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  • Pat O Hara Case Study

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    Pat O'Hara took pride in her role in forming the Queensland Association of Gay Law Reform (QAGLR) with Ted Kelk. Initially they published Queensland Gay Action News and lobbied Brisbane politicians from Cairns, but when Ted moved to Brisbane because of his health, and then the Brisbane branch of QAGLR took over the lobbying activities, Pat kept the home fires burning. A lifelong activist, in 1975 Pat, along with three other local feminists, formed the Women’s Electoral Lobby (WEL). Aspiring to

  • Acanthaster planci on the Great Barrier Reef

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    and some never recover completely with the same species distribution. The starfish outbreaks seem to travel southward down the reef with the two primary outbreaks reported in the last 40 years both beginning around Green Island and ending between Cairns and Townsville. The cause of these outbreaks is still unknown. They may be natural phenomena occurring throughout history, or they may be caused by human influences. The most effective control method currently is the injecting of sodium bisulfate

  • The Methodist Movement in America

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    Anglican Church founded by John Wesley, an educated, articulate theologian and pastor who focused at least as much on the heart as on the head. Born in 1703, John Wesley was the “fifteenth of nineteen children born to Samuel and Susanah Wesley,” (Cairns 382). His father was the pastor of a small church called Epworth. His parishioners, to say the least, did not care for him. Bruce Heydt says that “their worldly ways and fierce independence left little room in their hearts for a curate who took his

  • Jetstar

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    subsidiary in order to help the expansion of Jetstar on “low-yielding routes”. The government’s efforts to promote international trade and investment as well as Qantas’s new enterprise agreements with Australian flight attendants will allow Jetstar’s “Cairns-based subsidiary to use new aircrafts, hire foreign crews and fly further”. This p...

  • Louis Xiv Greed Quotes

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    destroying peoples lives can be seen in the beginning of Louis XIV’s reign, during his reign, and after his reign had ended Louis XIV inherited the throne in 1643 when he was only five (Cairns 103). From the moment he entered power and his reign began he had greedy intentions and enormous ideas of divine rule (Cairns 112). In 1661, Louis chief advisor Cardinal Jules Mazarin died and Louis then decided that he would be the only ruler of France (Spielvagel 1). Louis

  • Simulations

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    motivating. Such activities also encourage students to be persistent, creative, and to becom... ... middle of paper ... ... Francis D. (1977). Designing simulation gaming activities: A systems approach. Educational Technology, 17(2), pp. 38-43. Cairns, Kathleen, ED404583 95 Using Simulations to Enhance Career Education. ERIC Digest, ERIC Clearinghouse on Counseling and Student Services, Greensboro, NC. Grendler, M. (1994). Designing and Evaluating Games and Simulations, Texas; Gulf Publishing

  • Great Expectations

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    William Marley grew up in London. The celebrated writer and social campaigner Charles Dickens often visited William's father, a renowned and wealthy doctor with a shared interest in child welfare. Dickens loved unusual names and decorated his stories with them. At a party at the Marley home in 1843, he promised to make his host's then uncommon surname a household word. In 'A Christmas Carol', published December 19, he named the main protagonist in the story for his friend. By New Years Eve, the

  • Convergence Primitive Technology Analysis

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    nights, leaving totemic piles of rocks and bundles of sticks” (3). Banash uses this sentence only to provide a background and never refers to what the witch left as communication technologies. The totemic piles of rocks, however, are commonly known as cairns, a primitive technology used commonly as trail markers to communicate among hikers. Bundles of sticks are also used in BWP as a package to contain blood, human’s teeth, and a tongue (Myrick 64.30), albeit another direct communication technology. Also

  • Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children

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    a creature that Jacob does not know if he imagined. He finds the peculiar kids of his grandfather’s childhood and finds out how he is a part of these children. This journal explains the meaning of the cairn, the house, and the statue of Adam from Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. The cairn represents a big part of the children’s lives and protects them from creatures of every kind. Miss

  • Aboriginal People Case Study

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    demonstrate why, when compared with Flanagan’s assimilationist proposal, Cairns’ concept of “citizen plus” is more persuasive as an effective approach to aboriginal policy. Firstly, I would outline the debate between Thomas Flanagan and Alan Cairns on aboriginal policy. A brief compare and contrast between their opinions will be made. Secondly, with some other academic sources in my mind, I would state the reasons why I stand aside with Cairns more than with Flanagan. Some advisable

