Club Drugs Essays

  • Club Drugs and Teens

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    a common target of anti-drug campaigns and government advertisements. The goal of these campaigns is to make teens and young adults aware of the dangers associated with drug use. While these campaigns are generally effective, teens are still greatly tempted by the dangerous, exciting, and fast-paced world of club drugs. Despite the information they are constantly receiving from their teachers, parents, and government media, some teenagers will still adamantly pursue drugs in hopes of finding “a good

  • Club Drugs and Date Rape

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    Ecstasy, also known as MDMA, is a club drug that is extremely popular amongst high school and college students. Because club drugs can enhance enjoyment from touch they are used to increase intimacy and, worse, in rape situations. They are also used to stimulate psychedelic effects and to energize the user for the night. These designer drugs lead to the deaths of multiple people each year. Club drugs are created to induce a stimulant and psychedelic effect; however, these sensations are definitely

  • Raves

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    300-6,000 kids aged to about 17-25. A big empty wear house, lights, a fog machine and a DJ. Every single rave has 1 type of music: techno with a lot of base. It's electronically created with a very fast-pace. Techno music has its origins in gay dance clubs. Hip-hop also has had a big impact on techno music. Rave dancing ranges from being highly choreographed and stylistic all the way to thrusting your body back and forth. Ravers say they lose themselves to the beat and become one with the music by letting

  • rave culture

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    Rave culture can be traced back to Native American religious ceremonies. It can be traced back to anarchist revolutions in Italy and France. It pulls energy from many different directions. It had its origins in Chicago and Detroit disco clubs and gay dance clubs. England and America traded musical influences back and forth during the late seventies-early eighties until techno finally started to be formed. The actual rave movement, however, combining this new music with dancing, occurred in England

  • Momma Lowrider: Sandra Teran of Duke's Car Club

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    Momma Lowrider: Sandra Teran of Duke's Car Club On Easter Sunday of last year, the sound of gunfire, then police sirens, interrupted the music booming from the cars on South Sixth Avenue. Three people died and six were injured in two separate shootings that occurred within an hour of each other on the street crowded with cars and people (Stauffer). This event reinforced the way the public often views cruisers: as violent juveniles or gang-bangers engaging in a dangerous, vain activity. The violence

  • High School Vs. College

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    school begins at eight o'clock, and ends around three. You go to the same seven or eight classes every day. You also see the same people you have grown up with since you were little. You have football season, school dances, after school activities, clubs, boys, plays, and a ton of homework. Also sitting through assemblies, dress codes,and who could forget getting sent to the office for misbehaving.College is a whole new step. You go away to an environment all new to you. You have to leave your friends

  • Marijuana as a Subculture

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    respect cannabis and use it responsibly. Few drugs have been so politicized recently as marijuana has. It is frequently praised by one side and condemned by the other, on the basis of emotional issues rather than an objective view of research. It was 1920 when smoking began to catch on in the United States. Its recreational use was restricted to jazz musicians and people in show business. “Reefer songs” became the rage of the jazz world. Marijuana clubs, called tea pads, appeared in every major city

  • Beyond the Classroom

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    it’s extra-curricular environment. Good teachers have the ability both to teach their content area skillfully and to relate to their students. A great way to learn more about students, and for students to learn more about each other, is through the clubs, sports, and extracurricular academic activities of a school. I do not remember a whole lot from my first two years of high school. I went to classes, did a decent job, went home and spent some time on my homework before spending time with my family

  • There Are No Children Here

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    There Are No Children Here Alex Kotlowitz was a freelance journalist. In 1985 a friend came to him and asked him to write a text for a photo essay he was doing on (children living in poverty) for a Chicago magazine. That is when he met the Rivers brothers, Lafeyette, age ten, and Pharoah age seven. He spent only a few hours with them interviewing for the photo essay. Lafeyette had an impact on Kotlowitz. When asked what he wanted to be, Lafeyette responded with "If I grow up, I'd like to

  • Psychosocial Rehabilitation for Schizophrenia

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    To live successfully in the community, a variety of treatment approaches are available to people with schizophrenia. A few of the psychosocial rehabilitation options for people with schizophrenia include hospitalization, self-help clubs, family intervention programs, drug therapies and psychosocial treatments. Many treatments have been researched with the most effective being a combination of more than one treatment being implemented simultaneously with others. Schizophrenia is an illness. The symptoms

