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  • Use of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) in the Workplace

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    Use of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) in the Workplace Introduction The next generation approaching adulthood has a new challenge; growing up during the technological revolution and believing being monitored is way of life. Generation Y, as they are termed, will grow up thinking it is normal for video cameras to be on every street corner, at work, automatic teller machines, and one day in every home as a security device. They may grow up having “Big Brother” in the workplace applying constant

  • Closed Circuit Television Promotes Social Inequality and Control

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    Closed Circuit Television Promotes Social Inequality and Control In recent years there has been a growing trend involving the use of closed circuit television cameras. Many businesses are using these cameras to monitor shoppers large metropolitan areas have started using these systems to view people in public areas.These cameras can be extremely small and are often hardly noticeable. But few people it seems have stopped to consider the possible impacts these cameras have on our lives. And

  • Closed-Circuit-Television and Surveillance

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    financial objectives, as well as the dawn of a cultural setting where the individual does not feel comfortable publishing themselves to others yet self disclosure is envied and aspired. One of the most intrusive forms of surveillance is CCTV (Closed-circuit-television). CCTV is the use of video technology to acquire a visual image of a certain area. A popular debate about the use of CCTV cameras is its impact on the individuals privacy, though, others concur it is only uncomfortable to those who have something

  • Surveillance In The Workplace

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    One of the major issues confronting employees in the workplace today is the use of electronic surveillance. Some people believe that electronic surveillance is necessary to ensure that employees are being productive members of the workplace. Others, however, feel that employees should have a reasonable expectation of privacy while on the job. This paper will discuss two of the more common types of surveillance that is used in the workplace, computer and video surveillance. It will discuss the benefits

  • senior paper

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    CCTV or Closed Circuit Television systems appeared first in the 1960s, they are a thousand times more advanced than the basic surveillance cameras that are known to be used on houses. However, back in the 60s they were very basic. They had consisted with low-resolution, black and white cameras that were connected by a coaxial cable. Each of the CCTV cameras had been connected to a black and white monitor as well; a 16-configuration camera had been required to be connected to 16 different monitors

  • Increase of Technology in Our World

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    Technology has undoubtedly made a huge impact in our lives through several different aspects. From the laundry machine that washes our clothes, to the microwave that heats up our food, technology has allowed us to live an easier and better lifestyle. One area that the advancement of technology has really influenced is crime. As the demand of consumers increase, new products are released which many use to their advantage and can cause an increase in the amount of crime that occurs throughout the world

  • Do new technologies of surveillance encourage self regulation

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    now fallen to such a level that it cannot be long before the technology spreads progressively through the developed world also. From the moment we leave the privacy of our own homes we are almost under constant surveillance by cameras. Closed circuit television (C.C.T.V) are deployed and monitored in town centres, shopping centres, railways and tube networks. Traffic cameras monitor car speeds and drivers compliance with red lights. Leisure centres, hospitals and universities are increasingly under

  • Children and the September 11th Terrorist Attack

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    announcements on closed circuit television. The same routine she followed every morning. When a teacher from a neighboring classroom rushed in, obviously in a panic, yelling, "Change the channel…change the channel. A plane has hit the World Trade Center." My daughter's teacher switched the station to the first available news program and then pulled the distraught intruder to the back of the room in order to calm her while, at the same time, trying to see what was happening on the television. The children

  • Video Surveillance and the Equipment

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    Chapter 4 - Video Surveillance and the Equipment In England and Europe the use of video surveillance has been routine for years. It has only started gaining in popularity and use in the United States in recent years. The technology of video surveillance allows individuals to be observed without their knowledge in stores, at the ATM, in elevators, in restaurants, in school hallways, and when stopped by police in patrol cars. The technology used with the video equipment can now be activated by motion

  • Security in Inner City Areas

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    achieve genuine security if they do not deprive others of it (McDonald, 2008, p.70). This assignment will explore this issue and use the materiality of inner-city areas, under the guise of gated communities, sports utility vehicles and closed-circuit television and surveillance to examine the security among the inhabitants who reside in these built-up residential areas. Insecurities and fear in the city ‘Illocutionary speech acts’, an idea posited by Ole Wæver (1995) (cited in McDonald, 2008, pp.51-60)