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  • Free Color Purple Essays: Celie and Albert

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    Celie and Albert in The Color Purple The relationship between Celie and Albert went through many changes throughout this novel. Albert, or Mr._________, was a man who seem to be a person who was very angry, powerful and hateful. His father was a man who believed that love was not the point while trying to find a good wife, obedience was. The woman didn't have to be attractive, rich or one who was in love, all she had to do was cook, clean and tend to the children. Albert was taught that this was

  • Essay On Celie And Caddy Of Sound And Fury

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    Celie and Caddy of Color Purple and  Sound and the Fury      Reminisce of the days of being a child. What comes to mind? Feeling free and innocent? Basically, what society views childhood to be? Unfortunately, many children have horrible childhoods, suffering from abusive parents. Bad childhood stems from bad parents. Every ten seconds go by, and a parent abuses his child. Acts of rebellion, loss of self-esteem, lack of confidence-all factors are the results from a child

  • Metamorphosis of Celie in Alice Walker's Color Purple

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    The Metamorphosis of Celie in The Color Purple For people to be equal they need a chance to become equal by self-discovering themselves. As we are growing older during our childhood we depend on our environment, parents, and peers to create our self-image. Within our environment we are always trying to develop new insights in order to identify, clarify, connect and account for our beliefs. Even the underlying cause of dysfunctional relationships lies in crucial events in our life experience

  • Metamorphosis of Celie in Alice Walker's Color Purple

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    Metamorphosis of Celie in The Color Purple In the book The Color Purple (1982) by Alice Walker, the main character Celie develops from an abused, shy and browbeaten teenage girl into a strong, mature and self-confident woman. This metamorphisis is due to five major factors: Celie observes other successful women, she receives love and appreciation, changes in Celie’s view of God, Celie’s maturation and a bit of luck. As Celie is brought up, her father sexually molests her over and over again, making

  • Free Color Purple Essays: Shug and Celie

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    Shug and Celie in The Color Purple The relationship between Shug and Celie cuts very deep. Both of them help each other become what they really need to be. Both Celie and Shug were very oppressed people. Celie was oppressed by her lack of caring, and by her lack of self esteem. Shug is caught in other people's image of her. She is not free to become what she really wants to be, which is a loving member of a loving family, which she never really had. This is shown by the quote on page 125-6.

  • Struggle and Growth in Alice Walker's Color Purple

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    Alice Walker's The Color Purple The Color Purple depicts the struggle and growth of Celie, an uneducated slave of the South who became a victim of racism, sexual roles, men, and social injustices, in numerous letters that she writes as a diary. Walker uses Celie's uneducated grammar to help the reader perceive the pain that she thinks and feels in order to become a mature, twentieth-century woman. As Celie writes to God for guidance and strength asking that she may carry on, her letters subtly

  • Alice Walker's Color Purple - Celie's Quest for Self-discovery

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    Self-discovery In Alice Walker's The Color Purple, Celie has many misconceptions of herself and her world.  Due to her upbringing of pain and mistreatment, and her ignorance of a better world, Celie's image of herself and her own potential is very different from reality.  The Color Purple, above all else, is the story of Celie's growth and self-discovery, which she achieves through her own commitment to herself and through the help of Nettie and Shug. Celie sees herself as ugly and stupid because she was

  • The Color Purple

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    through the eyes of Celie and Nettie. The book describes the fateful life of a young lady. It tells how a 14 year old girl fights through all the steps and finally she is in command for her own life. Celie is the young lady who has been constantly physically, sexually, and emotionally abused. Eventually she turns into a lesbian. In the book, The Color Purple, "dear God, Nettie, dear stars and trees" are the only people she communicates with. All the letters show that Celie is a very insecure

  • Free Color Purple Essays: Recognition and Equality in The Color Purple

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    In the book there seem to be at a point where Celie has opened her eyes and starts her own business.  She owns a business making pants that she established living in Shug's house.  She makes custom pants for her family and then everyone wanted a pair.  Through work, she has money and also she dressed well.  Her business is booming and everyone is ordering pants from her.  This also shows that element of pants.  The pants of her business provide Celie with her own identify; now people see her as a

  • Color Purple

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    Celie’s narratives show great similarities with the slave narratives that were collected in the 1930’s. Celie shows resmeblances in the way the slaves talked about their situation. They were very timid about raising their voices. Celie, as many slaves were, did not express their true emotions because of the fear that they would be punished severely. Celie is a poor, Southern black girl. Celie is one of the most oppressed, silenced members of society. Her stepfather told her that she "better not never

