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  • College Graduate Underemployment Essay

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    College Graduate Underemployment: How Deep is the Hole? As a college education becomes increasingly favorable in today’s society and college tuitions continue to rise, students and parents alike are beginning to ponder the usefulness of a college degree. Indeed, some individuals argue that increasing costs alongside the overabundance of graduates in the job market show that college education is rapidly losing value. However, others believe that the enhanced starting salaries of college graduates

  • Creating Financial Security for College Students/Graduates

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    Creating Financial Security for College Students/Graduates One of the biggest problems facing students today, is the fact that there is no real financial security after earning a degree. Many students find that the little amount of financial aid available, is not satisfactory to provide a stable source of payment for tuition. This is exaggerated by an exorbitant cost of the ever rising education costs. The facts are, it is expensive to get a higher education, and there is little alternative

  • The Success Of College Graduates: The Rate Of Success

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    It is perceived that college graduates will make more money and be successful in their lifetime. Although it may seem that college graduates are more successful in the long run, which they can be if they are motivated. Anyone can get a college degree but what one does with it is what determines their future. President Obama has called it “an economic imperative.” The rate of return on education is 10%. If one goes to college an extra year he/she can earn an extra 3,000 a year. If one attends a 4

  • Persuasive Speech: Why You Should Graduate From College

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    question, “Is it worth the effort I am making to go to college?” I am sure that some of you have had those days were you wish you can stay at home watching TV, playing video games, sleeping, and not worrying about studying for a test. How many of you have felt this way at least once this semester? Turn around, as you can see you are not the only person that feels the same way. However, I will like to tell you the reasons why you should graduate from college. Today, I will talk about the knowledge you get

  • Shirley Chisholm

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    She attended British grammar school and picked up the Caribbean accent that marked her speech. Shirley moved back to New York in 1934 at the age of 11 and went on to graduate in 1946 from Brooklyn College with honors later earning a masters degree from Columbia University. During this time it was difficult for black college graduates to find jobs. After being rejected by many companies, she obtained a job at the Mt.Calvary childcare center in Harlem. I n 1949 she married Conrad Chisholm

  • Job Searching in the 21st Century Myths and Realities no. 14

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    Job Searching in the 21st Century Myths and Realities "Find your dream job online!" "Electronic job search revolution!" Of all the hype surrounding the Internet, one of the biggest claims may be how information technology is changing the way people look for jobs. A huge number of electronic job resources are available: resume posting sites, job vacancy databases, employer websites, discussion boards and newsgroups, industry salary and information sites, and general career information sites.

  • Starting Salaries for College Graduates

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    appropriate beginning? Every year thousands upon thousands of college graduates enter the professional world eager to start working. However an important dilemma faces most, what is a reasonable starting salary? With the workforce dynamics consistently changing, and organizations starting to experience in a shortage in skilled labor, new college graduates face a multitude of factors upon entering the employment world. How does a graduate measure his or her worth in the marketplace? The following paper

  • Snakes And Ladders

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    major problems facing India is poverty among its people. India is one of the ten most industrialized countries in the world, they graduate around five million people from college each year, and they even have a space program more advanced than most European countries. Yet the people of India are still starving, they do not produce enough jobs for all of the college graduates, and despite the fact that they can travel into space, India has underdeveloped irrigation, and electrical grids. On the outskirts

  • Peyton Place

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    arguing that the book would corrupt young minds. Wealthy communities banished Peyton Place. To read Peyton Place was to read it in secret and were sometimes discussed only among the closest of friends. Everyone was reading it - college and high school students, college graduates, mothers, wives, and even husbands and fathers. In 1956, a sexual act such as sodomy, oral sex, and intercourse with another married person in most states was illegal. Also, abortion was illegal, and birth control was unreliable

  • The Roots of Illiteracy

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    road map. (McGuinness, p. 9) One in five adults cannot read a road sign, fill out an application, or read an ingredient label (Level 1). High schools give diplomas to graduating classes where 20% read at a second grade level or worse (Level 1). College graduates do not score much better with 12% able to read at a fourth grade level or worse (Level 2). Should society be concerned when only 3% of the population are capable of reading and comprehending a jury selection outline? Is the educational system

