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  • Performance Capture Vs Motion Capture

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    Many people have heard of the term ‘motion capture’. Fewer have heard of the term ‘performance capture’ and fewer yet know the differences between them. Motion capture, in one form or another, has been around for many years, dating back to the invention of the Rotoscope by Max Fleischer in 1915, and has struggled for acceptance every step of the way. Performance capture often gets referred to as motion capture (mocap) or performance animation. The variety of terms used to describe the process is

  • Motion Capture Cameras

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    Motion Capture cameras are retro-reflective cameras used to help capture body motions in order to study the movements in space, also known as kinematics. Motion capture cameras can capture at 1 million millisecond intervals, making frames as high as 1,000 per second. There are two types of motion capturing cameras, 2-D and 3-D. Two-dimensional motion capture occurs when only using one motion capture camera. 2-D only incorporates the X an Y coordinates. When using more than one camera the Z coordinate

  • Empathy essay- my life as a slave (capture to the auction)

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    MY INTRODUCTION TO SLAVERY We don’t have the same limitations as other people of different tribes do. I am a free woman, or shall I say I was a free woman. I am the wife of our tribes chief –Jankay Boto, that’s where I got my surname, Boto. Before my marriage I was a Touray. My father, or Paupa, was the chief of the tribe Adance. The two tribes, Adance and Denkyira, my husband’s tribe, are in the same village, Juffure. The two tribes have been friends for as long as anyone can remember, I mean they

  • Attentional Capture

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    A review of attentional capture: The impact of the infrequently appearing sudden onset with different conditions Abstract 1. Start with one sentence summary, provide aim for the study &reason 2. Describe participants and setting: who, when, where, how many, what groups? 3. Describe the major findings, may include a mention of the statistics used & significance levels, or one sentence summing up outcome. 4. Final sentences outline the studies “contribution to knowledge” with literature. What does

  • rule of capture

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    Property rights in water have similar challenges. Like the wild animals, the pool ‎water that is adjacent to two property owners can be movable. Similarly, there is also ‎the groundwater that lies beneath the surface. “Groundwater is water located beneath the ‎ground surface in soil pore and fracture of rock formations” (The Economist). The water ‎under the private land belongs to the owner of the surface unless the land is owned ‎under split state. The surface owner has the right to extract and

  • Environmental Factors Of Marketing

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    impact on the way in which all organizations market their products and services. With the development of the internet, companies are now able to economically market themselves on a global level. Even smaller companies that were once not able to capture international business due to the cost factor can now do just that. The Washington Plaza Hotel is no exception. The hotel industry in DC relies heavily on tourism as a major part of its client base. Many of these tourists who visit the city are

  • What makes a good video game?

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    any kind of video game as long as it’s fun and has an interesting concept. Over the years video games technology has improved immensely. Since the early days of Pac-Mac, video games have become more realistic and interactive. The first thing that captures my attention about a game is its graphics. I love a game that looks nice. A story that pulls you into another world is also very important. Is important to have that connection with the character you're moving around your screen. How you move that

  • Lincoln Assassination

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    the states, crush civil liberties, and restore monarchy. He saw the confederacy was the only means to of upholding the values of the founding fathers. He devoted much of late 1864 and early 1865 to a series of plots to abduct Lincoln and use his capture to nullify the Union’s war aims. Every scheme ending in frustration. After Lee had surrendered to the Army of the Potomac, in the second week of April, he saw that only the most desperate measures offered any hope of salvaging the Southern Cause.

  • Army Ants

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    armies have when going to war. Ants have many different roles in their society. One of the main roles that army ants or soldier ants have is that they forage in masses for food. These masses of ants travel together and are able to overcome and capture other social insects and large anthropoids, they may occasionally kill larger animals but they do not eat them. As the need for food for the larvae increases, food gathering raids become more intense. The hunting raids made by ants are carried

  • Santiagos Character

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    parallels between Santiago and the marlin are they are both decisive about what they want. Santiago refuses to stop fishing even though the people of the village are very discouraging, and the marlin will not stop fighting Santiago when he is trying to capture him. Another parallel is that Santiago and the marlin are both old and weak. The last is that there is a lack of faith. Santiago has not caught a fish a very long time and people think the marlin is a legend and it could never exist. 3.     Explain

