Coastal Essays

  • American Coastal Settlements

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    of a sheriff. The first idea would be to discuss the makeup of these regions. The makeup of the colonial backcountry is very different in comparison to the colonial settlements. There is a set of checks and balances that are able to be setup in a coastal settlement. For example, they have the ability to have a militia; this is probably the most important difference between these two. This was an essential point because it made it harder for their towns to attack. Take this excerpt from when Mary Jemison's

  • Northern California's Coastal Redwoods

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    Northern California's Coastal Redwoods ~A Brief Overview ~ "chain saw rising, whining out of a cut, falling thump of a log, limbed & bucked & loaded and where it spills over rocks as if another truck pulling back up the ridge, empty only there-- there was no hearing it only water and the rock where it turns the water singing the forest cut down and there only rock to hear it fall." GRAPH The average Redwood's life spans from around 800 to 1500 years. These anciet Redwoods were

  • Coastal Erosion

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    Coastal Erosion With Reference to examples discuss the view that coastal erosion is caused by human intervention as a posed to natural processes. For many decades the approach to rapid coastal erosion was to build up sea defenses, to try and slow down or even stop the erosion. Initially the attempts were thought a success, however after some years it was realized that the power of the sea and waves could overcome human attempts. Only could protection be a success if huge costs were going to

  • Surfing, Duke Energy, and the Coastal Alliance

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    Surfing, Duke Energy, and the Coastal Alliance On my way out to the beach I still had no idea what I was going to do for my fifth essay. As my surfing buddy and I exited the freeway and entered the town of Morro Bay I saw three giant gleaming smoke stacks surfacing over the top of the hill. As we got closer to the beach the three smoke stacks gave way to a massive power plant that was a mere fifty feet from the water’s edge. It was surrounded by a fifteen foot cement wall and cameras everywhere

  • Coastal Erosion

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    issue represents a serious concern for many vulnerable coastlines throughout the coastal regions of the world. This issue must be studied for root causes so it can, if at all possible, be brought under some semblance of control before it is too late. The cost of ignoring this issue would be catastrophic to both communities on the beach and the marine life that depend on the coastal areas for their very survival. Coastal erosion is a diverse issue with many different causes. However, it is basically

  • Nitrogen and Irrigation on Coastal Plains Soils

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    Nitrogen and Irrigation on Coastal Plains Soils So why is it important to look at nitrogen in soils? First of all, it is a key element in organic molecules, so it is key to plant growth (Singer and Munns). Nitrogen is useful to plants in the form of nitrate because plants can take in nitrate and form organic molecules (Singer and Munns, 193). However, in soils, nitrogen in the form of nitrate (NO3) is considered a "mobile nutrient" which means that it can move easily through the soil to supply

  • Coastal Landscapes

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    Coastal Landforms Description Report Part 1: Coastal landscapes Statement of inquiry: Coastal landscapes are dynamic places and are constantly being changed and shaped by natural geomorphological process by the impact of human activities. Q1: Describe the plants and animals that can be found in coastal landscapes. Provide 2 examples of each. Include pictures and a few interesting facts about each example. A1: A coastal landscape is the area where land meets the sea or ocean. There are a variety

  • Coastal Management Essay

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    of the field data based on the following hypothesis: “The dynamic coastal environment requires the implementation of coastal management strategies to ensure its sustainability.” In this report, I will analyse the data obtained from our field inquiry to Changi Coast to determine if the hypothesis “The dynamic coastal environment requires the implementation of coastal management strategies to ensure its sustainability” is true. Coastal management is the attempt by people to maintain the natural features

  • Sustainability In Coastal Environments

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    Coastal Environments are in constant flux, however humans have had a profound and Negative impact on them. Assess that statement Coastal environments are vulnerable areas that constantly change. Natural physical processes alter this area both over the short and long term. Human activity has a negative and often irreversible impact on the coast, however, local councils are seen attempting to manage their coastal environment. Coastal environments are in constant flux, due to the environmental process

  • The Coastal Defences at Reculver

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    was eroded it eventually became next to the see. There was a danger the cliff under the Twin Towers and therefore the Twin Towers themselves would be destroyed by erosion. To stop this happening many coastal defences and different types of management have been erected. The initial try at coastal management was in 1809. Wooden and ragstone blocks were place at the foot of the Twin Towers to protect them. The apron of rocks (revetment) sheltered the cliff foot and face. A small number of wooden

