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“When I wear a blazer I get more stuff done.” Says senior Sarah Watson. There’s no secret that the clothes you wear can affect how you may act. But does it affect how other people treat you? An anonymous source says, “I think that in our school people base their friendships off of how you dress and how you look, not on how you act or treat people.” This is a sad thing to hear but some people may experience this as the sad truth. These kinds of things run through our minds and manipulate us into thinking things like, ‘they will like me if I have the new Iphone, or the new Nike shoes.’ But we don’t think about our behaviors, we just think about our first impressions on people and how we look, we think it decides everything for us, and in…show more content…
A sophomore says, “I try to dress the same as my social group.” But keeping up with the trends isn 't always the easiest thing for a highschooler. Staying up to date with the trends costs money, and if you don’t have a job then you have to wait for the holidays to roll around to ask for the newest clothes as gifts during the holiday season or during your birthday. The same sophomore says, “It’s hard to keep up with the trends at school because there are so many new trends all of the time and they can get expensive.” But just because you may not be able to buy the latest clothes to keep up with trends doesn 't mean that you can’t create your own. “A trend that I have started is wearing fuzzy socks with leggings in the winter, and I 've seen quite a few people follow it.” Said anonymous. In a small school like Central De Witt, trends tend to catch on pretty…show more content…
“I care about looking like everyone else and fitting in because I don’t want to be an outcast or be talked about, but yet I wanna be my own person.” Said anonymous. Sometimes it is hard for people to find a happy medium when fitting in. Not everyone wants to be the same as everyone else but they also don’t want to dress drastically different. Right now in high school a majority of students care a lot about fitting in, but when you get into the real world will this all change? “In twenty years I don’t think I will care about the popular trends as much because I will have my own life to care about, and I won’t care as much about what people think of me,” says sophomore Beau Manatt. After highschool and college you will start to develop your own life and will stop comparing yourself to your peers. In twenty years you will have a career, and a family to care about, not necessarily your

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