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  • Chronic Pain

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    Background Chronic pain is pain that is considered to last longer than six months. Chronic pain can be mild to excruciating, and episodic or continuous ("Community," n.d.). With chronic pain, the pain may remain active in the nervous system for months or years (Ratini, 2004). A recent study estimated that 31 percent of the adult United States population suffers from chronic pain, most commonly lower back or osteoarthritic pain (Bostwick, 2014). Chronic idiopathic (i.e. non-cancer related) pain is a significant

  • Chronic Pain Essay

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    Chronic pain is something many people deal with on a daily basis. At sometime in life, every person will have to deal with some type of pain in his or her life. Some people believe it is all in their heads because the pain does not show up on scans. The article talks about how chronic pain does exist. People show pain in many different ways sometimes you can see the pain on a person's face and other times you cannot. Every person experiences pain differently. A doctor can only believe how much

  • Chronic Pain Theory

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    Lupus and Chronic Pain Syndrome are two things many people don't understand and two things I have. They are both autoimmune diseases, and they both cause pain. If you look up the definition of lupus it says an inflammatory disease caused when the immune system attacks its own healthy tissue, so basically I'm having an internal fight within myself. If you were to look up the definition of chronic pain syndrome, it's just like it sounds, persistent pain that last weeks to years. Dealing with the two

  • Chronic Back Pain

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    the condition: Chronic Pain is described as a long lasting pain that people experience beyond a normal healing time (Hasenbring, Rusu & Turk, 2012). This time is usually up to three or six months prior to an incident (Hasenbring, Rusu & Turk, 2012). Chronic back pain can include common diagnosis of muscle spasms, back strain, or myofasical syndrome (Weiner & Nordin, 2010). There are three different types of chronic back pain; simple musculoskeletal back pain, spinal nerve root pain and serious spinal

  • Chronic Pain Coping Inventory

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    Pain Recovery: Evaluation of CPCI The Chronic Pain Coping Inventory (CPCI) is a well-respected and commonly used test in assessing pain. People with chronic pain, like my sister Eri who has Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), should have taken this test. Pain is a common symptom for people which range from a sore throat to CRPS, it is the persistent and chronic pain that requires additional attention for coping with pain. For those who suffer from long term pain, taking medication can have long

  • Health Policy and Chronic Pain Management

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    Introduction Pain is not always curable but effects the life of millions of people. This essay examines the Essence of Care 2010: Benchmarks for the Prevention and Management of Pain (DH, 2010). Particularly reflecting on a practical working knowledge of its implementation and its relevance to nursing practice. It is part of the wider ranging Essence of Care policy, that includes all the latest benchmarks developed since it was first launched in 2001. It was produced specifically to improve localized

  • Informative Speech On Chronic Pain

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    If you’re in chronic pain, it’s important to know that you already have the tools to reduce the intensity of your pain. Body discomfort and chronic pain is as much about how we think about our body and live in it, than it is about the specific syndrome or diagnosis we’ve been labelled with. I believe this so much! Without putting myself out of a job here, relying on just other specialists to heal really isn’t a good approach to managing your pain and injury, by doing this we forget in a feat to

  • Chronic Abdominal Pain Research Paper

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    Chronic abdominal pain in children is most often caused by a functional disorder. There are a variety of treatments that can be helpful, but no single treatment is best. Thus, most experts recommend trying several treatments. This may require several visits with the doctor, especially if pain has been a problem for a long time. Although functional abdominal pain can be triggered or reinforced by a desire for attention, it is rare for a child to "fake" pain. Therefore this child's pain needs to be

  • Chronic Pain Medication Research Paper

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    The usage of pain medications has gone up severely over the years. It is guaranteed that some types of pain medications exist in your medicine cabinet. With a readily available supply of pain medications, it have brought up problems associated with abusing such medications that have led negligent American families into abandoning their health for comfort. Pain medications are administered in a variety of setting, from nurses at hospital beds to paramedics at vehicle collision scenes. Pain medication

  • Chronic Pain, Terminal Illness and Euthanasia

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    nothing to alleviate the pain. Terminally ill patients should have the right to choose a merciful release. The Supreme Court concluded in the 1981 Botsford vs. Union Pacific Railroad Co. case that, " right is more sacred or more carefully guarded, by the common law, than the right of the individual to the possession and control of his own person.” If this control is given to us in life, then surely people facing terminal conditions and constantly experiencing chronic pain should be able to relieve

