Chronic Pain Essay

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Chronic pain is something many people deal with on a daily basis. At sometime in life, every person will have to deal with some type of pain in his or her life. Some people believe it is all in their heads because the pain does not show up on scans. The article talks about how chronic pain does exist. People show pain in many different ways sometimes you can see the pain on a person's face and other times you cannot. Every person experiences pain differently. A doctor can only believe how much a patient is in pain by what they tell you. Our brain tells us how much pain we are in by nerve fibers sending messages to our brain. After an injury, there are nerve fibers that do not always heal that send messages to our brain telling us we are in pain. Neurotransmitters help with emotion and pain they send messages through the brain. When we feel pain, we avoid whatever is causing us pain. The doctor in this article believes that if you change one's attitude towards pain it can decrease the pain you are feeling. If you believe the pain is excruciating and you tighten yo...
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