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  • Questions and Answers from The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara

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    Sorrel just doesn't trust spies at all. Chapter 2- Chamberlain 3. What is Chamberlain's former career before the war? Chamberlain was a professor at Bowdin College. 4. Describe how Chamberlain handles the situation with the mutineers. Based on these actions what assumptions can you make about the man's character? He actually handles the situation flawlessly. He takes the "lead" man of the mutineers and talks to him civilly. Chamberlain says that he will do all in his power to fix the problems

  • Gettysburg

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    Instantly he was noticed by Colonel Chamberlain's brother Thomas, who instead of killing Amistead, helped him lay down to ease his pain. General Amistead was good friends with Hacock a Union General. Amistead requested to speak with Hancock, but Thomas Chamberlain informed him that Hancock had also been shot. Upon hearing this, Amistead was greatly saddened. Union soldiers then carried Amistead to field hospital where he died two days later. Hancock survived the wound at Gettysburg and went on to run for

  • The Reflection Of Chamberlain's The Second Day

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    Before you read “The Second Day,” we must address some of the content in Chapter 2 “Chamberlain.” In this chapter, the Union soldiers find an escaped slave who has been wounded. Chamberlain, who has always argued against slavery, has an unexpected and unwanted reaction to seeing this man. The escaped slave does not speak any English and is terrified, and Chamberlain has an initial feeling of revulsion toward this man and even wonders at the man’s humanity. He is shocked and a bit ashamed of his

  • The Killer Angels Analysis

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    storylines where generals and their inferior officers came to life with Shaara’s amazing writing skills. The essence of war is captured through the shifting between commanding officers on both sides. Through the narrative we see Longstreet and Chamberlain receiving most of the attention. Shaara takes the reader inside the heads of these two officers which truly shows the reader what war is like. The novel is set up in a chronological order of events that took place during the four days of the bloody

  • Physical and Psychological Effects of Domestic Violence on Women

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    David, and V. Mark Durand. Abnormal Psychology. Pacific Grove: Brooks/Cole, 2009 Campbell, Jacquelyn et al. “Intimate Partner Violence and Physical Heath Consequences.” Archives of Internal Medicine 162i10 Article 7 (2012): 1-13. Chamberlain, Linda. “Domestic Violence: A Primary Care Issue for Rural Women.” The Network News 27i1p1(3) Article 113 (2202): 1-4. Jones, Ann. Next Time, She’ll Be Dead: Battering & How to Stop It. Boston: Beacon Press, 2004.

  • Summary and Reflection on the Article Hyponatremia Caused by Polydipsia

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    Article Review for “Hyponatremia Caused by Polydipsia Summary Hyponatremia is described as a serum sodium level that is anything less than 135mEq/L and is the most common occurring electrolyte disorder today (Chamberlain, 2012). In most cases, hyponatremia occurs due to an imbalance of water rather than sodium (Hinkle & Cheever, 2014). Symptoms and their severity are related to how quickly the condition develops and the degree of cerebral edema that results from the low serum level of sodium

  • The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara

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    In a letter to the reader, Michael Shaara states that his purpose is similar to Stephen Crane's in The Red Badge of Courage. He wishes to display history not as cold facts, but rather in such a way that the reader can live the history. This is to be accomplished through extensive detail of the emotions of the men, the atmosphere of the battle, and strategies of the commanding officers. Accepting this as Shaara's intent, it can be justifiably stated that he succeeds in his objective. The Killer Angels

  • The Killer Angels

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    which would be the direction in which the Union army would be heading also. The 20th Main, of which Chamberlain was the leader of, was a tiny fragment of the Army of the Potomac. Chamberlain woke very tired and hot after walking over eighty miles in four days through extreme heat. That morning he received the word that he would be receiving one hundred and twenty men to join his army. Chamberlain was a little worried about how he would take care of these men, when he already had two hundred and

  • The Killer Angels

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    THIS IS AN INTRODUCTION!!!!! The commanders that served under Lee were blinded by this admiration. “His presence is everywhere. They hush when he passes, like an Angel of the Lord.” (pg. 63) Even as he walks down the street people salute him, bow to him, praise him. “A Pennsylvania woman flirted, asked for is autograph.” (pg. 78) Within the army Lee is worshipped by all members, low and high. When something goes wrong they will find someway to avert the blame from Lee, even though it may have been

  • Collective Bargaining In The Private Sector

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    accrued comp. time unless the time off would cause hardship in operations (Chamberlain, 2003). 8. Moonlighting, Dual employment - Employees may not volunteer to do the same or similar work for the same employer without the time being counted as work time. If the employee has two jobs with the same employer the hours will be totaled. Employees are allowed to moonlight, which means working for another employer (Chamberlain, 2003). This is set to help us, some states, cities, municipalities, ordinances