  • Negotiating a Starting Salary

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    the 25th percentile being $22,799 and the 75th percentile at $26,284 ( Supply and demand also play a part. If job candidates are plentiful then negotiating power is limited. However, some fields are in high demand and college graduates in those fields will find they have their choice of employers. For instance, according to The American Almanac Of Jobs And Salaries, the occupations with the largest job decline are sewing machine operators. This data covers the time period

  • The Expatriates of the 1920's

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    beginning to see a large population of these American expatriates. "... the younger and footloose intellectuals went streaming up the longest gangplank in the world." (Cowley 79) Along with the intellectuals went the wealthy élite, the recent college graduates, the art students, and the recent war veterans aptly called "The Lost Generation". Although many went all over the world, the largest density of these expatriates was in France. "Indeed, to young writers like ourselves, a long sojourn in France

  • Trainning as a Recruitment Tool

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    as a recruitment tool”. It begins by addressing the problem which is that although we are living in a time of good conditions like low unemployment rate, many employers fell so bad. In the last decade employers had a deep and wide pool of new college graduates and recently laid-off, trained workers from which to choose. The workforce was also faithful and had no interest in leaving the security of a paid job to join the unemployed. The article suggests that the cause of this frustration is recruitment

  • Five Careers for a Graduate of Agricultural Studies

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    Five Careers for a Graduate of Agricultural Studies I. Introduction Agriculture is a vast and expanding world for many people here in the mid-west. This is not a career to be taken lightly, since it has it's ever-changing highs and lows; which attract people and also discourage them too. Deciding what a graduate wants to do in agriculture is a difficult process, I know since I am in the process right now. Some of the following careers are ones that I am more familiar with since I have been around

  • Coming Of Age In The Film 'The Graduate'

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    "The Graduate" has many different and complex themes that run throughout the film. The main theme of this story is the coming of age for a college graduate. Showing the theme coming of age is presented with a message of innocence being pushed into making undesirable decisions and learning how to deal with them. The characters put Ben into uncomfortable positions and can be seen as many different occurrences along with sex and relationships. It depicts a time when no one has any idea what the

  • The Graduate Movie Essay

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    The Graduate directed by Mike Nichols in 1967 mentions the story of a young adult, Benjamin Braddock, who graduates from the college recently and has no plan to shape his future. Benjamin, who is tired of people’s maintaining recommendations about his occupation, is seduced by middle-aged Mrs. Robinson who is his father’s boss’ wife and his prospective lover Elaine’s mother. In this paper, Benjamin’s situation will be analyzed by befiting from Ericson’s psychosocial developmental theory, his problems

  • The Graduate Movie Essay

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    The Graduate is a story about a recent college graduate, Ben Braddock, who has found himself trapped in superficial or “plastic” world around him. When Mrs. Robinson, who was the wife of his father’s business partner, advances on him, with uncertainty he ends up having an affair with her. This affair becomes conflicted when he realized he has strong emotions for Elaine, who is Mrs. Robinson’s daughter. After confessing of the affair to Elaine he finds himself heartbroken. Then, when Ben learns

  • Plastics: A Comparison of The Film The Graduate Vs. The Novel

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    Charles Webb’s timeless novel The Graduate tells a story of a naive college student who has an affair with his parent’s good friend. However, its success was not based on the story, the sensation was on how the story was told. In Mike Nichols’ 1967 classic The Graduate based on the novel, young Benjamin Braddock is a rising scholar with no direction. Unaware of his promising life he finds himself troubled and confused as to what he wants. The film brought the novel to life with authentic characters

  • Summary Of The Film 'The Graduate'

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    The Graduate is a 1967 film directed by Mike Nichols. Which tells the story of a young college graduate, who finds himself seeming lost in the real world and in addition, he finds himself torn between a mother and her daughter. The Graduate shows us how difficult the transition from childhood to adulthood could be for college graduates and how aimless it actually is. Mike Nichols uses selective choose in the songs used in this movie, camera angles and the characters to help illustrate this theme

  • The Graduate (1967): New Hollywood

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    Analysis of The Graduate (1967) The very prestigious film The Graduate was a very important movie in film history. It took place during the time of “New Hollywood”. The phrase “New Hollywood” was originally used to express the new wave of films and young film directors that emerged between the mid-1960s to the late-1970s; a phenomenon more popularly regarded as the Hollywood Renaissance. Among these young and talented new directors was Mike Nichols whose massive box office hit The Graduate, became