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  • Kobe Bryant Bean Bryant

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    “Do I want to play again or don’t I? That’s a very... simple question,… and the reality is, no, I don’t,” said Kobe Bryant to a reporter (“Kobe Bryant to End” 1). Kobe Bryant Bean Bryant, one of America’s favorite National Basketball Association or NBA (for short) stars announced his retirement at the end of the 2015-2016 season, surprising and devastating people all across the world. After twenty years of fame, the Los Angeles Laker star has decided to return to a simple life with his wife and two

  • Kobe Bryant

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    Could you imagine being nineteen years old and making five million dollars a year? Kobe Bryant, the son of former NBA player Joe "Jellybean" Bryant, jumped directly from high school to the pros in 1996 and enjoyed an impressive rookie season with the Los Angeles Lakers. He also won the Nestle Crunch slam-dunk contest, and was the leading scorer in the Rookie Game during the NBA all-stars Weekend. Kobe Bryant could very well become one of the best basketball players to ever step on a basketball court

  • Kobe Bryant

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    “The Tainted Record” He has it all: the fame, the fortune, and the fans. Kobe Bryant has anything and everything any living person could want, and as a former NBA champion, he even has arguably more athleticism than most people out there. However, even through his NBA championships and his MVP awards, many people tend to look at Kobe in a very negative way; almost look down on the star for one single occurrence. This may seem harsh, but there is indeed a logical explanation to this seemingly

  • Paul "Bear" Bryant

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    Sept. 11, 1913, in Moro Bottom, Ark, Bryant was born one of 11 children in a farm family. He earned his nickname as a schoolboy in a barehanded wrestling match with a bear Bryant was an offensive lineman and defensive end for Fordyce High School, earning all-state honors for the 1931 Arkansas High School Football State champions. After graduating in 1936, Bryant became an assistant coach at Alabama for four years and Vanderbilt University for another two. He joined the U.S. Navy after the bombing

  • Paul Bear Bryant

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    Paul “Bear” Bryant was one of the top coaches of college football, winning more games than any other coach in history. Paul Bryant, an American college football player and coach, was best known for his time as the longtime head coach at the University of Alabama. Before, Alabama, he coached at the University of Maryland, Kentucky, and Texas A&M. Bryant took an active interest in the players' lives outside of football, but he also was a strict disciplinarian with his players. The legacy of Paul Bear

  • Bear Bryant Biography

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    Bear Bryant was a great man and coach, and he changed his life and college football forever with the decisions that he made. Paul Bryant (Bear) was born into a poor family and was the eleventh of twelfth children. Paul William Bryant was born in Moro Bottom in Arkansas. It's a small, unknown city. Legend has it Bryant got his nickname around the year 1927 by wrestling a bear from a carnival. People say that he only did it to impress a girl! From then on he was called "Bear Bryant" and that's where

  • Kobe Bryant Essay

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    that divides the fans of the NBA with the question: Who is the most impactful NBA player of this era? LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers are the front runners for the answer to the question and while there is a solid body of evidence for both sides, the evidence leans towards LeBron. Therefore, on

  • Kobe Bryant Comparison

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    Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant Comparison By Whitt Ward Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, are arguably two of the greatest basketball players to ever live. As well as two of the most exciting and entertaining players during their time, and the way they played was also eerily similar, as you will see later on in the comparison. Along with that similarity they also played a great deal like each other. Most of this is from Kobe Bryant, though as he has been quoted saying that he modeled his game after

  • Greatness Of Kobe Bryant

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    Although some may argue against the greatness of Kobe Bryant, after 20 seasons in purple and gold Kobe Bryant had an outstanding career in the NBA, proving himself as one of the all time greats by having one of the best work ethics, evolving with the game of basketball, and overcoming injury and hardships during his tenure with the Lakers. Many may say this man worked harder or that man worked harder, but at the end of the day Kobe Bean Bryant was one of the hardest workers the NBA has ever seen

  • Kobe Bryant Research Paper

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    Kobe Bryant Day Kobe Bryant Day is an unofficial holiday honoring basketball player Kobe Bryant. The official date for Kobe Bryant Day is August 24th. This date coincides with the two jersey numbers that Kobe Bryant wore during his career with the Lakers, 8 and 24. Kobe Bryant is an unofficial holiday in Los Angeles, California, which is the home of the Los Angeles Lakers, the team that Bryant spent 20 seasons playing for before choosing to retire. During his time with the Lakers, Bryant help

