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  • Death from a Buddhist and Christian Point of View

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    Death from a Buddhist and Christian Point of View      “You will be with me today in paradise,” Jesus Christ told this to the thief on the cross while they were dying. However, can people believe that there is truly life after death? In many different religions there are different perceptions of life after death. For example in the Buddhist religion, the Buddhist people believe that life is practice for death. Professor Brown, of California State University of Northridge

  • The Purpose of Christian Crusades - Different Points of View

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    The purpose of Christian Crusades - different points of view Christian crusades took place between the years 1095 and 1500. According to the Britannica Concise Encyclopedia, crusades were military expeditions, beginning in the late 11th century, that were organized by Western Christians in response to centuries of Muslim wars of expansion. Their main objectives were to check the spread of Islam, retake control of the Holy Land, and to recapture formerly Christian territories. The objectives of

  • Charity's Negative Effect on the Society From a Christian Point of View

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    Charity's Negative Effect on the Society From a Christian Point of View I disagree with this statement. Charity is ultimately modelled on following and living out the example of Jesus in our daily lives. It is an act of love on behalf of Christians. The main intention for charities is to give help to others and to offer support. Christians, who believe that the giving of charity work does work, argue for example that less economically developed countries would suffer

  • Argument Paper

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    God…but I Can’t Stand Christians Who Impose Their Morality on Others, authors Bruce Bickel and Stan Jantz critique the Christian faith’s self ordained position of society’s moral leaders. They write that Christians have no right to be in this position because of their low esteem within the culture, their hypocrisy, their lack of credibility and the blatant rejection by society’s new post-modern view. Bickel and Jantz begin with a discussion on society’s view of Christians, none of which are positive

  • Christian Beliefs on the Beginning and End of Life

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    Christian Beliefs on the Beginning and End of Life All Christians believe that life is special to God and this means that all Christians have certain guidelines to follow about the beginning and end of life. Although this is true Christians are unpredictable and might change their beliefs in an unusual situation, such as, if the Christian would suffer devastating consequences of an act such as birth; the pregnant woman might consider abortion. Some Christians preach

  • Analysis Of De Spectaculis

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    enough to provide him an education, though a very secular environment. As an unbeliever Tertullian participated in the same sins and pleasures as other unbelievers, including attending arenas to watch the battles. As he watched over and over as Christians were brought in and tortured and killed in obscure ways, he noted their boldness that they would not back away from their belief, they were not scared of death but rather had joy in what was a nightmare for everyone else. These were not hardened

  • The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano

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    presses the reader and his audience to recognize that the African slave and the white slave owner are not as different as his audience may believe. In order to proclaim and showcase this idea of the value and worth of African slaves, Equiano uses the Christian religion to develop and sustain his argument. In many cases during Equiano’s time period, and for a while afterwards, Christianity and the Bible were used in defense of slavery, and this fact makes Equiano’s claim more powerful and groundbreaking

  • Charity and Christianity

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    Charity and Christianity Christians believe that if you have a certain faith you must follow it with an action, if you don’t follow your faith with an action then there is no point in having the belief in the first point. Believing in helping the poor and making people’s lives who are in poverty and who live in the third world better is what a Christian would believe, but also to do and actually take an action to improve that would be considered to follow that fait,

  • The Story of Christianity

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    The Romans never had a single uninterrupted policy of persecuting Christians between the first and fourth Century, but rather the Romans developed policy as the Christian Religion impact on Roman society grew. As each century progresses the Christian Religion continued to grow, and in response the Roman government adapted their policy to deal with the changes. In the first century Christianity was working to establish an identity by spreading the word that God’s promise had been fulfilled, but Romans

  • jhbhhv

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    many of the points White raises. Undoubtedly, one of the major controversial points raised by Lynne White is his belief the medieval Christianity is the root cause for our current environment crisis. White considers religion to be deeply imparted in our human ecology. As a result, our human condition is dictated by it. Lynne interpreted the victory over paganism as “the greatest psychic revolution in the history of our culture”, and consequently, considers we live in a “post Christian age” dominated