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  • Suspect in USS Cole bombing kills self in Yemen

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    A suspected al Qaeda terrorist wanted in connection with the October 2000 bombing of the USS Cole blew himself up with a grenade late Wednesday as Yemeni security forces closed in on him in Yemen's capital city, security sources said. Authorities had gone to a suspected al Qaeda hideout, a house in a poor section of Sana'a's downtown, and a firefight ensued. The suspect jumped into a taxi, and as authorities tried to stop the vehicle, the man pulled out a grenade and was apparently trying to throw

  • Nat King Cole

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    Nat "King" Cole Music is a universal language, a language that many can speak; however, one that only few can master. One of those masters was Nat "King" Cole. A true legend, Nat not only could carry a song with his voice, but also through his incredible skills with the piano. Today, Nat is most remembered for that soft, soothing and so powerful voice; however he is recognized as one of the greatest jazz pianists of all-time. The man today known as Nat "King" Cole was actually

  • Reflection On J. Cole

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    Self-Reflecting J. Cole, “Apparently”, 2014 The music video produced for the track Apparently features Jermaine Cole, who uses the stage name J. Cole, expressing self-reflection on his life. Apparently is a lyrical story of J. Cole’s trials and errors he went through in his life that helped him reach his present day successes, which goes to show that although he has a rough history, anyone can overcome it with a little help. J. Cole expresses great gratitude for his faith for God and all the help

  • Coles Myer Ltd

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    Coles Myer Ltd Background and Issues In 1985 G.J Coles, primarily a Melbourne-based supermarket chain, merged with Myer Ltd, an upmarket Melbourne department store, becoming Coles Myer Ltd. The merger was brought on by an expectation of significant cost savings from sharing services and overheads such as purchasing, warehousing, information technology and property. However these benefits never occurred. Coles Myer was burdened with poor management, bad strategic decisions, and internal conflict

  • The Garden of Eden by Thomas Cole

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    Thomas Cole was a very skilled American artist. He possessed the ability to view a landscape and depict how he viewed it by painting and sketching in breathtaking, realistic detail. A few of his more popular work include The Garden of Eden (1828), Distant View of Niagara Falls (1830), The Titans Goblet (1833), and The Oxbow (1836). Majority of Cole’s life experiences, and his interest in various views of the untamed American landscapes contributed to his inspiration, and great success in creating

  • Lionel Frederick Cole

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    Lionel Frederick Cole, also known as Freddy Cole, is an American pianist and jazz singer. He was born to Paulina and Edward Cole 1931 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. He was brought up in Chicago by his music loving parents alongside his other two siblings: Nat King Cole, Ike Cole and Eddie Cole. He was born in a family of musicians; his father was a renowned musician as well as his two elder brothers Ike Cole and Nat King Cole, both of whom were legends of jazz music. Freddy Cole is the founder

  • An Analysis of the Sources of Disagreements between David Cole & Attorney General John Ashcroft

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    These two articles, one, an address by Attorney General John Ashcroft to the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, and the other, an article written by David Cole that appeared on the Amnesty International web site, deal with the ethics and Constitutionality of the United Stated Patriot Act. David Cole, a professor at Georgetown University Law Center, argues that the Patriot Act violates citizen’s civil rights and unfairly imprisons innocent individuals. Attorney General John Ashcroft counters that

  • Effective Use of Dialogue in All the Pretty Horses

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    Effective Use of Dialogue in All the Pretty Horses All the Pretty Horses, by Cormac McCarthy, is, among other things, an exploration of its main character, John Grady Cole. The author chooses words carefully and sparingly when creating dialogue for Cole. In doing so, McCarthy creates poetic effects and rich meaning from limited verbiage. This novelist lets his readers get to know his main character largely through dialogue instead of through direct description. In this way, readers find the techniques

  • Terry Gilliam's Twelve Monkeys

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    Monkeys So begins Terry Gilliam’s 1994 film Twelve Monkeys, with what seems an absurd prediction from a man named James Cole who claims to have traveled from the future to gather information about—but not to stop—the near destruction of the human race. Is Cole a paranoid schizophrenic? Dr. Katherine Railly’s diagnosis seems reasonable from her perspective. She sees Cole regress into childish joy when he hears the music of his youth. She knows he is an extremely violent man, an inmate in what

  • David Garrick

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    theatrical philosophy prior to Garrick’s inception (Stone and Kahrl 35). Garrick’s innovative style known as naturalism, led the extremely popular and successful actor James Quin to remark " If this [method of Garrick’s] is right, then we are all wrong" ( Cole and Chinoly 131). The style that was so admired and later copied by Garrick’s peers was a combination of naturalism, classical representation of the passions, and exaggerated physicality. Garrick was not the originator of naturalism ,that distinction