  • Lebron James and Kobe Bryant

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    Lebron James and Kobe Bryant are two of the most explosive players in the NBA today. Each player has his own playing style that separates him from the rest of the league. Both players have their own career achievements, endorsements, and personal life stories behind the game. If you ask anybody, the comparison between these two players is great. It is a never ending debate between who is better because both players have something different to bring to the table. Side by side on paper, both players

  • Bryant vs. Dickinson

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    Bryant vs. Dickinson Emily Dickinson presents death in the poem “Because I Could Not Stop for Death” through the use of personification and the use of extended metaphor. William Cullen Bryant presents death through the use of the analogies in the poem “Thanatopsis.” Although each poet presents death differently, the meanings are similar. In “Thanatopsis, ” Bryant influences the reader to accept death as all living things’ fate. Bryant explains death by nature’s laws and the fact that nature’s

  • Kobe Bryant Research Paper

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    Kobe Bryant lives and dies for every single game. He is a 37 year old guard for the Los Angeles Lakers. Throughout Kobe’s 19 years in the league, he has adjusted to the challenges the National Basketball Association has to offer. Kobe was born in Philadelphia on August 23rd 1978. At a young age Kobe and his family moved to Italy where Kobe’s father, Joe ‘Jellybean’ Bryant left the National Basketball Association to purse a professional career in Italy. Kobe loved the game of basketball at a young

  • Informative Essay On Kobe Bryant

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    telling you which 5 I think are the best. I am picking the best by stats and my opinion. Number 5 Kobe bryant Kobe Bean Bryant (born August 23, 1978) is an American professionalbasketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He entered the NBA directly from high school, and he has played for the Lakers his entire career, winning fiveNBA championships. Bryant is an 18-timeAll-Star, 15-time member of the All-NBA Team, and 12-time member of theAll-Defensive team

  • Kobe Bryant Research Paper

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    winning shot.¨ This quote by Kobe Bryant shows his passion for the game and what he is willing to do to win games. It shows his determination and his humbleness for his teammates. Bryant is one of the greatest basketball players of all time because of his dedication to the game in his childhood and high school, his hard work in his career during the NBA, and the awards that he received. Kobe Bryant was greatly influenced to play basketball by his parents. Bryant was born on August 23, 1978 in Philadelphia

  • Kobe Bryant Research Paper

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    The 17 year old, soon to be All-Star, Kobe Bryant standing at 6 foot 6 inches, was drafted as the 13th draft pick in 1996 to the Charlotte Hornets for the position of small forward and shooting guard. He wasn’t on there for long though, he was traded during the draft to the Los Angeles Lakers for Vlade Divac. He said “Charlotte never wanted me," Bryant said. “Cowens told me he didn't want me. It wasn't a question of me even playing here. They had a couple of guards already, a couple small forwards

  • Research Paper On Kobe Bryant

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    than Kobe Bryant. For years people have wondered what makes Bryant so successful. The main contributors that lead to Kobe Bryant’s success is his hard work and dedication, his mindset, his natural ability’s and talent, and the people that have helped him throughout his life. Kobe Bryant was very successful in the NBA because of the amount of hard work he has put in, the people in his life, his relentless determination and his god given natural abilities. The first reason why Kobe Bryant was so successful

  • Paul William (Bear) Bryant

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    Paul William Bryant lived his childhood with no very much. Paul was born on September 11, 1913 in Moro Bottom in south central Arkansas. He was one out of eleven other children that his parents had. His parents were Monroe and Ida Mae Bryant. His father Monroe was a farmer and his mother Ida Mae was a stay at home mother and tended to the house. A few years later in Paul’s life they moved to a few miles south of Forge, Arkansas. (“100 years Of Bear”) There were about 3,600 people in the town they

  • An Essay About Kobe Bryant

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    Bean Bryant is an American professional basketball player that excites people with his amazing skills on the court. Kobe Bryant is an exciting player to watch on the court, and teaches others with his spectacular moves Bryant overall is an outstanding basketball player. Ever since Kobe Bryant was little hes been playing the game and loved it. He looked up to many NBA players hoping that one day he will become one of them. Kobe Bryant was born in August 23, 1978, in Philadelphia, PA. Joe Bryant and

  • Kobe Bryant Research Papers

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    will start to arise. Kobe Bryant is the heart of the Los Angeles Lakers. Not only has he been