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  • Christian Aid

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    with HIV/AIDS. An example for this would be Saddleback Church in California. Elizabeth Styffe is the director of the Orphan Care Initiatives and co-founded the HIV/AIDS Initiative at Saddleback Church. She is dedicated on equipping churches nationally and internationally to end the orphan catastrophe. Elizabeth allowed her faith to take her on an unpredicted journey into the pain and misery of orphaned children in a way that radically altered her relationship to God, her opinion of Christians’ responsibility

  • Christian Aid Services: World Vision And Caritas

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    exploring the Christian principles that create the foundation of two Christian Aid Agencies that I have chosen. The aid agencies that I have chosen are World Vision and Caritas. Both of these agencies offer foreign aid, and based on the principles and work ethics off Christians. There are two types of aid, and they are short term and long term. Long-term foreign aid involves providing local communities with education and skills for sustainability development. While short term aid is aid needed after

  • Analysis of the Work of Christian Aid

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    Analysis of the Work of Christian Aid The agency I have chosen to analyse and explain about for my chosen religious agency is ‘Christian Aid.’ I have chosen them, because I believe overall that they do the correct thing to help the needy. Christian aid is an agency of the churches in the UK and Ireland; Christian Aid works wherever the need is greatest, irrespective of religion. Christian Aid supports local organisations, which are best, placed to understand local needs, as well as giving

  • HIV/AIDS Discrimination and Injustice

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    Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS). According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, scientists generally accept that the HIV virus started in a specific type of chimpanzee in Western Africa. HIV weakens the patient’s immune system by “destroying important cells that fight disease and infection.” After HIV is acquired, progresses, and grows it turns into a much more lethal stage, AIDS. Because their immune system is heavily damaged and virtually incompetent, AIDS patients is increasingly

  • Analysis Of 'Kissing Doesn' T Kill And Manuel Otero's Nobility Of Blood

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    The audience of the poem is indeed the very people who would be most offended by the controversial and sarcastic tone of the poem, the very people the speaker of the poem is mocking—people of the Christian faith who may be saying a similar AIDS-phobic prayer. Referring back to the previous reference on the play on words for “sidious” (line 41), one notes that “seditious” is a synonym for “inflammatory” and “provocative,” which aligns to the overall caustic tone of the

  • Greed Myth Essay

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    also noticed that I have a tendency to not even notice those negative consequences as I am not focused on them nor are they in the forefront of my mind. This caused a few problems for me, morally, when I was reading in chapter two about how foreign aid is not as helpful as we believe it is. I am one who believes strongly in

  • Life Expectancy in South Africa and HIV/AIDS

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    will only focus on HIV/AIDS as a factor in South Africa. It will also look at HIV/AIDS as a problem associated with life expectancy, then the administering of antiretroviral therapy and the use of condoms as possible solutions. The HIV/AIDS Epidemic is undoubtedly the major problem associated with low life expectancy in South Africa. AIDS is caused by HIV which attacks the immune system of the human body leaving the body defenseless against all other ailment. Though the AIDS virus is principally transmitted

  • Compassion International: The Repercussion Of Child Poverty

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    and infection (What is HIV/AIDS?). If HIV is left untreated, the person will then move to the advanced stage, AIDS. AIDS is the condition where the human body has a deficiency in helper cells (What is AIDS?). This results in the body no longer being able to fight off certain diseases and infections. Those with AIDS, have an estimated 1-3 years to live, depending on the advancement (What is HIV/AIDS?). HIV is transmitted through sexual contact, and blood (What is HIV/AIDS?). Continually, one cannot

  • The African Children's Project and Orphans in Africa

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    children, under the age of 15, that have lost one or both parents through HIV/AIDS in Africa(Unicef, 10). Those children are usually brought to orphanages that are placed in certain areas around Africa. A great deal of the orphanages are ran by Christian organizations and have the under lying message of Christ in their homes. The African Children’s Project is one of the many orphanages open in Africa that was founded by Christians. Orphanages and children homes, like The African Children’s Project, provide

  • Friendship Essay: A Heartbreaking Friendship

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    turned our friendship into enemies. As the first child of my parents I was brought up in a very strict environment. I was punished for all my mistakes, I never had the opportunity to party, go to the club just like the other kids. My parents are Christians and so they always stress on good discipline and the importance of education as the key to success. Because of all the values and morals implanted in me by my parents, I never got into problems with anyone including my friends and teachers. Like

  • We Must Teach the Homosexual About Christ

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    few innovations in moral weakness. What is new is the homosexual ideology which has made devastating inroads into the Church from the ambient culture. One is made to believe that recalling the Church's teaching is an uncharitable act and that the Christian thing to do is to act as if sodomy were as normal as marital sex. Of course it is scarcely a defense of homosexuality to point out that many people commit sexual sins. The tu quoque here is singularly inappropriate. We began with the observation