  • Visions of America

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    group of painters was Thomas Cole. Although Cole’s influences included European artists like Turner, Poussin, Claude, and Salvator Rosa, he came to create a style of landscape painting that, despite its indebtedness to artists like these, was distinctly America in flavor. It was he who “particularly came to articulate a national consciousness through his paintings, which we now recognize as the beginning of America’s first major landscape style” (Wilmerding 40). With Cole, landscape painting took

  • The Sixth Sense

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    M. Night Shyamalan, follows the troubled life of eight-year-old Cole Sear, played by Haley Joel Osment, who is haunted by his supernatural abilities to see and communicate with the dead. Being sought after by the disturbed spirits of his hometown of Philadelphia, Cole must reconcile this frightening power with his desperate desire to be normal. Growing more isolated from his helpless mother and distrustful of his peers in school, Cole soon encounters child psychologist Dr. Malcolm Crow (Bruce Willis)

  • Stephen Coonts "flight Of The Intruder": Summary

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    that if they succeed, they'll have a good chance of hitting the leader of the party. Grafton and his bombardier, Virgil Cole miss the building completely and just hit a few bystanders and blow craters in the sidewalk. Just when the two are about to be court-martialed, President Nixon gives the orders of unauthorized bombings anywhere in North and South Vietnam. Grafton and Cole fly their next mission with a EA-6B for SAM (surface-to-air missiles) suppression. This plane only carried antiradiation

  • Rodeo State Finals

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    approached them, I would remember and smile. During, the whole rodeo season I looked forward to going to the State Finals. I didn't attend the finals as a participant, but as a spectator. As President of the "Saddle Bronc Fan Club" for my friend Cole, there was no way I would miss this experience. We both had been looking forward to this day for a long time. Everything about going to this rodeo was fantastic: the food, the fun, most of all, the rodeo grounds. The place that I fit in was in

  • Education and Acculturation in Our Lives

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    year old, as your friend in Korea, or as your art teacher? Why is it that each person would see the picture differently? Is the picture not the same in each case? Why would each person not see the same thing or interpret it the same way? According to Cole, the way we perceive things in our day-to-day lives is highly due to our education and acculturation. Each person sees things differently because of the way they have been raised, and the culture and education they have been given. The senses play

  • Capital Punishment Essay: Criminals Can Think Twice or Die Once

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    Capital punishment has been in effect since the 1600's (Cole 451). However, in 1972 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the death penalty was cruel and unusual punishment, which was unconstitutional according to the Eighth amendment. It was public opinion that the current methods of execution, hanging, electrocution, and facing a firing squad, were too slow and painful upon the person to be executed (Cole 451). The U.S. Supreme Court reversed this decision when a "cleaner" way to bring about death

  • Rodin

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    Rodin Like most artists, Rodin was not an overnight success. Even though he was rejected numerous times from art schools because of his art style, he prevailed in the end. Rodin, like many artists, got their inspiration from other great and famous artists. In Rodin's case, his inspiration came from Michelangelo. In Rodin's more famous works, one can see the similarities between the two artists' artwork. Rodin's parents were not wealthy, therefore, he was not able to attend an art school of his

  • A Respectable Trade: Slavery

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    involves trading sugar, cocoa, coffee and cotton in Africa for captured Negro men, women and children. He then ships these "slaves" to the Caribbean, where he sells them. He makes all of his money in the sale of these people. While Josiah and Sarah Cole have been involved in the slave trade for many years, in 1788 they have just begun to experience the immediate effects of slaves in their lives. Josiah has determined that he will make more money if he ships some slaves to England to train as house

  • Media Violence and Aggression in Children

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    being off limits," Eric Foner, Columbia University's DeWitt Clinton Professor of History said(qtd. in Cole). This is very true, broadcasting of the Vietnam War was America's first glimpse at the brutal truth of war. It raised the acceptable threshold of violence on television; the infamous images prepared audiences for the fictional gore later depicted in such television shows as "NYPD Blue" and "ER"(Cole). What about society's responsibility? Violence in America has also been linked to economic changes

  • Armand Fernandez

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    Armand Fernandez Born as Armand Fernandez in 1928 at Nice, the son of an antique dealer. His first lessons in painting were given him by his father. He took his Baccalauréat in philosophy and mathematics in 1946 and began to study painting at the École Nationale d'Art Décoratif, Nice. In 1947 he met Yves Klein and Claude Pascal in Paris and accompanied them on a hitch-hiking tour of Europe. Completing his studies in Nice in 1949, he enrolled as a student at the École du Louvre, where he concentrated