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Where is Singapore Singapore is a small island in southeast Asia. It lies at the tip of Malay peninsula, surrounded by some sixty islets. Singapore is a city-state. That means the country contains only its capital city and the area around it. The capital is also Singapore. The country of Singapore is nestled between Malaysia and Indonesia. West Malaysia lies to the north across the narrow Johor strait. Off Singapore’s southern and western coasts are Indonesian islands. Parts of Malaysia and Indonesia also stretch east of Singapore across the south china sea.
The land Rolling hills and lowlands make up Singapore’s landscape. A cluster of low peaks crowns in the center of the island. They include Bukit Timah, Singapore’s highest
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About eight out of ten Singaporeans have service jobs. Many work in banks and office buildings. Others work in hotels, restaurants, and shops to serve tourists. Factory workers make electronics, medicines, and another high-tech product. They also turn oil into fuel. The country’s location on the water makes it easy to ship these goods to go to other countries. Singaporeans has almost farmland. However, a few people can grow beautiful orchids. Fishers catch some islands seafood. They also capture colorful reef fish. These fishes end up in aquariums around the world.
Singapore offers sports, games, activities for everyone. Nearly every Singaporean loves to go shopping at the city’s malls and markets. While their out, they dine at restaurants or open-air food courts called hawker centers. Singaporeans also enjoy going to concerts and movies. On weekends, take a trip to zoos, or neighboring islands. Singaporean’s sunny weather makes watersports especially appealing. People flack to beaches ang waterparks for swimming and waterskiing. Soccer and martial arts are other popular sports. In sepak takraw, player hit a ball over a net using only their feet and legs. Indoors, people challenge one and another to table tennis or mahjong.
The city in

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