Career Choice Essays

  • Career Management in the 21st Century

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    Necessity for Career Management in the 21st Century. Many people determine "what they want to be when they grow up" just as soon as they are able to talk, but the truth is, by the time they graduate high school, they change your mind at least five times. When a person first enter high school, their teachers and guidance counselors should explain what classes need to be taken in order to enter college. By the time one reaches their senior year, their career path(s) and a career outline that supports

  • Correcting Bodily Imperfections: O.T. vs. Optometry

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    discontent with the descriptions of this career, but I may pursue that career for my parents despite my displeasure. Besides becoming an occupational therapist, I am also considering the profession of an optometrist since I am interested in helping people acquire perfect eyesight. Although the two careers optometry and occupational therapy are similar because of their relation to the field of science, optometry seems as if it is a more suitable career choice to fit my character. Occupational therapists

  • An Unsuitable Job For A Woman: Two Detectives

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    in life they yearn to experience and enjoy but have sustained from due to the career choice they have chosen, as seem in Cordelia’s reflection of what her life may have been like if she had chosen to attend an university and Warshawski’s reflection in the park of the mother and her children. Both women are still at an age where these reflections can still become reality, yet they have chosen to continue pursuing a career that hampers their ability to achieve these personal goals. Maybe their becoming

  • Attitudes of Chinese Immigrants in the U.S.

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    Attitudes of Chinese Immigrants in the U.S. Attitudes about personal interest and career choices are influenced by a person‘s culture and age. “I want to be a pilot.” “I want to a lawyer.” Younger generations always decide their interest and what they want to do as their career based on their own benefit. Observing from the past in the U.S., very limited opportunity is offered to the Chinese immigrants. They might consider if they can do it, in stead of if they want to do it or not. Regardless

  • My Big Sister, My Role Model

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    her: from choices in men (she favored creative types: photographers, filmmakers and writers for her; writers and musicians for me), personal style (though my Afro was never a big as hers), taste in music, career choices. Ever since I can remember, my big sister Barbara has been my heroine, my role model and, when needed, my substitute mother. She's beautiful, sweet, intelligent, funny and loving. Whatever she did I wanted to do, and consciously or not I emulated her: from choices in men

  • A Foolish American Dream in Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman

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    the start of his career he thinks that no one can tell him what to.  Willy is not good with people, he is good with his hands, he is not a good salesman and he chooses the wrong career.  Willy often makes up stories or changes the stories he knows because he cannot face the truth of his life that he has not accomplished as much as he has planned.  Willy's downfall is his own doing which is brought about by his unrealistic dreams, his pride, his career choice and his failure

  • Accounting

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    are many different types of accounting. I haven’t made the choice of which particular part of the profession I am going to go into. I am going to focus on financial accountant. The decision to become an accountant is usually not made until college. However general accounting and bookkeeping classes can be taken in high school. In college, the student needs to decide on a more specific field of accounting. An accountant has many choices regarding what particular field of accounting to specialize

  • Accounting Report

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    Accounting Report Anyone considering accounting needs to assess whether this career fits his or her interests, abilities, and aspirations. There are certain qualities and qualifications, however, that a person should consider before making a commitment to a particular career field. Selecting a career can take a lot of time, and many people do not choose until they are adults. Contributing to the difficulty in choosing a career is the vast number of vocations from which to choose. The field of accounting

  • The Job that Changed My Life

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    of a cop. The stories that he told were so interesting, that ever since, I wanted to have a career in law enforcement. After I graduated from high school, I enrolled in the law enforcement program at Spokane Community College where I planned to fulfill my dream of becoming a cop. I started the law enforcement classes at the college and came to the conclusion that law enforcement was not the career for me. It takes a special breed of person to be in the law enforcement/corrections field,

  • Gynecology

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    The purpose of this research paper is to investigate various areas concerning my future career, that is to be an obstetrician, also known as an OB/GYN. Some of the topics that will be discussed in my paper are those pertaining to exactly what an obstetrician is and the requirements that are needed in order to become an obstetrition. These requirements will include the pyhsical and phsyschological personality traits of a potential obstetrician. The type of schooling that is nessecary, including the

  • The Private Choice

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    The Private Choice Think of all the notable people you may consider as highly educated. If you look deep enough, chances are you can find out about their education, which is often private. Why do some people prefer a private education? What even classifies as a private school? One definition given by the Encyclopedia of American Education is “in modern American education, any school not operated or directly funded by a governmental agency” (793); these include religious, non-sectarian, military

  • Male Superiority In Math: Fact or Fiction?

