Orientalism And Indian Caste System

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Orientalism is the most typical term, which describes the way of western people seeing the rest of the world. It is a way of seeing the world that western people imagine, emphasise, exaggerate, and distorts the differences of the rest and its cultures as compared to that of Europe and the United States of America (the West), while the western people recognised themselves as overwhelming superiority. The West calls the people of the rest of the world Orient, and sees them different individuals from the West. In addition, Orientalism often involves seeing the Eastern culture as exotic, uncivilised, and at the same time it is going backwards. According to Edward Said, Orientalism is a western misinterpretation of the rest of the world, defined…show more content…
Indian caste system is evolved before British people identify. However, British people developed Official British characterisation of Indian caste system, which is a British guidebook to classify the Indian people into six different caste systems, namely Moosaheers, Sonareahs, Koneriahs, Gahsees, Boajors, and Dharees. British identify habits of each caste system, although these habits are similar to one another. They attempted to understand Indian people in middle ages but the British identification of the Indian caste system was totally a misinterpretation because of lack of mobility to see the real situation of Indian caste system. British influence the world easier than Indian do so that this misinterpretation is widespread and recognised by the world. British people believed the way they see the Indian caste system would be real. Hence, British misinterpretation had shaped the Indian caste system, and it has been recognised by the world through interaction with imperial…show more content…
In 1639 in Japan, for example, the world was not able to come in and Japanese were impossible to go abroad due to the closure of Japan, although Dutch and China were allowed to trade with Japan at that time. After 1854 when Matthew Calbraith Perry came to Japan and forced to open up the Japanese door to the world, Japan restarted trading with other countries. Japanese people invent their traditional cultures such as clothes and language by themselves no matter how increases the interaction with the western imperial power. Its culture is slightly influenced by Chinese but not by the West. Japan has its own distinctive traditional culture; nonetheless, without the interaction with the west, her culture could not be highlighted to be
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