Personal Responsibility in Sun, The Moon, The Stars by Junot Diaz

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Personal Responsibility in Sun, The Moon, The Stars by Junot Diaz

Studying the Sun, The Moon, The Stars, by Junot Diaz, brought the realistic image of an intimate relationship in a way I never expected. The main character in the story Yunior says in the beginning, “I’m like everybody else: weak, full of mistakes, but basically good”, starts telling information on how his personality is. Yunior is not a bad guy even though he cheated on his girlfriend; these comments are retrospective because he makes them when the relationship between Magda ended. Diaz theme of personal responsibility and the way it sustains a relationship, which Yunior fails to accept the responsibility for his own actions, attributing his infidelity to “others” rather than to his selfish behavior.

Yunior cheats on Magda with Cassandra while the relationship between him and Magda was distant and they barely got to see each other. Magda finds out that Yunior was cheating on her because her friend Claribel wrote a letter to her , telling her in details what Yunior did. Diaz makes the story realistic by both of them breaking up , but then Magda takes him back. She becomes curios if Yunior felt something for Magda or if she was better than her so she asked him questions. Although when she asked him these types of questions it was in the dark. Yunior says, “usually in the dark , when we couldn’t see each other. Magda Asked me if I’d loved Cassandra….Do you still think about her?....Did you like fucking her?” He would always say “No” to all these type of questions. Later on in the story he says, “The first night we did it- and it was good , too, she wasn’t false advertising,” he lies to her . He couldn’t accept the responsibility of at least telling her the truth but that’s why he tells her this in the dark because he cannot say the truth to her looking at her.

Yunior blames Magda’s friends for influencing her change in attitude towards him. “So of course I blamed all that shit on her girls, who I knew for a fact were still feeding her a bad line about me.” He starts blaming others for what he did , his not her top priority because when he was he messed up on her, so he went from first on her list to the last on her list.
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