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    than female is the place that a mathematician has in society. It is a very honorable career, but in the mind of a girl, it may seem undesirable, especially at a young age. Many girls think that being a mathematician is a man’s job. They also believe that if they study mathematics, guys may view them as being "braniacs," and give up studying math at a very young age, thereby limiting their futures and career choices. A study was conducted by Gilah C. Leder whose primary objective was to "examine

  • Becoming a Teacher: My Philosophy on Education

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    philosophy that I will use during my teaching career. Becoming a teacher in today’s society is not the most choice among our society. People tend to demean the profession of teaching in that it does not pay enough money. I have been told that I should not become a teacher for this reason and even considered not becoming a teacher because of the poor pay. Now, I would have to disagree with this precept. Teaching is probably one of the most underpaid careers that one could pick; but for me I believe

  • Thinking for Ourselves

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    that much of it was a result of not thinking for myself. I am back in school now getting a second degree in hopes of doing something with my life that I really am comfortable with. There are many factors involved in the decisions we make about career choices when we are younger. Our parents, the school system, and our society all play roles in our decision-making process. When children are asked at the age of five what they want to be, the answers are almost always a fireman, a dancer, a baseball

  • My Philosophy of Education

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    My philosophy of education Throughout our school years we are told to decide what we want to do with our lives. I have had a hard time deciding on the right career choice for myself. During my field placement I learned that I really want to make a difference in children’s lives. The enjoyment that one gets out of seeing the looks on their students faces is rewarding. I enjoyed working with the students and now I know that becoming a teacher is for me. The purpose of education is to teach

  • Henri Matisse

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    age of 21, his intestinal operation led to appendicitis. Henri was on bed rest for most of 1890 and to help him occupy his time, his mother bought him a set of paints. That was the turning point in Henri’s life. He decided to give up his career in law for a career in art. Matisse himself said, “It was as if I had been called. Henceforth I did not lead my life. It led me” (Getlein 80). Soon after, Henri began to take classes at the Academie Julian to prepare himself for the entrance examination at

  • Statement of Philosophy and Goals

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    There are several reasons why I want to become a teacher, but the two most important reasons are to make a difference and to enrich the learning process. Everyone has to have some reason of why he or she decides to pursue his or her particular career choice. I want to become a teacher so that I can make a difference in a young person’s life. My high school calculus teacher, who was also my role model, made a difference in my life. It was her class that made me decide that I wanted to become a secondary

  • Growing up Around Agriculture

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    I believe everyone has been born to do something. I was born to be a veterinarian. People tell me that I will probably end up changing my degree choice “twenty seven times” before I even graduate form college. I believe otherwise. I have grown up on a farm with filled with adopted animals of all kinds- rabbits, pigeons, goats, frogs, dogs, chickens, cats, cattle, and an iguana. Ever since I was seven I new I was born to become a veterinarian. This past year I was hired to work at the veterinarian

  • Computer Systems Analyst

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    without any trouble, without any glitches, without any questions. My computer is now easier to use and more user friendly because computer systems analysts have worked out the problems that many computer systems still have. It appears to me that a career choice needs to contain a number of different features. The first being: Will this area of interest mentally stimulate me as well as challenge me? The second being: Is there a way of making a living in these areas of interest? And finally: Do I enjoy

  • My Personal Philosophy of Education

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    have always known that they wanted to become some type of teacher, but I never decided to until I entered college. I’ve always loved being around children and it makes me feel great to be able to help someone, so becoming a teacher is the perfect career choice for me. I believe that the true nature of most students is that they like school and they want to learn. I also believe that the school and the teachers greatly influence their nature over the course of their schooling. I believe that this true