  • Beauty and The Color Purple

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    novel by Alice Walker, “The Color Purple”, Celie finds out that beauty is not real unless it is first found within, so that that beauty felt can reflect for others to see. [Celie went through traumatic struggles before she ever felt beautiful starting with the treatment of influential men in her life. Although she felt more connection with women in her life, her early encounters with Shug greatly accounted for her self worth at the time. However, Celie could not be beautiful to others unless she

  • Ugliness and Beauty in Alice Walker's Color Purple

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    beauty. Celie represents ugliness, and Shug Avery illustrates beauty. The most prominent way that the struggle between ugliness and beauty presents itself in the novel is through Albert, Celie's forced husband, and Shug's long-time lover. The characters of Celie and Shug are compared and contrasted throughout the novel, and the reason why Albert, for the majority of the novel, treats the two of them so differently is because of the way they look. Albert not only hates, but beats Celie because

  • Essay on Freedom in Color Purple and Their Eyes Were Watching God

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    and Their Eyes Were Watching God. In The Color Purple, by Alice Walker, the freedom moves from the outside into Celie and then out again. In Their Eyes Were Watching God, by Zora Neale Hurston, the freedom stems from within Janie but is prompted by certain outside forces. Both women experience freedom, and the freedom grows from within and is radiated outward. In The Color Purple Celie evolves from being oppressed by Mr.____ and society to being free in every possible sense. The spark of freedom

  • Free Color Purple Essays: The Power of Women

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    extremely mistreated by men.  Their experiences were considered trivial because they were always subordinated to them.  Through the collection of letters that Celie wrote, the reader could see the development of a frightened young woman who had little regard for herself and of another, Shug, who struggled to become a successful woman. In fact, Celie nearly struggled for her happiness her entire life.  When she was only a little girl, her stepfather sexually abused her.  He then sold her to a man named

  • Free Color Purple Essays: It Was the Worst of Times

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    letters spanning the life of Celie, the main character.  Most of the letters were written by Celie and some by her sister Nettie.  The theme of the book is to be true to yourself in spite of difficulties and never let go of what you believe in.  Do not let people make you think you are something that you are not, then you have the will to survive during the worst of times. The Color Purple is about Celie’s life.  In the beginning of the novel, we learn that Celie was raped by her father.  We also

  • Celie's Transformation in Alice Walker's Color Purple

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    Celie's Transformation in The Color Purple Celie is not a typical protagonist. In Alice Walker's The Color Purple, the main character Celie is an ugly, poor girl who is severely lacking in self-confidence. However, Celie transforms throughout the course of the novel and manages to realize herself as a colorful, beautiful, and proud human being. Celie becomes a powerful individual. The Color Purple follows Celie's transformation from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. What is remarkable

  • Alice Walker's The Color Purple: Celie's Struggles Expressed in Letters

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    Alice Walker's The Color Purple: Celie's Struggles Expressed in Letters "Dear God, Gets me out of here. I needs to love and laugh. I needs to be free of this bastard and these white people." At a very young age, Celie begins writing letters to God. In her letters she explains her fears about her stepfather raping her, her mother and sister being beat, and her fears for her sister, Nettie. This epistolary novel (a novel in which the narrative is carried forward by letters) takes place

  • The Color Purple as a Parable

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    character, there is an ironic reversal of what should happen and what does happen. With the main character Celie, she overcomes her hardships with her childhood and marriage to achieve complete happiness. Her childhood consists of a father that rapes her and gives her kids away. He also gives her away to a man known as Mr. ___. He too beats her and does not allow her to see her sister, Nettie. Celie falls in love with another woman who allows her to start her life over. Shug Avery gets her away from her

  • Color Purple

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    body, The Color Purple portrays a very graphic portrayal from the first pages. “She ugly” (Walker, 9). This gives the feel that the men have high standards of the women that are seen in this story of Black Southern Women. This also can be seen when Celie (the main character) holds on to a picture of Shug Avery (the woman she lets her husband have an affair with) because she is so beautiful. These are ideals seen in our culture as a whole. Women holding onto pictures of women in magazines and posters

  • Alice Walker's The Color Purple

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    many ways in Walker's novel. One perfect example of this is Mr. _____. Mr. _____, as he is called throughout the novel, was a wife beater, who, having been denied Celie's sister, marries Celie to look after his children. He beats her and rapes her and is just plain nasty to her. Finally, one day, after Celie discovers another mean thing that Mr. ____ did to her, she leaves with her girlfriend to start a new life. Mr. _____ is left all alone. He starts to fall apart. He becomes afraid of the