Charles Dickens And His Works Of Charles Dickens

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Charles Dickens Charles dickens is well known to be one of the world’s greatest writer of his time. His works weren’t much like others works. His works are more like life stories and life experiences. Those are some of the things that influenced Charles dickens writing. A lot of Charles dickens life’s experience where put into his works. He had kind of a rough child hood and you could get the from reading some of his major works such as; Oliver Twist, Hard Times, and A Tale of Two Cities. Charles John Hiffam Dickens was born February 7th in the year of 1812. His parents were Elizabeth and john dickens. The early childhood of dickens was really rough. When his father was sent to jail the family struggled with money so dickens began his first job at age 12. This made him feel abandoned and may have even helped his writing be better. From the rough past dickens had it helped him understand the lower class and his comic genius. Which helped him in writing Oliver Twist. Around the time he began to write A Tale of Two Cities he was going through a divorce. Writing this book made him feel like a better person. Dickens mostly wrote about poverty that he had seen and experienced in his life. At the age of 12 dickens father, John Dickens, was sent to prison for not paying his debt. So to help his family, dickens went and got a job in a factory. He shined shoes and polished them and earned a dollar and fifty cents a week. The family even had to stay in the factory as well. This gave Dickens the early experience to understand that some children can’t receive proper education. After a few years he was able to go back to his education at Wellington House Academy for three years. (Grade Saver) After a tumultuous childhood Dickens devoted mo... ... middle of paper ... else’s point of view because their works are based from someone’s real life experiences that have come to change England as a hole. Dickens has many major works because of how he has expanded his writing styles and how he can draw a reader’s attention, and make you feel as if the readers are in the story and imagine some of the things he talks about. He can even give the reader and understanding about some peoples struggle in life. Even though dickens didn’t have the best life or make the best choices. He can honestly say that he might have learned from it. A Tale of Two Cities is one people have come to enjoy try reading it and see where it leads you. In conclusion dickens didn’t turn out to be so bad. It just seems as though he had a rough start everything still worked out in his favor. He had 10 beautiful children and a happy career who could ask for better.
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