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  • The Master Builder

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    In The Master Builder, by Henrik Ibsen, the playwright underlines Halvard Solness’ flaws and shows how they can have an impact on those around him as well as on himself. Throughout the play, Solness, the Master Builder, becomes overcome by an uncontrollable fear of his own mortality, fear of loss and fears that youth and fresh talents will overtake him in his work. As a result, he becomes overwhelmed by his own driving ambition as a means of proving himself. In the play, Solness is described in

  • A Comparison of A Streetcar Named Desire and The Master Builder

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    The Comedy and Tragedy of A Streetcar Named Desire and The Master Builder It has been said that the world is a comedy to those that think, and a tragedy to those who feel.  This philosophy is supported by two important literary works, A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams and The Master Builder by Henrik Ibsen. In each piece, the sensitive and emotional characters experience tremendous pain, while the cold and unfeeling characters are simply amused by the pain of others. In A Streetcar

  • Memory Builders

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    Memory Builders When someone says "Can I pick your brain for a minute," does it bother you that that may be as long as it takes? Losing one's memory is a common subject of humor as we age. I'm just now realizing, however, that it's more serious and scary than we may like to admit (or, if I realized it earlier, I forgot about it). My dad, at 85 and one of the sharpest minds I know, has said in moments of not-totally-tongue-in-cheek, "If I ever lose my mind, shoot me." I like to obey my parents

  • Great Builders of Rome

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    Great Builders of Rome The Ancient Roman culture had a direct impact on how we view art, literature, architecture, education and religion. Early Roman civilizations were very sophisticated and idealistic. They build great architectural buildings and performed famous playwrights at these ancient places. Romans were considered to most advanced civilization of their time. With beautiful statues, well designed buildings, and some of the greatest philosophers came from Rome. One of the most

  • Man's Opinion about Women

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    facial surgeon, philanthropist, and a knight (Merriman Wilde 1). Wilde was home schooled for about ten years before leaving for Trinity College in Dublin for thre... ... middle of paper ... ... make people think. In A Doll’s House and The Master Builder, Ibsen shows two magnificent examples of a husband who fails to love his wife well. The weak love they display leads to a downfall in both situations. Henrik Ibsen and Oscar Wilde both presented ideas to the Victorian society that challenged the

  • The Strength and the Struggle: The Builders

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    families the subject of some of his art, but used those subjects to convey complex messages about family and society. “The Builders” shows a confident, well-dressed family, while “This is a Family Living in Harlem” portrays a family living in austerity and melancholy. While both paintings feature families, the paintings evoke moods that are starkly different. While “The Builders” does feature construction workers, the center of the painting is a family on a walk together. The workers and the lumber

  • Hardcore Body builders

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    gymnasiums I visited. Bodybuilders are more than willing to do anything to stretch out their butts and build the six pack feature, which they see on those whom they idolize. Something very peculiar about all body builders is that there must be somebody whom they idolize. Everybody builder wants to look like some else. The workouts and the weight lifting, in the gymnasium, are all aimed at getting that look they saw on an Arnold Schwarzenegger’s action movie or on the front page of a body building

  • How Cahokia Was Mighty

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    North of Mexico, the pre-Colombian settlement of Cahokia was the most influential and intricate Native American community in North America. A society of mound builders, which endured from about 9500 B.C. to 1400 A.D., they set up a massive trading center complete with their own types of governing bodies, architecture, religion, sophisticated farming, and local specialties. In one way or another, the Cahokian culture touched even the far reaches of the present day United States, “ from the Gulf Coast

  • The 2014 Peace-builders Program

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    The 2014 Peace-builders Program is put on by the Edmonton based non-profit human rights education organization known as the John Humphrey’s Centre. The JHC’s major focus is on community empowerment and engagement with an aims at advancing and promoting peace, democracy and human rights. The centre is named after John Peters Humphrey, the principle drafter of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Morsink, 5). This past January I joined one of the annual programs put on by the John

  • My Week at Bridge Builders

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    analysis, or intellectual capacity, it was equally as challenging on a deeper personal level. The one-week I have attended staff training at Bridge Builders in Montgomery, has been overwhelming, intense, incomprehensible, and incredible. Therefore, attributing to the challenging nature for writing such a paper. Many of my expectations for Bridge Builders are a result of my experience with Camp Anytown, which I attended after my sophomore year in high school. Anytown was a youth leadership-development