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  • Social Class In America

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    Many middle class families in America struggle to achieve success. Most families greatly struggle with financial issues due to the awful economy America has been experiencing. Depending on where a family lives, social class could also have an impact. Social class plays a role in families in many ways. Three ways in which social class affects families are financially, behaviorally, intellectually. Financially, society affects us by bombarding our families with suggestions for wants and needs that

  • Class Distinctions in America

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    The ideal concept of American society is one in which all of the citizens are treated equal in all every realm and situation. Class, race or gender does not divide the utopian America; everyone is afforded the same opportunities and chances for success. In this chimerical state Americans are able to go as far as their dreams allow and with hard work and perseverance any thing is possible. Many Americans subscribe to this pluralist view of the Country, believing that within our democratic system

  • Social Class In America

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    Social class, what is it exactly? Most of us think it's the amount of money we have in the bank, and in a way it does help people get higher in society. But as you get deeper into the subject it comes/consists of many other aspects such as where you live, what you do for a living, and in some cases what material goods (clothing, housing, and cars) you have. Whatever the definition may be, one thing is certain, it varies from place to place & what may be a luxury in one may not be in another. For

  • Middle Class In America

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    The middle class is generally considered the greatest guarantee for the balance of societies, which are built upon the foundation of the United States, but several recent studies have pointed to the deterioration of the situation of this important American society slide in recent years. “There are many ways to define "middle class," but if you limit it to households between the 20th and 80th income percentiles, it would include families earning somewhere between $ 20,000 and $ 102,000 per year. That

  • Middle Class In America Essay

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    problems are being shown and expressed in America today. One of these problems is amongst the classes in society. I believe there are major problems amongst the classes, but most importantly the middle class, which include many different solutions for fixing these problems in the class. In the article “Six Policies to Help the Middle Class with No Cost to Taxpayers”, it was stated that the elected new officials should be in charge of strengthening the middle class. Since 1968, the value of minimum

  • Social Class In America Summary

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    The documentary Social Class in America depicts the impact of ascribed social status in the United States. We follow three boys, born at the same hospital, who live relatively close together geographically. We learn as we follow the boys throughout their life that although they have the same legal and Constitutional rights, they are not born “equal.” The child in the working class is born to a father who is employed at the local factory at the lowest level doing manual labor. Being an unskilled

  • Middle Class In America Essay

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    Is the working class becoming the new middle class? Contrary to popular opinion, most American households actually fall into the working class category. To be considered middle class your household must have an annual income in between $65,000 and $100,00. Slowly more and more Americans are falling below this line. Why? Although the unemployment rate has consistently been on the decline since Obama was elected into office, The GDP has also been on the decline. This is usually a sign of an economy

  • Social Class In America Essay

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    Social class is real and alive in the United States. Social class is not just about what cars we drive (Mercedes Benz versus a Honda Accord), where we shop (Bloomingdales versus Kohl’s), the schools we attend (public versus private) or what our income is. Social class is also psychological in regard to how we feel, think and interact. I have noticed that people generally intermingle with those who share similar backgrounds, education and incomes. Those who are higher up in the class ladder also have

  • Money And Class In America Essay

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    Being in America, a society encompassed by those of a wealthy nature versus those striving to obtain as much wealth as they can in their own limitations, it seems inevitable for one to pass judgment on those who choose the glamorous lifestyle over any morals they may have had prior to their riches. After reading Money and Class in America, it can be concluded that Mr. Lewis Lapham makes an intriguing point as he states that it is seemingly unintelligent to assume that one that is wealthy in pocket

  • Essay On Social Class In America

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    four major classes. The four major classes are upper class, middle class, working class and lower class. Social class in the United States can be looked at purely from economic factors such as income and also using educational, wealth and job related factors then you are placed into one of these classes. Ever since man has existed there have been issues with class it is something that has existed and divided citizens in almost every nation. America is known for its “american dream” however achieving

