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  • Catharine MacKinnon's Book Feminism Unmodified

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    Catharine MacKinnon's Book Feminism Unmodified Catharine MacKinnon, in her book Feminism Unmodified, takes a unique approach to the problem of gender inequality in America. She claims that pornography defines the way in which America’s patriarchal society perpetuates male dominance, and attacks traditional liberal methods that defend pornography on the basis of the first amendment’s right to free speech. According to MacKinnon, pornography is not an example of speech but rather an act. She proposes

  • Catharine Maria Sedgwick’s A New-England Tale and Hope Leslie

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    Catharine Maria Sedgwick’s A New-England Tale and Hope Leslie - Opening Doors for Women Limited opportunities for women to share their opinions publicly throughout the Nineteenth century caused an abundance of females to communicate their ideas through writing. Catharine Maria Sedgwick was among the first of American authors to publish historical and other fiction. Much of her work deals with the role of white women in society, especially involving the Cult of Domesticity or True Womanhood

  • Catharine Sedgwick’s Hope Leslie, Stephen Gould’s Dinosaur in a Haystack, and Sebastian Junger’s The Perfect Storm

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    Catharine Sedgwick’s Hope Leslie, Stephen Gould’s Dinosaur in a Haystack, and Sebastian Junger’s The Perfect Storm all display similar characteristics, so that though they are seemingly unrelated, they can be compared. Mainly the comparisons exist through the imagery the authors use to weave the stories together, the structure of each book, the authority of each author, and the use of nature. A character or objects are the images that the three authors use to tie the plots of the books together

  • Did Temperament Shape Catharine Parr Traill and Susanna Moodie Attitude to Pioneering?

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    Back in the 1830’s when it was unimaginable to journey for months to a foreign country so uncultivated; two naïve sisters did just that. The Backwoods of Canada is a straightforward, realistic account complied of letters written back home of Catharine Parr Traill’s first years in Canada. Roughing It in the Bush is a witty, autobiographical tale written by her younger sister, Susanna Moodie. Both sisters came to Canada with the similar expectations to improve their opportunity in the social ladder

  • A View From Teh Bridge

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    supported you this far I want to support you a little more". As a result Eddie finds it hard to let go of Catherine. This is shown by the fact that is takes Eddie a while to be persuaded by B. that the work is the best thing. Eddie is worried that once Catharine has her job she will get her own place and they will never see her again. "And then you will come visit on Sundays, then once a month, then Christmas and new years finally" I get the idea that B understands what Eddie is going through and that

  • Abolitionism and Inactivity in Uncle Tom's Cabin

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    forces: on the one hand, sisters Angelina and Sarah Grimke, abolitionists and champions of women's rights; and on the other, Catharine Beecher, who opposed suffrage and women's involvement in abolitionism and argued in favor of woman's place in the home. After the printing of Angelina Grimké's pamphlet Appeal to the Christian Women of the Southern States (1836), Grimké and Catharine Beecher engaged in a written debate over woman's public role in regards to the slavery issue. Beecher responded to Grimké's

  • Rubin? Yes! Yes! Yes!

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    The vulgar and refreshing paraphrase of a simplified hippy version of what shall be taken as topic: We are so oppressed. Maybe we are not repressed, but come on. We are so oppressed. Malcolm X knew it, Catharine MacKinnon knew it. Everyone knows it. One way we are oppressed is sexually. We might not just be repressed, while we still clearly are because there are laws and things. But, come on. Even if sexuality is socially constructed, it’s still very material, it is out there as much as anything

  • Essays on Rape

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    Essays on Rape Only Words, by Catharine MacKinnon is a collection of three essays; each essay argues her claim that sexual words and pictures should be banned instead of Constitutionally protected under the First Amendment as free speech. In her first essay, “Defamation and Discrimination,” MacKinnon takes the stance that pornography is sex, and should not be treated as speech, but as a sexist act. She claims that pornography is an action, just as, “a sign saying ‘White Only’ is only words,

  • Catharine Beecher's Republican Motherhood

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    Catharine was teaching ten to twelve subjects a day which resulted in not having a lot of time to spend on each subject she taught. She had no other choice but to skim over the subjects and teach what was necessary rather than cover some of the core concepts

  • Catharine Mackinnon: Sexual Harassment Of Women

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    Catharine MacKinnon, an American scholar, teacher and lawyer describes sexual harassment as an “explosive combining of unacceptable sexual behaviour and the abuse of power.” It is not a new phenomenon that the women in the backward regions of the country are perpetually, even post six decades of having been granted these rights are trying to cope up with personal attacks on their bodies, minds, dignity and integrity. Prior to 1997, a complaint for criminal assault of women to outrage her modesty

  • Is Pornography Good?

