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    deal with than others, and some have it a bit more easy. Cassandra Kathleen Lenfestey was born on August 9th 1988, in Kenosha, Wisconsin. She moved to Racine, Wisconsin when she was about seven years old. She is a “funny, goofy, and outgoing” young woman who grew up with her mom, dad, two brothers, and one half sister. Cassandra and her sister were very close, but over the years, their relationship began to fall apart; however, Cassandra is happy to say that her and her sister are working out their

  • Cassandra

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    Strengths of the proposed study This study aimed to support the hypothesis that sexually abused children are at higher risk of developing posttraumatic stress disorder once they reach adulthood. I was able to offer an incentive which influenced people to want to partake in the study. I will administer this scale in to asses a sample of 250 randomly selected individuals in a private clinical setting. This private setting enabled people to feel more comfortable to partake in this study. The scale

  • Revenge and Violence in Cassandra

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    Revenge and Violence in Cassandra        In "Mycenae Lookout," Seamus Heaney tells the story of Agamemnon, Clytemnestra and Cassandra after the Trojan war. "Cassandra" is the second part of "Mycenae Lookout" and chronicles Cassandra, Apollo's ill-fated prophetess, who is captured by Agamemnon at the war's end and brought back to Mycenae as a slave. The fates of Cassandra and the House of Atreus collide with Agamemnon's return to Mycenae, where his wife Clytemnestra and her lover Aegisthus

  • cassandra Maas

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    Throughout World War I, there were various aspects that defined the war. Some involved direct combat, while others involved new technologies that had not previously been available. These new technologies affected the entire outcome of the war. All of the countries had different methods of communication, which enabled some to communicate more efficiently and faster than others. Without these methods of communication – utilizing new electrical communication devices, using animals effectively, and

  • Cassandra as a Tragic Figure

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    Cassandra as a Tragic Figure      Cassandra is a tragic figure in Agamemnon. She is destroyed by a web of circumstances beyond her control, but not beyond her awareness. Cassandra has full knowledge of what is going to happen, yet she cannot change the tragic events. Cassandra’s tragic role is Agamemnon is best filled in three instances: as Cassandra is getting out of the chariot, during her dialogue with the leader of the chorus when she reveals her prophecy

  • Greek Prophetess-cassandra

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    seek advice from prophets or prophetesses (individuals who had special powers to speak on behalf of a god or foretell the future). Besides referring to an altar, the word oracle also refers to the prophet or prophetess, and to his/her prophecy” (Cassandra). The Ancient Greeks wholly believed in these sacred persons. When disease would corrupt a city, the people would go to the shrines to ask a prophet to speak on behalf of the gods. Once the Greeks knew the cause of the plague, they would do everything

  • Review of a Cassandra Wilson Concert

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    If it is blues and jazz style of music that is missing in life then check out Cassandra Wilson. The Warfield was the site of this performance which began at about eight p.m. on February 29th. The show began late and ran for about two hours. The was no opening performance just Wilson's set. At different intervals some tuning was necessary due to the instruments banging around in the tour bus that was parked outside. The stage was set up with basic blues and jazz instruments in addition to some

  • “Cassandra” Florence Nightingale Historical Analysis

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    “Cassandra” is about Florence Nightingale’s effort to overcome her frustration of discrimination of sexism, as well as how she is affected by such a judicious and dictated society, and how her representation of women’s rights helped evolve the outlook of women during the Victorian Era. In the excerpt “Cassandra” by Florence Nightingale, Nightingale directs the passage toward the tragic condition in which women lived in the nineteenth century. In the excerpt, the character “Cassandra” is compared

  • Cassandra Clare, an Influential Author of the 20th Century

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    Cassandra Clare is the author of The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices, and The Bane Chronicles. All of her literary works surround the world of Shadowhunters, also known as Nephilim, which are a race of beings born with angelic blood. Cassandra’s first book, City of Bones, was released in 2004. Since then, she has released over ten books and she has plans to release more. Cassandra Clare is an influential author of the 20th century because of her unique books, widespread fan base, and successful

  • Wislawa Szymborska's Poetry: An Opinion On The Question Of Cassandra

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    of the world and the knowledge that her experience brought her resulted in a recurring motif of intellect throughout her works. The motif is glaringly prevalent in the poems “An Opinion on the Question of Pornography”, “Discovery”, “Soliloquy for Cassandra”, and “Conversation with a Stone”. Wislawa Szymborska’s views on the importance of worldly experience led to her portrayal of intellect and knowledge as potentially dangerous and extremely powerful agents. The poem “An Opinion on the Question of