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  • Clive Bell and the Formalist Theory

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    Clive Bell and the Formalist Theory “Art is a recurring form of human practice. Some have argued that all human societies have shown evidence of artistic activities.” (Carroll 5) Man has long created art, this much is certain. However, man has never ultimately defined art. There are so many things which qualify as art and as many qualities to each piece that trying to find answers only seems result in more questions. The formalist theory of art, as present by Clive Bell, makes an attempt

  • Clive Bell

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    Clive Bell argues that in order for an artwork to be considered art, it must evoke aesthetic emotion in the individual. If an individual or a group of individuals do in fact find aesthetic emotion in an artwork, Bell claims it is mainly because of significant form. He defines significant form as a significant relationship between lines, shapes, colors, and other sensory properties in an artwork that make it appealing to an audience. The common phrase “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is similar

  • Human Impact on the Environment

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    cycle because he was able to manipulate the flow of energy. The use of fire, specifically, allowed creation and destruction to be controlled by man directly. Until this point, the handling of energy had been left to 'mother nature'. According to Clive Pointing the four distinguishing features of mankind as illustrated in his Green History of the World were: a large brain, ability to walk upright on two feet, use of speech, and the adaptation of technological means to overcome hostile environments

  • Technology Swells Ocean Exploration

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    an absolute necessity. Computers hold the key to major research projects by way of technology, Internet, and E-Mail. As a Maritime Explorer advances in technology will continue to be used to find, track and understand the water world around us. Clive Cussler wrote, "We have mapped and photographed almost every square inch of the moon, but we have viewed less than one percent of what is covered by water". The computer will be of the same great benefit when it comes to the exploration of the oceans

  • The Widow and the Parrot by Virginia Woolf

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    along with the origin of true rewards. Written for her two grandnephews, Julian and Quentin Bell, the short story resonates with those in such a way that changes ones perspective on their livelihood. "The Widow and the Parrot" is based on a true story, showing Woolf's true intentions in creating a lighthearted, "improving story" with a moral (Mills 304). Julian Bell illustrated the story; however, Quentin Bell who then created an afterword explaining the true origins of the tale published it sixty years

  • Quests in Victorian and Modern Times

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    because that is what the people wanted to read about. Two characters from some of the more popular Victorian poems about quests are Prospice and the character from the poem "Crossing the Bar," and a character from a modern novel is Dirk Pitt from Clive Cussler's novels. These characters will be compared in their resemblance to the idea of a quest. The poem "Crossing the Bar" by Tennyson is a good example of a poem about a quest. The journey taken by the character in this poem is the beginning

  • The Importance Of Alicia Keys

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    in her honor, Alicia signed to Arista Records in 1998. There, in the spirit of a genius like D'Angelo or Prince, she continued the process of writing, producing and recording the debut she'd begun penning at age 14. In late 1999, Alicia followed Clive Davis to his new J Records where she continues to chart her arrival to the music world. Creations now rising out of the studio show signs of both a critical and commercial monster - a deep, melodic, soulful gem of an album that showcases Alicia in

  • Critique of a Website

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    he was the one who directed dr. strangelove, a personal classic of mine. --i'm a clive barker fan, so this one was an obvious pick for me. lots of information anybody could ever want to know about the cenobites and the hellraiser mythology. --the official clive barker web site... duh. I particularly enjoyed this site because it contained much information on him and plenty of graphics and pictures from

  • My Favourite Dream

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    history first. But first, we had to listen to the Canadian national anthem. We waited about 10 seconds for the “moment of silence” and took our seats. As we passed our history lessons, the 2nd period bell r... ... middle of paper ... I knew he was going to fall for the trap again. The bell rang and I knew that it meant that the language part of the day was going to commence. We learned about exotic and endangered sea creatures and even saw a few pictures of them. We then had to comprehend

  • Plato's Apology of Socrates and Crito

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    but when Creon chose Eteocles to take the thrown. Polyneices was outraged and left Thebes and went to the neighboring city to fight against Thebes and ended up dying in battle, and Eteocles also died. Eteocles received a military burial with all the bells and whistles while Polyneices was sworn by Creon to receive no burial. Antigone decides that the ruling made by her uncle is unjust and goes against the king and secretly buries her brother because she feels that family comes before the state and even