  • Eye tracking techniques improve aircraft simulators

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    Their eye-tracker can record and analyze accurately up to 500 eye positions per second. The system works by means of capturing and processing the reflections of a low-level beam o f invisible infra-red light shone onto the eye. Multi-element arrays capture the image of the eye and digitize the information, which is then processed in real time by a fast, dedicated signal processing unit. The difference in position between the ligh tre of the pupil reveals the instantaneous direction of gaze. Developments

  • Psychological Trauma in Truman Capote's In Cold Blood

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    (2). Smith and Hickock did not murder the Clutters for revenge and they didn't even know their victims. The crime was a virtually impersonal act and Agent Dewey does not want to believe this (2). At first Capote was not concerned with the capture and punishment of the criminals. Capote underestimated the community's need for retribution and its need to return to normalcy by enacting a violence of its own (2). Before the murders the community lived an unfearful life, no locked doors, no

  • Cnidaria

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    name). In other species, the mesoglea may be nearly absent. All cnidarians have a single opening into the body which acts as both the mouth and anus, taking in food and expelling waste. In most species the mouth is lined with tentacles which act to capture food. The mouth leads to a body cavity known as the coelenteron, where the food is digested. This body cavity has given this phylum its other, less commonly used, name of Coelenterata. Cnidarians have a complex life cycle that, depending on the species

  • Operation Barbarossa

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    and air power leading the attack. There were three powerful German armies, made up of over 3 million men which moved into Russia. As one army group headed north towards Leningrad, a center group headed towards Moscow and a southern group moved to capture the food producing area of the Ukraine. By now, the Germans were thrilled with their fast advancements and initial success, including the fact that they had captured over 400 000 Russian soldiers. In late July, the advance on Leningrad and Mosco.

  • The Hobbit Book Report

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    that Gandalf is missing. When it starts to pour they stop to investigate a light. Their Biblo finds three trolls grumbling about food. Biblo decides to live up to title of burglar and attempts to pick one of the trolls' pockets. However they quickly capture him. The dwarfs see what's going on and try to save Biblo but all of them except Thorin are caught. Thorin formulates a plan to free them but fails. Gandalf returns and occupies the trolls till dawn, and then they turn into stone. The group takes

  • The Benefits of ICT at Work

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    use. · Internet and internet technologies –Broadband, Modem, E-mail, WWW. · Communication- Mobile phone, MMS, vehicle tracking devices. · Entertainment- Digital TV, Sky. · Mobile- Laptop and PDA. · Data Capture- digital Camera, voice recorder, scanner, video capture, CCTV System. · Access- Touch screen and keyboard. · PC Technology- Hardware and software. · Storage media- DVD, CD-RW, USB memory stick. · Financial Transactions-ATM. · Reprographics-photocopier. Personal

  • Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried

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    Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried is a very uniquely written book. This book is comprised of countless stories that, though are out of order, intertwine and capture the reader’s attention through the end of the novel. This book, which is more a collection of short stories rather than one story that has a beginning and an end, uses a format that will keep the reader coming back for more. Typically, a novel contains four basic parts: a beginning, middle, climax, and the end. The beginning sets

  • Analysis of the Spike Lee's Movie Do the Right Thing

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    Analysis of the Spike Lee's Movie Do the Right Thing For my shot analysis I chose a shot from the Spike Lee Movie Do the Right Thing. This is the second shot following the climactic riot scene. It features Da’ Mayor and Mother Sister reacting to the hellacious events of the previous night. The block was just devastated by a melee that broke out because the police killed Radio Raheem after he and Sal got in an altercation that was triggered by the volume of Radio Raheem’s boom box. Though at a

  • dickinson and angelou

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    clearly that see is an advocate of respecting and accepting the state of being without. Dickinson implies that through these types of losses, one can gain a richer and stronger appreciation for both success and belongings. Poems 2 and 1036 are two that capture the extent of Dickinson’s feelings on loss. By understanding and comparing these two works, it is easy to recognise that Dickinson believes that possessing neither material possessions nor the joy of success are the real keys to happiness. Poem

  • The Road Beneath My Feet

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    figures of speech. Many of the authors' statements were very similar if not exact. For example, the author says a few times that 'the dust would rise and choke me.'; This figure of speech is repetitious, which I feel is one way that the author tried to capture the consistent style that he was looking for. Also, the author said, 'my pace was steady and rather fast.'; This statement is also used repeatedly as another way that he develops this consistent style. Another way the author develops his consistent