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    In reflecting upon my experiences in Singapore, I have nothing but good things to say. Overall, it was a most valuable experience, and I hope I have other such opportunities in my life. First of all, I truly enjoyed the chance to travel overseas to a place full of diversity and excitement. I have not traveled overseas before, and this experience was incredibly worthwhile. Being able to say that I have gone where few people in Duluth have traveled is extraordinary! In the past, I have seen

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    islands. Parts of Malaysia and Indonesia also stretch east of Singapore across the south china sea. The land Rolling hills and lowlands make up Singapore’s landscape. A cluster of low peaks crowns in the center of the island. They include Bukit Timah, Singapore’s highest

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    its long term sustainability. NATURE & SUSTAINABILITY Nature is a bundle of packages where, almost always, problems and their solutions are packed together. In the tropics, when it is hot. you get the best of watermelons, the hotter the weather, the sweeter they are. In the sea coast, the tree takes a tall and slender form so as to dissipate the wind energy by swaying. We do not see the big bulky and strong banyan trees trying to take on the coastal winds, in nature, everything is in balance - right

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    INTRODUCTION In 2011, UNESCO Member States adopted the Recommendation on the Historic Urban Landscape (HUL Approach) as part of a shared effort to holistically integrate heritage conservation and sustainable development of historic urban landscapes. The HUL Approach perceives cities as both carriers of collective memory, meaning, architectural and artistic achievements, and also as dynamic organisms that continuously evolve (Bandarin & van Oers, 2012). Recognizing heritage as a resource to the city

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