  • Satire Essay On Trees

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    I am a tree. I love my luscious green afro during summer than, in the winter and fall my hair falls of leaf by leaf I become bald and bare. While I sleep through the winter it becomes colder and colder. Sometimes it snows and my bare branches get covered in soft white fluffy snow I love how the snowflakes come down each with a unique pattern with no two snowflakes the same.The machines start to remove the snow for the noisy rackety cars to come back and be able to drive again. I love the breeze in

  • The Environment, Bell Hooks, and Feminist Spirituality

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    The Environment, Bell Hooks, and Feminist Spirituality The Environment: The environment is constantly being sacrificed for food production, toxic dumps, wood distribution, military testing, and other things such as these. And as usual, the root lies in profit. The corporations can’t afford to be concerned with the future well being of the earth and it’s dwellers. Also, environmental pollution can be connected to racism and classism because it is the poor communities that are used for toxic

  • E.e. Cummings, Poem, Anyone Li

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    are separated into there own group. As they grow through the seasons in lines nine, ten, and eleven, they pass on into adulthood. They in essence no longer exist in the poem. The bells ringing might have something to do with them becoming adults, since I do not see them relating to any other parts of the poem. The bells seem to be an important part of the town since they are mentioned in the second line of the poem and those exact lines are repeated in line twenty-four, sixth stanza of th...

  • Random Acts Of Kindness By Michael Devore

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    RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) - Michael DeVore Day One ☼ ☂The day after fall break was a very long day. After testing, writing a paper, and attending three club related meetings, I was quite ready to relax and let the my troubles drain out. Some weeks earlier I had sensed impending stress levels (midterms on the horizon) and decided to prepare for the crises by purchasing an old favorite movie of mine. So, as planned, that night I retrieved my emergency bag of comfort food and cuddled with friends

  • My Writing Experience

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    The last bell of the day rang seconds after I finished sharing my poem aloud to the class. I stood amid the scrambling of hands putting their notebooks into their backpacks, among the shouts across class, “Wait for me so we can sit together on the bus!”, and amidst the shoving of twenty bodies moving toward one door. I crumpled my poem and threw it into the trashcan on the way out of class. Well, that was entirely anticlimactic, I thought, even more than I previously imagined it would be. The twinge

  • Macbeth Songs And Respones

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    and queen of Scotland. ACT TWO FIRST SONG: "HELLS BELLS" by AC/DC REPRESENTING: Scene 2 when lady Macbeth rings the bell to signal that she has put the sedatives in Duncans body guards wine cups and that it is okay for Macbeth to go kill Duncan. I chose Hells Bells to play for this scene because lady Mabeth is ringing an acctual bell and also because i thought this scene corosponded well with the line from the song which goes, " i got my bell I'm gonna tae you to hell". ACT TWO SECOND SONG:"MISS

  • The Children of Film

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    children of the race of men that have seemed to have gone extinct. The movie, directed by Oscar-winning Alfonso Cuarón known for Gravity and Pan's Labyrinth, was released in 2006. The developed protagonist Theo Faron was portrayed by talented actor Clive Owen, known for Sin City and Inside Man. The life-changing Kee was portrayed by Clare-Hope Ashiyey, known for the TV series Suspects. The humorous Jasper was portrayed by actor Michael Caine, know for the recent Batman movies and The Prestige. The

  • westjet

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    1. Introduction WestJet is the second-largest carrier in Canada, which mainly focuses on economic airlines. In decades past, WestJet expanded its destination network form all western Canadian cities to international scope. During this development period, IT played a important role. For example, electronic ticket is used in the airline reservation system. However, some IT-related issues also hinders the company’s development. This case study will first list the current IT condition of WestJet Airlines

  • Thief Of Always

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    Clive Barker’s, The Thief of Always, if a story that takes the reader to lands far away and brings you back safely. The main character Harvey Swick couldn’t complete his duties missing the help of the illustrations. The minor, major, and main characters all had their own unique and interesting pictures. Barker uses his unique illustrations to express emotions, foreshadow events, and build suspense for following chapters. Throughout the story Barker places many original pictures

  • Monstrous Development: A Comparative Analysis of Frankenstein and Jane Eyre

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    Jane Eyre and Frankenstein both present themselves as bildungsromans in the way that they both deal with the development of something that is monstrous starting from the characters’ childhoods. Frankenstein shows the development of someone creating something that is meant to be normal, but ends up being very morbid. In doing so, he becomes monstrous himself. Jane Eyre shows the development of a love that is “monstrous”. The authors start their character’s stories from a young age because it shows