Caryl Churchill Essays

  • Biography of Caryl Churchill

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    Biography of Caryl Churchill Caryl Churchill is one of England's most premier female, post-modern playwrights. She has strived throughout her career as theatrical personality to make the world question roles, stereotypes and issues that are dealt with everyday, like, violence, and political and sexual oppression. She has been part of many facets of performance throughout her almost sixty year career. Not only has she been a strong force on the stage, but has also had strong influences with

  • Caryl Churchill Influence On Cloud Nine

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    Caryl Churchill is a playwright much influenced by theatrical past, present, and future. Her work in the 1970s with the emergent Feminist movement produced a collection of plays that are in direct dialogue with the social and political climate of that time (Worthen 842). Similarly, many of her later plays look to the issues of tomorrow; A Number, for example, deals with a range of issues caused by human cloning. Influences from the past are just as pertinent to Churchill’s plays, but are sometimes

  • Theatre as a Platform for Addressing Current Issues in Society: A Number, by Caryl Churchill

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    to draw conclusions based on what they see. In a majority of cases, also, the play’s setting is such that there is description of definite subjects without which the play cannot make meaning. The above research takes into account A Number by Caryl Churchill. A great deal of issues and aspects can be learnt from the above play with diverse moral lessons, as well. It has long been proved that expression via acting is more direct than when the audience accesses literature in other means. This direct

  • Compare and contrast the ways in which 'Top Girls' by Caryl Churchill and 'Death of a Salesman' by Arthur Miller present parent-child relationship...

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    Parent-child relationships are used to create dramatic effect in both 'Top Girls' and 'Death of a Salesman' as the main parent-child relationships presented in both plays are based on lies which creates a sense of conflict. However because 'Top Girls' is mainly focused on the uncertainty of Angie not knowing who her mother it is arguable that 'Top Girls' is more dramatic in its portrayal. Throughout both 'Top Girls' and 'Death of a Salesman' the main parent-child relationships that are presented

  • How does Caryl Churchill affect the acting and production process through her script writing

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    How does Caryl Churchill affect the acting and production process through her script writing Caryl Churchill has furthered feminist performance theory, in the last twenty years, and broadened traditional views of gender roles through her script writing. For example, her plays Cloud Nine and Top Girls defy traditional convention, with Cloud Nine’s cross-gender casting and Top Girl’s pro-Thatcherite ethos as its foundation. Churchill has affected the acting and production process in the way

  • A Feminist Analysis of Cloud Nine

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    Feminist Analysis of Cloud Nine In 1979, Caryl Churchill wrote a feminist play entitled Cloud Nine. It was the result of a workshop for the Joint Stock Theatre Group and was intended to be about sexual politics. Within the writing she included a myriad of different themes ranging from homosexuality and homophobia to female objectification and oppression. “Churchill clearly intended to raise questions of gender, sexual orientation, and race as ideological issues; she accomplished this largely by cross-dressing

  • Manipulation of Time in "Cloud Nine" and "Top Girls"

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    The manipulation of time is important in the Cloud Nine and Top Girls, two plays by Caryl Churchill. In one, she manipulates the passage of time to create a connection between the oppression of women and the oppression of those living in the British colonies. In the other, she puts the present first and the past last, suggesting that the past is more important than Britain would like to admit. Like Patrick Wright, she is questioning the idea of a national identity or heritage that wants to continue

  • Caryl Churchill’s play Far Away and Jane Taylor’s Ubu and the Truth Commission

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    Caryl Churchill’s play Far Away and Jane Taylor’s Ubu and the Truth Commission Caryl Churchill’s play Far Away and Jane Taylor’s Ubu and the Truth Commission are two plays that both concern violent, corrupt political systems, but each playwright goes about confronting these issues in a quite different style. Jane Taylor structures her work with an omniscient perspective that allows the audience to see the reality of what is happening at all times, while Churchill utilizes a limited perspective

  • Brechtian Theater and Caryl Churchill

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    have no bearing on any aspect of the play. In contrast, the women in Caryl Churchill's "A Mouthful of Birds" are portrayed primarily as female, with the suggestion of class oppression as an underlying theme. As written by Janelle Reinelt, the Brechtian techniques of epic theater, the gestus, and the alienation effect supply a way to "examine ideologically-determined beliefs and unconscious habitual perceptions."# Churchill utilizes Brechtian techniques and themes to explore gender roles and women

  • theatre Studies Portfolio.