  • Scuba Diving Essay

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    Silver Series, specialises in Great Barrier Reef dive and snorkel excursions, is a hot sell product among of all tourism products. The Silver Series included two ultramodern snorkel catamarans, Silversonic and Silverswift, based in Port Douglas and Cairns respectively. These magnificent sister ships produce the perfect balance of comfort, style and function the ideal platform for dive and snorkel adventures in one of the world's natural wonders. The outer reef systems Silversonic and Silverswift visit

  • The Impact Of Organizational Culture On Employee Motivation And Performance

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    A 2012 management research article published in Problems of Management in the 21st Century provides the foundation for understanding the positive correlation between organizational culture (including schedule options) and employee motivation and performance (Sokro). The findings establish the crucial role organizational culture plays in employee motivation, calling motivation “the key component of organizational culture” (p. 106). The article defines organizational culture as “the set of beliefs

  • Beacon Hill

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    Geographical Context: Beacon Hill is a neighbourhood on the east side of Ottawa, and formerly a part of the City of Gloucester. It is bounded on the east by the Greenbelt and on the south by Highway 174. Its two parts, Beacon Hill North and South, are separated by Montreal Road. Hypothesis: The question is how land use influences the livability and sustainability of Beacon Hill; the hypothesis is that land use has an outsize influence on liveability and sustainability. For example, if the land use

  • Pressure Peer and Agressive Behavior

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    adolescents, including the expression of aggressive behaviours. Aggression is an important behaviour to consider because it is known to have a negative impact on development. Childhood aggression reliably predicts aggressive behaviour in adolescence (Cairns et al, 1989) and has emerged as the strongest risk factor for delinquency, crime and substance abuse during adolescence and adulthood (Patterson et al, 1991). If research can shed light on the causes and moderators of childhood aggression it may be

  • Plato's Republic Annotated Bibliography

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    politics within the Republic is based on a moral psychology. Cairns, Douglas L., Fritz-Gregor Herrmann, and Terry Penner. 2007. Pursuing the good. [electronic resource] : ethics and metaphysics in Plato's Republic. n.p.: Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, 2007. Douglas L. Cairns questions whether or not Plato’s Republic seeks to explain what is good for individual humans, or rather, on some quasi-moral good. Moreover, Cairns discusses the very Form of the Good, although he admits this pursuit

  • Mangroves and the Environment

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    environmentally, economically and socially it is within the individuals favour to ensure the mangroves are upheld as the essential ecological systems they are, enabling them to thrive in the best possible conditions. Analysing the proposed dredging of Cairns, it is optimal to minimise the potential obstructions that may occur and claim benefits economically and environmentally. Conclusively, it is possible to sustain healthy mangrove systems ecologically, whilst benefiting from an increase economically

  • Gambling In Australia Persuasive Essay

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    Tourism and hospitality tycoon Chris Morris affirms to have bought the “worst-performing casino” in Australia, but after a $20 million makeover, the Townsville casino will be a gold mine that will fund his growing Queensland tourism empire. Chris Morris, ranked #47 by Forbes in the Australia’s 50 richest, is a self-made millionaire with a net worth of $590 million. In 1978, he founded a global share-registry company Computershare, one of the biggest technology success stories in Australia, which

  • The Three Stages Of Hypothermia

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    rate and temperature. These must be continually checked along with the patient’s level of consciousness, pain score, nausea/vomiting, bleeding, fluid balance and urine output. These clinical observations should be recorded every 10 minutes (Carr & Cairns,

  • Tragedy: The Mountain Meadows Massacre

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    monument is located off of highway eighteen in Utah between the St. George and Enterprise. That area at one point of time was a old spanish trail and of course a California road. There is also a stone cairn. The stone cairn is where they gathered some of the remains and buried them. The original stone cairn had a cedar cross on it. There is also a 1999 monument which is a memorial grave sight. There are plaques at the 1999 memorial sites. One of the plaques says “Here lies twenty nine victims of the Mountain

  • Andy Goldsworthy and His Philosophy

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    Andy Goldsworthy, (1956--) is a British sculptor, photographer and moreover can be described as an environmental artist. He creates his work with no preconceived notion of what each creation will be. Instead, he relies on the environment for inspiration. His work becomes a document of the energy where he records a place in time and his experiment through exploration a transient addition to the surroundings. He is dependent on the weather and seasons as further inspiration. Goldsworthy is also sensitive