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  • Challenger Explosion

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    On January 26, 1986, one of the greatest disasters of our time occurred. The shuttle, Challenger, blew up in front of a live audience. The space launch was being broadcasted across the United States live from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. This launch was one of the most publicized launches due to the first civilian going into space and also that the launch had been delayed six times before. The U.S. Centennial of Flight Commission detailed that the launch took place on January 28, 1986 at Kennedy

  • Challenger Explosion Essay

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    The Explosion of the Challenger Space Shuttle was a national tragedy as it was the first time we had astronauts die during flight on a shuttle. The type of Speech that former President Ronald Reagan gave was an informative speech on the Challenger explosion that occurred January 28, 1986. During this time, the United States were still pioneering the way for space travel, even though we had already gone to the moon. As Reagan Stated, “We’ve grown used to the idea of space, and, perhaps we forget that

  • Challenger Explosion Video Analysis

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    Works Cited “1986: Space Shuttle Challenger disaster Live on CNN.” Online Video Clip. YouTube. YouTube. 27 January. 2011. Web. 8 May. 2017. This video, which was broadcast on live news, depicts the Challenger launch and explosion. From watching it I learned about the appearance of the shuttle, the angle the video footage was captured from, and what the explosion itself looked like. The journalist covering the event also found out about the explosion on the live broadcast, so his comments and reactions

  • Challenger Explosion Tragic Hero

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    Jade Lung Ms. Davis College Prep English 1 11 April 2017 Challenger Explosion Tragedy When the shuttle was launched, everyone was full of joy, but seventy three seconds later everyone became dumbfounded. The shuttle had exploded and seven crew members died. Monica Cunningham was twenty years old when the terrible disaster of the STS-51-L NASA shuttle orbiter had occurred. Monica was part of the navy and happened to be on board the USS Nimitz the day of this accident. January twenty eighth

  • Ronald Reagan Challenger Explosion Speech Analysis

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    In his “Challenger Explosion” speech, Pres. Ronald Reagan comforts the nation in the aftermath of NASA’s Challenger Space Shuttle exploded shortly after takeoff killing all seven astronauts. In this speech, he used rhetorical devices, such as alliteration, allusion, anaphora, and euphemism to relay his feelings of sadness and grief. In his speech in the aftermath of the Challenger explosion, Pres. Reagan used alliteration to convey his feelings of sadness to the families of the seven astronauts

  • Challenger Explosion: The Disaster That Changed How We Look At Space Travel

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    get in your car, thinking it will explode? probably never. The passengers on the Challenger didn't think so either. The Challenger explosion was a disastrous and life changing event in history. Many things happened before the challenger exploded into fire. The cost of the space shuttle was around 1.2 billion. (Hanson 26+) To avoid disaster and any troubles, millions of dollars were wasted in attempt to keep the Challenger safe. Many things like Space simulation for failure, computer shut downs, engine

  • Philip Tompkins Organizational Communicatin Imperatives

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    NASA, (National Aeronautical Space Administration), and although a very prestigious place to work, it is not free of its share of wrongdoing and counter productive ways. Ten years ago (1986), NASA was faced with its biggest catastrophe, The Challenger Explosion. This preventable event , which claimed the life of a crew of seven, left many questioning the ability of communication throughout NASA. The idea that a crucial element of the space shuttle, O-Rings, would pass inspection, although many scientists

  • Dr. Richard P. Feynman

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    to serve on the Rogers Commission investigation of the Challenger explosion in 1986 (Slone, Challenger). After reluctantly agreeing to join the commission, he began to truly sink his teeth into the problem. By going directly to the people who designed and built the shuttle, Feynman was able to learn just exactly how dangerous shuttle flight actually could be. The official NASA figure for the chance of shuttle failure was 1 in 100,000 (Challenger). In the course of his research, Feynman came to the

  • What caused the Hindenburg explosion

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    of the flammable hydrogen gas used to lift the zeppelin. This has been over and over proven to be incorrect because witnesses of the explosion proclaim that it was like a fire works display, ummm... hydrogen burns without color.... Even pictures depicting the explosion show that the blaze from it contains pigment! The second theory is that the cause of the explosion was an electrical conductor. The “doping compound” that was used to prevent the hydrogen from heating up was extremely flammable. On

  • Where Is Atlantis

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    ATLANTIS Where is it? Atlantis was an ancient civilization which was destroyed in one massive explosion. Many people have searched for Atlantis but it has still not been found. According to Plato, a Greek philosopher, Atlantis was located in the Atlantic Ocean past the pillars of Hercules, the Strait of Gibraltar. Plato has been credited with many scientific discoveries, but Atlantis’s existence is still unproved. “Plato, one of the fathers of western thought, is out