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    and “Mrs Lazarus”. Using these as guidelines for our characters, the five girls in our group were able to elaborate on then, using the techniques of our practitioner, Stanisvlaski, to create a full character from the narrative in our selected poems. Caryl Churchill’s play “Top Girls” was also an influence on us. The play “Top Girls” shows the audience famous women from the past having a dinner party together and discussing their experiences to one another. This is not unlike our devised drama and influenced

  • Caryl Churchill: The Leading Female Playwright of Her Time

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    Caryl Churchill is truly one of England’s most leading female and modern playwrights of her time. One German playwright, Von Mayenburg once stated in an article, ‘"With each play, she discovers new genres and forms. She then discards them and moves on, opening up possibilities for other playwrights to explore. I think many people writing today don't even realize they've been influenced by her. She has definitely changed the language of theatre. And very few playwrights do that.”’ (Ravenhill). Many

  • Winston Churchill: The Great Communicator

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    Winston Churchill was perhaps one of the greatest public speakers in history. Some of the best speeches have come from being in life or death situations, Winston was known best for this. His small sound clips like, “this was their finest hour”, and “this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning”, encourage his troops and his people that they will win this war and will overcome the greatest odds. Although Churchill told many speeches

  • Brief Look at Emma by Jane Austen

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    Brief Look at Emma by Jane Austen Mr. Frank Churchill was one of the boasts of Highbury, and a lively curiosity to see him prevailed, though the compliment was so little returned that he had never been there in his life. Now was the time for Mr Frank Churchill to come among them; and the hope strengthened when it was understood that he had written to his new mother on the occasion. "I suppose you have heard of the handsome letter Mr Frank Churchill has written to Mrs Weston? Now, it so happened

  • Celia Sandys' Churchill: Wanted Dead or Alive

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    risk. Winston Churchill, the politician, member of the House of Commons, and Prime Minister of Great Britain during World War II, had incredible ambition, courage, and confidence in his early life. In the Anglo-Boer War, he risked, and he was rewarded, wrote and became well known, was social and made acquaintances, and led others and gained trust. Chruchill wanted to make an impact on others—and succeeded in impacting the world. Celia Sandys, the author of the book “Churchill: Wanted Dead or

  • FDR and Winston Churchill

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    this weight was bestowed upon the shoulders of two memorable individuals. By and large Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt can be labelled as beacons of democracy and leaders of the free world in their time. Winston Churchill, the son of Lord Randolph Churchill, became an officer in the 4th cavalry in 1894. Between 1895 and 1899 he served in Cuba, India and South Africa as a reporter. Churchill entered politics in 1900 and held many government posts until he was appointed First Lord of the

  • Winston Churchill as Man of the Twentieth Century

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    Winston Churchill as Man of the Twentieth Century During the twentieth century, there were many people, some well known and others not so well known, who contributed to society in one way or another. When determining which one of these people was the biggest contributor to society during the twentieth century, and, therefore, the person of the twentieth century, their lives as a whole should be taken into consideration. In addition to contributing much to society in various ways, the best candidate

  • The Dieppe Fiasco: Explanation of why the Dieppe Failed

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    At daybreak, August 19th, 1942, the Allies began their raid on the French coastal city of Dieppe occupied by Germany. The raid has extreme Canadian significance, as it pertains to 5000 Canadians involved in the campaign, 3,350 of which became casualties and 916 died on the bloodstained beach at Dieppe. The Dieppe raid is widely considered a failure on every level and has left a dreadful mark in Canadian military history because of how poorly it panned out. Operation Jubilee remains one of the

  • Despair and Fear during the Battle of Britain

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    Was high and strong British morale during the Battle of Britain an historical reality? This investigation determines how the British people were affected by the Luftwaffe’s attacks on their cities and the British Royal Air Force. In order to disprove or prove the idea that the British morale was high and strong, the investigation will evaluate their reactions, individual’s quotes, songs, and a newspaper article. One source, “World War II Blackout Regulations”, is a newspaper article outlining the

  • Critical Analysis: Hypotheses on Misperception

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    According to Robert Jervis, for an actor to determine how he will act, he has to predict how other will act and how their actions will affect their values. The actor will develop an image and the intentions of others (Jervis 1968). He believes that misperception can rule over the mind of an actor, while ignoring accurate information. He develops fourteen hypotheses, seven on misperception and seven about perception Yes, I agree with Jervis’s hypotheses. Misperception of an actor of others causes

  • Winston Churchill and His Leadership During World War II

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    Winston Churchill and His Leadership During World War II Winston Churchill symbolized Britain during World War II. His image, and that of the British people as a whole, was one of defiance in the face of overwhelming adversity. His galvanizing and courageous leadership as Prime Minister of Britain during World War II was the catalyst for the stubborn resistance of the British and the ultimate victory of the Allied forces over Hitler. His speeches stirred the masses and mobilized the British.