Coal Miner Essays

  • Coal Miners Wife

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    “The Coal Miners Wife” by Ben Shahn is a really great painting. The artist did a great job when he made this painting. There were a lot of things about it caught my attention. First the content of this painting is very well thought of. It takes someone who has a grasp of art, to understand the message the artist is trying to get to us. The painting tells the tale of a woman. Who’s husband has had died working at the coal mines. It is easy to verify this by the two men outside who have bought her

  • Coal Miners Daughter Essay

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    “Coal Miner’s Daughter” is filed with unique sound design for it is a film centered on sound. It uses creative ways to help tell the story through sound from sound effects to dialogue. The sound design of the film help to shape the environment of the coal miners and how they live their lives with the noise of machines and the place where Loretta lives. Each sound has a purpose and is not put into the film without a reason to emphasize a specific aspect of the story. The scenes change and the sound

  • Teaching: A Priceless Profession

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    unimportant by other people, they can still accomplish great things. I have found these principles to be very true after watching the life of my grandfather. He was not a doctor or a great business man, instead, he was a coal miner. In all of the movies, West Virginia’s coal miners are portrayed as leading uneducated and unhappy lifestyles. My grandpa proved that this certainly was not the case. He was one of the smartest men I have ever known and although his job may not have appeared to be of any

  • Coal Miners Daughter Research Paper

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    The coal miner’s daughter, an instrumental film, was voted as an Academy Award Winning Motion Picture. This motion picture depicts an adolescent’s girl’s life, and her journey of living in a small coal mining town to becoming one of the world’s most known country female stars. This film was shaped to show the personal life of Loretta Lynn. Coal Miner’s Daughter demonstrates the life stumbling blocks of family struggles, significant friends, and emotional ploys of life’s pains. In the 1930s-family

  • My Mom the Powerhouse

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    My Mom the Powerhouse One of the biggest influences in my life is my Mom. She is one of 10 children born to an Appalachian coal miner who could not read or write. Her family lived in the mountains of Kentucky in a little cottage that had no running water and no electricity. She read by kerosene lamp. As a child, she attended a one-room schoolhouse, which also had no electricity and no running water. There was one teacher for eight grades, and each row in the classroom was a grade. My

  • Carter G Woodson Essay

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    struggle for light and of his rise from the coalmines of West Virginia to the summit of academic achievement are great in and of them and can be briefly stated. At 17, the young man who was called by history to reveal black history was an untutored coal miner. At 19, after teaching himself the fundamentals of English and arithmetic, he entered high school and mastered the four-year curriculum in less than two years. At 22, after two-thirds of a year at Berea College in West Virginia, he returned to

  • D.h. Lawrence

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    An English novelist and poet, D.H. Lawrence was born September 11, 1885, in Nottingham, England. He was the son of a coal miner and a school teacher. His mother, the school teacher, was socially superior. She constantly tried to alienate her children from their father. The difference in social status between his parent’s was a recurrent motif in Lawrence’s fiction. David Herbert was ranked among the most influential and controversial literary figures of the Victorian Period. In his more than forty

  • Grandama's Memories of the Great Depression

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    contains several pages of anecdotes written by various people who lived in small towns during this time. This book goes hand in hand with the memories of my Nanny. In 1929, Vergie got married at the age of 17 to a man by the name of Jim. Jim was a coal miner in Hampton, Tennessee, and was injured when the mine collapsed on top of him. Vergie recalls this accident, They had to take five wheelbarrows of stuff off of him right here (motioning to her ... ... middle of paper ... ...ession. According


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    hammer-handed negotiating techniques, his alleged links to organized crime, and his bitter feuds with John and Robert Kennedy made Hoffa the prototypical labor leader of his day. Born in Brazil, Ind., on Feb. 14, 1913, Jimmy grew up fast when his coal miner father died from lung disease in 1920. His mother took in laundry to keep the family together and the children also helped with after school jobs. Hoffa later described his mother lovingly as a frontier type woman "who believed that Duty and Discipline

  • Coal Miners In Homer Hickam's October Sky

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    Hickam Sr., says a coal miner, but his mom, Elsie Hickam, says he can be anything he wants. Although Sonny’s dad wants him to be a coal miner, Sonny wants to build rockets and him mom understands that, so therefore his mom understands Sonny better than his father. Sonny lives in a coal mining town and most men or boys who live in the town are or are going to become coal miners. It is a tradition in their society. If their father is a coal miner, the boys in the family become coal miners. But, Sonny doesn’t

