren’t really being heard and that their votes don’t matter. So what if we made a change to the system being used? There are many different ways that the people would feel like their voices actually mattered. These proposals all have different names, and methods used to carry this

  • Evaluating the Safety of a Keyless Entry System at a Junior College

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    research case study was to investigate school safety and the effects of a newly implemented keyless entry system at a junior college located in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. This chapter will contain a review of the literature pertaining to school safety that includes the following components: recent history of school safety issues, prison effect of school safety plans, keyless entry systems, and vandalizing and theft. School safety plans have had an increase in focus over the past decade due to

  • The System of College Sports

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    school and college is that athletes have it all. If you’re good at sports then you don’t have to worry about schoolwork or popularity and essentially you have but not a care in the world; you are invincible. Although it is great to see some succeed and become professional athletes many others do not have the same fate. The fate of these athletes, which happens to be the majority, is what drives my opinion on college sport. If I had the opportunity to create a new college sport system, it would not

  • Questioning the Electoral College System

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    Beginning at the time the Electoral College was put into place, many debated over its pros and cons. As time has gone on, more and more people have begun to show support for a change in the system (Saad 2013). After George W. Bush defeated AL Gore in the 2000 election by losing popular vote, but winning the college, leading to a “legal recount contest”, many began to question the fairness of the college (Cohen, 2010). This marked the “third time in the nation’s history” the less popular candidate

  • John Adams

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    new federal power (Ferling, 1992). Adams was a well educated, seasoned patriot, and experienced diplomat. He was the runner-up in the election in which George Washington was selected the first United States President. According to the electoral-college system of that time, the second candidate with the most electoral votes became the Vice President (Smelser & Gundersen, 1975). As president, Washington appointed, among others, two influential political leaders to his original cabinet; Thomas Jefferson

  • Electoral College System Survey Report

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    The Electoral College System Survey Report The Electoral College System The Electoral College is the due process that is employed in the choosing of the U.S President and the Vice President. The members that are in charge of taking the vote to elect the President and his deputy are assigned the duties through an election done on a state by state basis. There is the appointment of the electors to the District of Columbia and each state. The electors in each state match the Congress membership entitled

  • Bush v Gore

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    controversial case that was heard on December 11, 2000. This case decided the outcome of the 2000 presidential election between Vice President Gore and Texas Governor George W. Bush. The election took place on Nov 7, 2000. Under our electoral college system each state votes for our new president separately, a winner is then declared in each state and is awarded “electoral votes” that is equal to the states number of representatives in the House and Senate. Gore led Bush 266-246 and 270 votes are

  • Postives and Negatives of Greek Life Systems in College Campuses

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    influential on college campuses and among the professional world. Over 730 schools across the United States have the Greek life system and there are several different fraternities and sororities on each college campus. Many Americans have extremely different opinions about Greek life as a whole. Although many say it is all about partying, there are many pros and cons to joining Greek life. Greek life can be a very good experience in college, it is whatever people make it. Coming into college most students

  • Report on Winner-Take-All

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    Report on Winner-Take-All "Winner-take-all” is a term used to describe single member district and at large election systems that award seats to the highest vote getters without ensuring fair representation for minority groups. In the United States, these are typically single-member district schemes or at-large, block-voting systems. Under winner-take-all rules, a slim majority of voters can control 100% of seats, leaving everyone else effectively without representation. There's something else

  • Standardized Test Scores and Their Use in College Admissions Decisions

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    Test Scores and their use in College Admissions Decisions PURPOSE The purpose of this proposal is to examine current and future Iowa State University admissions decisions processes. At the present time most colleges, including Iowa State use a combination of standardized test scores, high school class rank, high school grade point average, and essays to make decisions on admissions. All of the above are good determinants of a student’s possible success in college, except standardized test scores

  • Student Debt

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    In twenty years from now, I will hopefully have children and a wife. A family can be a large financial burden, so planning for it ahead of time could save me from struggle and grief later on. If I go to a less expensive community college and then transfer to a university for a Bachelor’s degree, I could save money compared to just going to a university for four years. With a small student debt, I should be able to focus more of the money I earn on my family’s needs. Children can incur many unexpected

  • Cracking Down On Skipping Class By Douglas Belkin Summary

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    One of the many responsibilities that come with being in college is attending class, but as more and more universities are using this technology, this particular responsibility is becoming a foreign concept. Douglas Belkin’s essay, “Cracking Down on Skipping Class: High-Tech Trackers Aim to Boost Attendance, as Colleges Seek High Graduation Rates”, he reports that new technology is being developed in order to provide more motivation for college students to successfully pass their classes (115). This

  • Summary Of James Warren The Rhetoric Of College Application Questions

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    Title : The Answers to All of Your Questions The college application process is one of the hardest parts of a high school career. The stress of applying to college, on top of all of the work that seniors are expected to do in class, can be overwhelming for some. Nervous breakdowns, sleep issues, isolation, none of these are unheard of. Part of the problem is the importance placed on being accepted into the best possible college. Students (and their parents) pressure themselves to apply to the

  • Columbia College Organization

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    There are constant changes, upgrades in database systems, and processes within the organization. A. Changes imposed by the President positively affect the college as an organization. 1. The implementation of a new customer relationship management system (CRM) aides in maintaining communication with prospective students. 2. The change from ad academic advisor communication platform to Student Planner helps students and academic advisors stay on track with planning courses. 3. TruitionSM is a new

  • Sociological Imagination Essay

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    relation to one another and what happened in our own history. Paulo Freire was concerned about the current education system in America and believed that it is currently similar to a banking system in which authority simply deposits their individual thoughts into those around them. The sociological imagination is the combination of our biology and our personal history. The current system is developed not to help people become the best students that they can be, but rather cripples an individual

  • Why Should College Students Choose Their Own Classes

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    education system of schools focus on major parts of the already established system. The college system forces students to study certain subjects that the government considers important. The current school system needs to be changed for many reasons. The students should have complete freedom to choose their own courses. If college students choose their own classes that they are actually interested in, the working climate would be better. That is, because when a student graduates from a college where

  • The Importance Of Higher Education, By Charles Murray Are Too Many People Going To College?

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    Ultimately the decision to attend college rises every year due to the increase of jobs that require a college degree and the desire to be financially secure in a recovering economy.(UCLA) Furthermore, higher education plays a very critical role in the younger generations of American society due to it becoming

  • College Education: A Comparison Of High School Vs. College

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    lives. Elementary, middle school, high school, and college are the places where besides our homes we learn most of our principles and moral values. I consider high school and college as the most important chapters in my life. However, high school and college education systems differ from each other in various aspects. Back when I was in high school, I thought that college would be just a follow-up, but slightly more complicated. Now that I am a college student, I realize that it is considerably more

  • Student Loan Debt Crisis: A Case Study

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    The Evidence Any change to the help alleviate the student loan debt crisis, must be a change that will last in the long-term. Many proposals, like the proposal of making college free, wouldn’t be able to support itself in the long-term, because eventually it would run out of funding. If the reform implemented to relieve this problem wasn’t long-term, things would go back to the way they are now, or may even become worse. Many critics disagree with the point that this program would be financially