  • Black Holes

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    continuously. The hydrogen gas is usually the first type of gas consumed in a star and then other gas elements such as carbon, oxygen, and helium are consumed. This chain reaction of explosions fuels the star for millions or billions of years depending on the amount of gases there are. Stars are born and reborn from an explosion of a previous star. The particles and helium are brought together the same way the last star was born. Throughout the life of a star, it manages to avoid collapsing. The gravitational

  • Possum Research Paper

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    Introduction Your in your house at night then you hear a noise kinda like a hiss then you look down and you see a possum staring at you and you jump with fear but no need to fear possums aren't really dangerous there animals that are a part of nature and i tell you some information about the night time critter the possum. What are possums Possums are marsupials (which means they have pouches) that only look for food at night these things live under houses, in trees, and in woods. There

  • An Analysis Of A Dream Deferred By Langston Hughes

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    A dream deferred analysis A dream is a goal in life, not just dreams experienced during sleep. Most people use their dreams as a way of setting future goals for themselves. Dreams can help to assist people in getting further in life because it becomes a personal accomplishment. Langston Hughes's poem "Dream Deferred" speaks about what happens to dreams when they are put on hold. The poem leaves it up to the reader to decide what dream is being questioned. The poem A Dream Deferred discusses the

  • The Disaster of Port Chicago, California, during World War II

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    done here. A very historic event and detailed story took place in Port Chicago, California. An election was held in wartime emergency on January 4, 1943 to whom the people chose Earl Warren for governor of California. Then on July 17, 1944, a huge explosion of two ammunition ships occurred at the Naval Ammunition Depot on the Sacramento River. A great amount of damage was done to this now destroyed base, which was originally a segregated unit. Two cargo ships were tied up at the wrecked pier and the

  • The Knowledge Explosion

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    The Knowledge Explosion The current trends in education are moving educators toward adoption of an integrated curriculum. What is now referred to as the integrated curriculum was once known as interdisciplinary studies. Integration focuses on the organization of central themes or concepts combining several subjects. These themes, or concepts, allow students to interconnect information between subject areas. Giving students this skill will enable them to combine information in large quantities

  • The Pros and Cons of Pyrotechnics

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    them to become burned and their hut to burn down. The alchemists wanted to find out what caused it, so they used different combinations of chemicals they has used before until they found out what caused the explosion. They eventually found out that the two chemicals that caused the explosion were sulfur and saltpeter (potassium nitrate). Little did they know that this would give birth to a huge assortment of uses, such as fighting wars and showing art exploding with beautiful colors in the sky. Their

  • godfater character comparison

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    his violence had no idea that it was coming. Their senses of values are also very dissimilar. Michael is a man of honor. He doesn't run around having affairs with different women. He only marries twice because his first wife was killed in the explosion. Sonny is an adulterer. He is with another woman during his sisters wedding, along with a few other times throughout the movie. The two brothers h...

  • The Imagery of Langston Hughes’s Harlem

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    The Imagery of Langston Hughes’s Harlem “What happens when dreams are deferred?” is the first line in Langston Hughes’s “Harlem,” a very interesting social commentary on Harlem in the early 1950’s. It talks about a “dream deferred” Harlem, which was a haven for literature and intellect in the late 20’s and early 30’s, but has become run down and faded to a shadow of its former existence. Langston Hughes’s “Harlem” is filled with extremely vivid imagery. “Harlem,” by Langston Hughes uses various

  • The Physics of Turbo Charging

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    plug. This spark ignites the mixture and it expands at a very fast rate. This explosion forces the piston down in the cylinder again. On the next rise the left over gasses are expelled through an open valve into the exhaust system. This is a fairly efficient process but has one major drawback. The engine can only pull so much air in on its own, and the more air and gas that is in the cylinder the more forceful the explosion will be. This is where the turbo charger comes in. It was developed between

  • The Cambrian Explosion: Proof of ID?

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    The Cambrian Explosion: Proof of ID? In our studies of Intelligent Design (ID) theory and Creation Science, I found little information that seriously challenged the theory of evolution. However, there was one event that appeared to defy the logic of Darwinian gradualism: the Cambrian Explosion. This event was presented by ID theorists as proof of design--something which science is unable to account for. Unfortunately for ID proponents, this is not the case. There are several scientific explanations