  • Social Class In America Essay

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    The primary reason why the poor and working class can not mobilize themselves is that the effort that it takes to do so in most American cities is enormous. However, that is not to say that the burden of activism falls on the middle class or that the working class are too incompetent to mobilize each other. Rather it is the nature of society and our political system which is the biggest obstacle for them. First and foremost the very design of most American cities makes grassroots political movements

  • Social Class and Quality of Education in America

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    changes being made does it level the playing field or does it make it more competitive? Which brings up the questions, “How does social class effect the quality of education and does equal opportunity in education exist in America?” Social class affects the quality of one’s education through power, social status and equality within the educational system. America is a multicultural society that is compiled of many ethnicities and cultural orientations. With the different backgrounds, it can sometimes

  • Summary Of Class In America By Gregory Mantsios

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    a middle class nation, that we were all getting richer, and that everyone has an opportunity to succeed in life. But what many believed, was far from the truth. In reality the middle class of the United States receives a very small amount of the nation's wealth, and sixty percent of America's population receives less than 6 percent of the nation's wealth, while the top 1 percent of the American population receives 34 percent of the total national wealth. In the article Class in America ( 2009), written

  • Class In America By Gregory Mantsios Summary

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    Brief Summary In this paper, Gregory Mantsios compares and contrasts class in America. He uses facts to support his point that things are getting better for the upper class, while things are increasingly getting worse for the middle and lower classes. Throughout the paper, he demonstrates comparing and contrasting by using “myth” versus “reality”. For instance, myth one talks about the belief that America is primarily classless. People believe that no matter what someone does, whether they’re rich

  • The Impact of Social Class Distinction in America

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    his essay, class is a “touchy subject.” Class is often noted as “any group of plants or animals.” However, when it comes to defining class as social distinctions, the word becomes more complex. The social class structure has remained “murky” over the years, and to most Americans, extremely complicated. In today’s society, social class has become more and more intricate, but it has never been set to where Americans feel comfortable in their own skin. Today, when talking about social class, people tend

  • Gregory Mantsios Class In America Analysis

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    In "Class in America", Gregory Mantsios says that "when politicians and social commentators draw attention to the plight of the poor, they do so in a manner that obscures the class structure and denies any sense of exploitation." Based off our readings, class discussion and films, income inequality is known to be erased or ignore. Our society frowns upon the expression of income in our daily conversations, as it could be seen braggy or a complaint depending on your status of income. Because it's

  • Analysis Of Class In America By Gregory Mantsios

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    I will be analyzing the essay “Class in America --2012”. The topic of this essay is talking about does it matter what your social and economical standings are, and do they play a role in if you succeed in life. I personally agree with this. If someone is hard working and willing to do the job then I feel that they can be successful. Their background, race, and social and economical standings don’t justify everything that they are. Mantsios effectively communicates the phenomenon of stereotyping certain

  • Analysis Of Class In America By Gregory Mantsios

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    Social and economic class is something we as Americans like to push into the back of our minds. Sometimes recognizing our class either socially or economically can almost be crippling. When individuals recognize class, limitations and judgment confront us. Instead, we should know it is important to recognize our class, but not let it define and limit us. In the essay, “Class in America”, Gregory Mantsios, founder and director of the Joseph S. Murphy Institute for Worker Education at the School of

  • A Classless Society In Mantsios's Class In America

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    In Mantsios’ “Class in America” he provides us with four myths about the United States. In one of these myths the idea is brought up that the United States is, at its core, a classless society. It is also states that whether rich or poor, everyone is equal in the eyes of the law. The myth also states that health care and education are provided to everyone regardless of their financial stability. This idea about a classless society is exactly what Mantsios claims it to be, a myth. It is untrue to

  • Examples Of Low Class In America By Gregory Mantsios

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    America has always seen as the symbolic ideal country of prosperity and equality. This is the reason why people come to America hoping to become successful, but in matter of fact we all have an equal plan field to be successful is not entirely true. For there are social boundaries that keep use limited based upon our own status. Whether we are born of a low class or of a high class the possibility of economic mobility in a sense are predetermined by two factors of social class and success together