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    On one hand, you have people who feel that there is no correlation between the two, that pornography is used only for personal enjoyment, and it stops there. Then you have the feminist viewpoint which totally disagrees. Two well known feminists, Catharine MacKinnon and Andrea Dworkin have their own view and definition on pornography. þ....Pornography is the graphic sexually explicit subordination of women, whether in pictures or in words, that also includes one or more of the following: (i)

  • Hope Leslie by Catharine Maria Sedgwick

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    Hope Leslie by Catharine Maria Sedgwick American Puritans in the 17th century were known for their fervor for personal godliness and doctrinal correctness. In addition to believing in the absolute sovereignty of God, the total depravity of man, and the complete dependence of human beings on divine grace for salvation, they stressed the importance of personal religious experience. In her novel Hope Leslie, Catharine Maria Sedgwick critiques the idea of Puritanism and shows its deficiencies

  • The Complicated Relationship Between Pornography and Feminism

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    Pornography and feminism have had quite an odd relationship. Feminist writers such as Gloria Steinem have denounced the sex industry while it has continued to expand exponentially. Due to technological advances such as the internet and cell phones, pornography is easier to access then ever before. Some publications even estimate that gross annual sales for pornographic videos would exceed four billion dollars (Rich 2011: 1). With this much money being invested into an industry that operates in a

  • The Pros and Cons of Pornography

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    negative and positive influence that pornography has on society’s view of female sexuality. The belief that pornography promotes sexism and “perpetuates men’s control over women’s lives” has been expressed for decades, most notably by women such as Catharine MacKinnon and Andrea Dworkin during the anti-pornography feminism movement (Shaw 2010). It has been argued that porn is disempowering to women and depicts them as simply sex objects for men. Some pornographic material focuses on the male actor’s

  • The Oppressed Role Of Women

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    1980s. There were many who played a major role in setting these stones down beside Stanton and Anthony, these women were Susan Moller Okin (who fought for self support), Alison Jagger and Iris Marion Young (who fought for economic support) and Catharine MacKinnon and Andrea Dworkin (who wanted to change the way men saw women). Not only did these women wanted to change right now but for future generations that wouldn’t suffer what women had to go through to get this rights that women

  • Pornography and Feminist Fight for Women’s Rights

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    videos showing prostitutes at work was pornographic and unacceptable(Faigley & Selzer, 539). Major Claim The influential feminist pro-censorship movement threatens the women’s rights movement it professes to serve. It is led by law professor Catharine MacKinnon and writer Andrea Dworkin. The feminist movement thinks that sexually oriented expression-not sexist concepts of marriage and family, sex segregated labor, or pent-up rage is the cause of discrimination and violence of women. Their solution

  • Catharine Maria Sedgewick's Hope Leslie

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    Catharine Maria Sedgewick's Hope Leslie The title character of Catharine Maria Sedgewick’s novel, Hope Leslie, defies the standards to which women of the era were to adhere. Sedgewick’s novel is set in New England during the 17th century after the Puritans had broken away from the Church of England. Hope Leslie lives in a repressive Puritan society in which women behave passively, submit to the males around them, and live by the Bible. They allow the men of their family to make decisions for

  • Jane Elton's Identity Conflict in Catherine Maria Sedgwick’s A New England Tale

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    independently: while this may not have been historically feasible, we can still prefer that Jane choose loyally to her self, that if she must marry, her choice does not sacrifice her identity. Works Cited and Consulted Foster, Edward Halsey. Catharine Maria Sedgwick. New York: Twayne, 1974. Harris, Susan K.. "'But is it any good?': Evaluating Nineteenth-Century American Women's Fiction." American Literature 63 (March 1991): 42-61. Sedgwick, Catherine Maria. A New England Tale, and Miscellanies

  • Feminism In The World According To Garp

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    Feminism includes more than ten types feminists. The three significant and standing out groups are Liberal, Radical, and Post-modern. Liberal feminists believe that unless women have the same opportunities and treatment as men, they will not be able to achieve their full potential. Another type is Radical feminists who believe the world would be so much better without men in it. Because they accept heterosexuality, lesbians are dominant in the radical feminism pool. Lastly, Post-modern feminists

  • Pornography: Domestic Violence, And Objectivism Of Women

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    Pornography is another one of those issues that borderline between freedom of choice and an individual's civil rights. Some freedom of speech activists claims that this is freedom of speech, whereas others argue that pornography is degrading and abusive to women. When is it free speech otherwise just bad taste? In this paper, we will look at the ethical principles surrounding pornography. And the effects it has on the individuals making the film and those who watch it. Anti-porn feminists argue