  • The Practice of Scapegoating

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    since its creation in biblical times. When a guiltless party is blamed for a misdeed, the religious practice of scapegoating has been adopted, whether it is for social, political, or medical reasons. The term of “scapegoat” first appears in the Christian Bible in Levictus, Chapter 16. The original meaning was a goat that took upon the sins of the people and is then sent into the wilderness on Yom Kippur, also known as the Day of Atonement. William Tyndale invented the word in 1530 in his translation

  • Analysis of Paul Farmer´s AIDS and Accusation: Haiti and the Geography of Blame

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    Paul Farmer’s AIDS & ACCUSATION: Haiti and the Geography of Blame, was very boring to begin with. Quite literally, I was sleeping while reading the beginning of it. However, it did pick up towards the middle as it caught my interest; I found that the book was particularly funny. Before reading this book, I had no clue what I was in for other than the title and who would’ve guessed; the title says it all. It was actually about what the title said. The United States blames Haiti for the AIDS and vice versa

  • Faith Healers: A Force in Nigeria

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    and many people fall for scams to get rid of their glasses. However you see this at it’s deadliest in the hands of the cures for diseases such as cancer, HIV/AIDS and diabetes. I have seen a fair few signs of alternative medicine practitioners who insist that thee can cure these diseases. Maybe not AIDS, in India people still fear the HIV/AIDS patient and believe all sorts of superstitions about how the disease transmits but I have seen signs promising a cure for diabetes. This is not out of the goodness

  • Comparative Analysis of Economic and Political Cleavages in South Africa and Zimbabwe

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    should do something similar. The health of a country ultimately resides in the well-being of its citizens. Works Cited Dunn, Kate. "Learning from Zimbabwe's bitter lessons." Christian Science Monitor. 09/15/2000, Vol. 92 Issue 206, p 8. Dunn, Kate. "Surfeit of Ideas, But still no land reform in Zimbabwe." Christian Science Monitor. 11/08/2000, Vol. 92 Issue 243, p 7. The Economist, "South Africa's anxious eyes on Zimbabwe." 04115/2000, Vol. 355 Issue 8166, p 39. The Economist, "Zimbabwe's

  • Evaluation of Rapex as Protection Against Rape

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    measures was the Rapex anti rape device. Rapex also prevents pregnancy and the infection of sexually transmitted diseases. This is another important function of Rapex because South Africa has the most people in the world which are infected by HIV/AIDS. 1 of nine people in South Africa are infected with the virus. This scientific development has lead to many discussions of ethical issues such as if Rapex would be used for revenge by an angry wife or girlfriend or that it might cause the men

  • What Is The Sense Of Community In Sizwe's Test

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    Sizwe’s Test, Jonny Steinberg writes about his account of the implementation of HIV/AIDS treatment in the Lusikisiki district of South Africa. Steinberg’s guide and main subject throughout his research is Sizwe Magalda, a 30 year-old spaza shopkeeper from Ithanga, a small village within Lusikisiki. Throughout his 18-month stay in Lusikisiki, Steinberg questions Sizwe on his evolving beliefs and interpretations on HIV/AIDS, its perception, and its treatment in his community. Part One of the book develops

  • Freely Accessible Birth Control for Teenagers

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    Without Parent Permission?. 12 05 2005. Web. 11 Jan 2010. . Schumacher, Frank. "Do Birth Control Pills Promote Promiscuous Behavior?." Health and Fitness -Contraceptive Birth Control 14 Aug 2009: n. pag. Web. 11 Jan 2010. . Spink, Gemma. "AIDS." AVERTing HIV and AIDS. 23 Dec 2009. Web. 11 Jan 2010. . Jameson, Taylor. "The Bible and Birth Control." Permission Granted 2001: n. pag. Web. 11 Jan 2010. .

  • HIV: HIV And Its Impact On The World

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    world and those divisions are economic divisions, political division, and social divisions within Africa, America, and Asia. AID scientifically is a very confusing disease to solve because its hard to fight a disease that literally kills off the fighters. Goff states: Human immuno-defficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1), the causative agent of acquired immuno-defficiency (AIDS), is a lentivirus, a member of a subfamily of retroviruses with complex regulation of viral gene expression and replication


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    Today millions of people globally are plagued with HIV/AIDS; some of which were contracted unknowingly through heterosexual sexual contact, others unknowingly through homosexual contact and surprisingly some who set out to contract HIV/AIDS purposefully. Bareback sex refers to intercourse without the use of any barrier protections to prevent the transmission of bodily fluids between participants. This is an extremely high risk behavior given the number of sexually transmitted diseases, and not knowing