  • Case Study Review - Reviving an Ancient Therapy to Manage Chronic Pain

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    Ancient Therapy to Manage Chronic Pain Reference: Podiatry Today, December 2003, pg. 46-53 Author: Nicholas A Grumbine, DPM Rating: 4/5 Abstract Objective: This article was written to increase people’s awareness of leech therapy in healthcare to manage chronic pain. Case studies on were designed to determine whether leeching would improve chronic pain in a safe and effective manner. Background: Chronic pain results when there is delayed healing. Grumbine claims that chronic pain ‘produces a fear in

  • Essay: How To Manage Chronic Pain Naturally

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    Manage Chronic Pain Naturally and Live Better If you have recently been diagnosed with a chronic pain condition, you are joining an increasingly large part of the population. Yet despite the high number of people who suffer from chronic pain, there isn’t much consensus from modern medicine on how to treat it. Medication can provide some temporary relief, but some prescription medications can be dangerous and do nothing to relieve pain long term. With a holistic approach to reducing pain, you can

  • Managing Pain in Chronic Wound Care: A Comprehensive Approach

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    Patients suffering with a chronic wound experience pain from an individualized perspective. Each persons’ pain tolerance varies greatly depending on their current lifestyle, stressors, comorbidities, past experiences, and own DNA factors. (9-10) When meeting a patient either for the first time or at follow-up, the clinician should perform a comprehensive pain assessment. Remember, wound care is not just treating the hole in the patient, rather it is treating the patient as a whole, including - but

  • Understanding and Managing Chronic Low Back Pain

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    their lives 70 – 80% of individuals will experience low back pain (LBP) (Deyo and Weinstein, 2001; Godwin and Goodwin, 2000; van Tulder, 2001); furthermore, over 80% of such patients report recurrent episodes (Waddel, 1998). It is estimated that 80 – 90% of patients will have recovered within 6 weeks, regardless of treatment (Bronfort et al, 1996; Jackson, 2001; van Tulder et al, 1997). However, 5 – 15% will develop chronic low back pain (CLBP; 12 weeks) (Bigos et al, 2001; Quittan, 2002; Tortensen

  • Exercise is an Effective Treatment for Chronic Low Back Pain

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    Physical activity is the key to success in the treatment of chronic low back pain (CLBP), and exercise itself has the most permanent and long lasting effects (Abenhaim et al. 2000). Although the variety of conservative, complementary, and surgical treatments available, such as medication, thermotherapies, ergonomic and self-care advices, and patient education, proven to be beneficial for CLBP, at the present time the main aim is to provide effective interventions as well as reduce the health care

  • Medical Marijuana

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    Medical Marijuana Marijuana has been hailed as a prescription for many ills and physicians once used it to stimulate appetite, relieve chronic pain, and treat asthma and migraines. But is marijuana really a medical miracle? If so, do its clinical benefits outweigh its drawbacks? Should we legalize marijuana? Is medical marijuana really worth the risks? These are the issues one needs to think about before making the decision to legalize marijuana. Marijuana is a drug that is derived from the

  • The Physiological Effects of Marijuana

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    levels, the patient would have to smoke between 2 to 3 cigarettes every hour. Marijuana is believed to be an effective treatment of multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis; furthermore, it seems to yield positive results in the treatment of chronic pain conditions (Watson, Benson, & Joy, 2000). However, although marijuana has served as a medicinal agent, marijuana can also produce some adverse physiological effects; especially with patients with pre-existing medical conditions who use marijuana

  • We Must Stop Child Abuse and Neglect

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    against a child and any abuse resulting in death. Any abuse which results in a sever injury requiring prompt medical attention, that could be life threatening, that could cause mental and/or physical impairment, could cause disfigurement, or chronic pain is too classified as physical child abuse. Another form of physical abuse is any knowing or willful mistreatment which in the opinion of a licensed medical doctor causes great bodily harm and/or results in hospitalization for treatment of this

  • Chronic Pain Management in Preoperative Patient Care

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    Chronic Pain in the preoperative population Patient-Centered Care Patricia Davies Capella University Orientation to Graduate Nursing Study MSN6000 Nancyruth Leibold October 31, 2015 CHRONIC PAIN IN THE PREOPERATIVE PATIENT CENTERED 3 CHRONIC PAIN IN THE PREOPERATIVE PATIENT CENTERED 2 Chronic Pain preoperative population. Patient-Centered Care " Chronic Pain (CP) statistics astounding according to The Institute of medicine approximately 100 million adults suffer from chronic pain which is more than

  • Medical Marijuana

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    muscle spasms; relief from mild to moderate chronic pain. Marijuana is often useful in the treatment of the following conditions: Cancer: Marijuana alleviates the nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite caused by chemotherapy treatment. AIDS: Marijuana alleviates the nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite caused by the disease itself and by treatment with AZT and other drugs. Glaucoma: Marijuana, by reducing intraocular pressure, alleviates the pain and slows or halts the progress of the disease