  • Anorexia and Bulimia

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    availability of the Internet has brought about a new 'culture' to which these troubled teenagers are subscribing - this 'culture' is that of the 'pro-anorexia' or 'pro-ana' movement. These clubs and groups are often given pet names, such as Ana or Anna (anorexia) and Billy or Mia (Bulimia), and supporters use e-groups and clubs to post messages of support to like minded friends who support and understand their eating habits. FOCUS In response to recent negative media attention about this growing 'society'

  • racial injustice

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    THE CRIES AGAINST RACIAL INJUSTICE “Racism is a bad thing, you find it everywhere in the schools, the clubs and also in the streets.” – Rasmus & Casper The belief that one race by nature stands superior to another defines racism. Racism can be traced back to the beginning of civilization and has always existed as a horrible issue in our society. Many attempts and reforms have occurred in hopes of eliminating racism and much progress has been achieved. Yet, even after the emancipation proclamation

  • The Story of Allen and Grace Bonnett

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    The Story of Allen and Grace Bonnett First of all, I just want to say that I am so grateful to be a disciple; I am grateful that my wife and I are a part of Gods great kingdom now. It’s been two years since my wife and I got baptized, and since then, God has done so many great things in our lives. God saved--- my marriage….my wife and I had been together since the sixth grade….. And we got married in October of 2002. But to be honest, I think the only reason why we were able to last that long was

  • The Game

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    everything, seemed so peaceful, so clean, so perfect at Timuquana Country Club. David Duval was just nine. He was so short that his bag of clubs almost dragged on the ground. He was slightly chunky, with freckled skin. His bottle-thick glasses sat on his nose. He carried six bags of golf balls to the driving range. If you watched how he carried himself, you wouldn't know that he had really just started playing, or that the bag of clubs was irritating a string of puncture scars on his hips. He poured

  • Field of Dreams - The Innocence in History

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    but the game of baseball has remained remarkably constant throughout history into today. [2] Cartwright was a part of a baseball club team called the “New York Knickerbocker Base Ball Club,” and his rules were for use of only this club. Soon after, other clubs started to become interested in these rules, and they adopted them into their own ball clubs and games. “It is evident that other teams were playing a good brand of ball, for in the first baseball game on record, played in Elysian

  • Romeo And Juliet Journal

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    they started to sword fight, but then Benvolio came in and broke up the fight. After Benvolio broke up the fight, Tybalt entered and started to fight with Benvolio. Soon later, an Officer entered the room with three or four citizens all armed with clubs, bills, and partisans, or spears. Lord Capulet and Montague with their Ladies entered the room and started to quarrel aswell, but the Prince set them straight. Everyone, but the Montague's and Benvolio left the room, after the Prince said what he had

  • Saloon Culture

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    place at the turn of the twentieth century. He depicts this culture as the ambiance emitted in early Chicago saloons. “Saloons served many roles for the working-class during this period of American history, and were labeled as the poor man’s social clubs” (summary of saloon culture, pg. 76). Saloons were described as part of the neighborhood. An institution recognized and familiar to its people. Many laws restricted their services; however, they continued to exist. The article talks about two types

  • richard pryor v. sinbad

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    basketball. He attained a scholarship to the University of Denver in hopes that it would open up some doors for him but he was cut off when he suffered a career ending knee injury. In 1983, he embarked on his self-subsidized “Poverty Tour” of comedy clubs across the U.S. His career started to take off, when he made several appearances on the talent show “Star Search”. He then landed a few small parts on T.V. show’s eventually catching the eye of Bill Cosby who put him on his new show “A Different World”

  • My Senior Year

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    My senior year is very important and that is why I must use it efficiently. There are many things I hope to accomplish during my senior year. Graduation is my top priority because if I do not graduate my future will be in jeopardy. Clubs and extra activities are very important for college acceptance. I hope to get certified in the areas in which I have been training for. Getting into college so that I can be successful is the main goal in my life is. I hope to get accepted to a college or university

  • Heartbeat of a City: The Influence of Soccer in Rome

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    most popular sport, professional soccer has helped create and define different groups of people around the world for longer than a century. The hoopla surrounding teams, geographic areas fans dwell in, and political ideals associated with individual clubs have carved an identity for millions of supporters whose heart and soul becomes dedicated to their favorite players, stadiums, and coaches. Soccer teams and their fans can give us a window into how people can be divided and defined by their allegiances