  • Analysis Of Women Miners In The English Coal Pits

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    sub-commissioner of mines in 1842 titled Women Miners in the English Coal Pits and The Sadler Report (1832), an interview of various kids, shows the deplorable conditions these kids were forced to face. In the testimony Women Miners in the English Coal Pits written in 1842, the writer,

  • John Sayles' Matewan: Forming a Communist Society

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    John Sayles' Matewan: Forming a Communist Society John Sayles' movie Matewan offers an alternative to the norm when thinking about the development of class and economic systems in the modern world. Upon first glance, it seems as though the coal miners in the town of Matewan were the subjects of a cruel feudal system, sentenced to spending their lives slaving away for a company who cared very little for them. A classic example of the type of economy Karl Marx spent his life opposing. However

  • Matewan: A John Sayles' Film

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    their employers. There is often in history a struggle between feudal and capitalist structures. The story of the coal miners is the story of one such clash. The Stone Mountain Coal Company owns everything in the town of Matewan. Its owners, the economic elite, could be likened to a collective feudal lord presiding over the estate of Matewan. Theirs is the only game in town and the miners have no choice in where they work This monopoly is feudal because of the absence of free choice. Capitalism requires

  • Alaskas Gold Rush

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    The gold rush era in the United States began in California in 1848 and ended around the year 1900. (Yukon) Although miners searched for the valuable metal into the twentieth century, the Klondike gold rush, which was around 1897 till 1900, was the last of some of the major rushes to occur. People had flocked to the upper part of the Yukon River in hopes of striking it rich. Many people had traveled from the Canadian and American regions to the center of the Klondike gold rush to fulfill their dreams

  • The Power Sruggle in the Film, Matewan

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    brings to life the workings of a small West Virginia coal-mining town in the 1920's. Stone Mountain, as the town was called, existed for mining exclusively. Every resident of the town worked for the Stone Mountain Coal Company. The company was the dominant force in the community, acting as a feudal lord. It owned all the land, residential areas and restaurants. In this particular town residents had no other choice than to work for the Coal Company because it had monopoly control over all the

  • Change at Glenrothes Colliery: An Evaluation of John Kotter's 8-Step Model

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    Change is a fundamental element of individuals, groups and all sorts of organizations. As it is the case for individuals, groups and societies, where change is a continuous process, composed of an indefinite amount of smaller sub-changes that vary in effect and length, and is affected by all sorts of aspects and events, many of which cyclic are anticipated ones. It is also the case for organizations, where change occurs repeatedly during the life cycle of organizations. Yet change in organizations

  • Eureka!

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    At the Victorian mining site of Eureka, Lalor led miners in battle against government troops over the cost of licences and other issues. Thirty-four miners and six troops died at Eureka Stockade, in what is seen by some as a battle for the 'concept of fair play and equal opportunity' (Heritage website). Some get more passionate: the National republicans describe it as a 'patriotic struggle bathed in Australian blood' (alphalink website). The miners also carried a blue and white Southern Cross flag

  • Data Mining and Privacy-an ethical look

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    Data Mining and Privacy-an ethical look I. Introduction In 2001, the MIT Technology Review listed data mining as one of the top 10 technologies that will change the world.[i] So, what is data mining? For many people, the simple answer is that data mining is the collecting of people’s information when logged onto the Internet. But Webopedia emphasizes that data mining is not the collection of data itself, but the statistical interpretation of it – allowing people to obtain new information

  • Effective Communication during the Chilean Copper Miner Crisis

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    Lot different. Works Cited Case Study: Rescue of the Chilean Miners. (2014). Retrieved from Chilean Mine Rescue Fast Facts. (2014, updated, February 14). Retrieved from Franklin, J. (2010, September 05). Trapped Chilean miners, families frustrated over mail delivery. Retrieved from

  • Eco-feminism

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    Earth’ was seen to be alive and sensitive, and no one would consider destroying her in any way. A good example of this strong belief and view towards the earth could be seen in miners. In order to not prevent one of these rules, or in other words to not act ‘”improperly” towards ‘Mother Earth’ rituals were carried out. Miners would give offerings to the gods of the soil and the subterranean world, perform ceremonial sacrifices, and observe sexual abstinence and fasting before violating what was considered