  • Factors Influencing Coastal Processes

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    Factors Influencing Coastal Processes In this essay I aim to describe and explain factors affecting coastal processes. I will focus and explore how waves, tides, winds and mass movement processes can change the form of the coasts within our lifetime. The three key questions I will focus on are: * What are the energy and sediment inputs into the coastal system? * What are the processes that erode coasts? * How is sediment transported and deposited? I will conclude by describing and

  • Coastal Erosion Essay

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    Many Caribbean country coastlines are facing rampant coastal erosion. Coastal erosion and accretion has continuously existed and contributed to shaping the present coastlines. Coastal erosion is now largely intensified due to human activities, although engineering structures are aimed at solving erosion problems, it has long been known that these projects can also contribute to creating problems at other nearby locations. Dramatic examples of side effects are presented by Darsan and Alexis (2014)

  • The Importance Of Coastal Resilience

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    width of the coastal zone varies due to the seasonal changes and any adjustments, whether natural or manmade. While preventative measures must be put in place to mitigate these effects, procedures must also be put in place to ensure that the coastal zone can bounce back from the impact of these effects. Martinez et al. defines coastal resilience as “a measure of the system’s capacity to respond to the consequences of perturbation” (2017). Coastal resilience usually refers to the coastal zone’s ability

  • Coastal Erosion Problems in Walton on the Naze

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    Coastal Erosion Problems in Walton on the Naze The reason for doing this piece of coursework is to investigate the coastal erosion problems in Walton on the Naze. In this project I will be answering one main question: What should be done about the erosion of the Naze? Walton on the Naze is a seaside resort along the coast of Essex just 8 miles south of Harwich, it is the most easterly part of the Essex coastline and it is surrounded by the North Sea. Walton is situated in southeast England

  • Australian Coastal Management

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    30 000 km (refer to Figure 1), but unfortunately it is gradually disappearing due to erosion and coastal management issues. This is not only an issue to Australia but to its people as over 85% of Australians live and rely on the coast to keep there houses stable. Thus, this makes coastal management crucial in sustaining Australia’s coastline. 1.2 Aims The Gold Coast is a prime example of where coastal erosion is present, it is also known for its high-rise buildings constructed around the coast. 4

  • The Effects of Human Activity on Coastal Landforms

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    Effects of Human Activity on Coastal Landforms Human activities add another layer of complexity to the natural processes of coastal lands and materials. These activities may have direct or indirect effects on our changing coastlines. They may effect sources of new sediment to the coast and the movement of sediment within the coastal environment. Sediment starvation caused by river and coastal management is one effect of human activities on the coast. For some coastal regions, such as the Pacific

  • Argumentative Essay On Coastal Living

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    For Safe Costal Living, Better Thank Engineers Coastal living is popular on both coasts. Shore residents have the privilege of easy and regular access to fun activities such as beachgoing fishing, and surfing, and the rest of the world enjoys visiting coastal areas for vacation and well-known celebrations such and Mardi Gras in New Orleans. However, Mother Nature can make coastal regions dangerous places to live. Threats can come in the form of flash floods, hurricanes, storms or predatory animals

  • Descriptive Essay On Coastal Erosion

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    Waves can be defined as a surface disturbance of a fluid in which energy is transferred. Waves are seen as the main contributing factor in coastal erosion all over the world. Waves come in all shapes and sizes. Different types of waves have been given individual names, depending on their characteristics. Wave types Wind Waves Wind waves are formed when a gust of wind blows over the surface of the water. There is some friction between the bottom layer of the wind and the top layer of the water and

  • Investigation on Coastal Erosion In Porlock Bay

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    Investigation on Coastal Erosion In Porlock Bay Aims ---- Aim 1: To find out if beach material is moved across Porlock Bay by longshore drift. Aim 2: To find out which type of sea defense is best for Porlock bay. If L.S.D. (long shore drift) were taking place I would expect to find: a) Deposition at one end of the bay and against any abstractions such as groynes. b) An increase in pebble roundness in the direction of long shore drift. The process of attrition will erode

  • Coastal Landforms and Features Related to the Rock Type of the Area

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    Coastal Landforms and Features Related to the Rock Type of the Area Coastal landforms and features are related to the rock type (geology) of the area. To collect information for hypothesis1 we visited a number of places. These are all recorded by number on the geological map of the Isle of Purbeck. This also served as a location map (see M1 for details). * Man O War Cove * Lulworth Cove * North Swanage Bay * South Swanage Bay * Redend point * North Studland Beach * South