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  • The War of the Worlds: Cultures in Collision

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    There are two main cultures in The War of the Worlds, the Martian culture and the British culture. In the novel, there are several cultural similarities between H.G. Wells’ Martians and the British Empire of the 19th Century. These similarities include colonialism, superior intellectual skills, and advanced weaponry. In addition, there are also cultural similarities between the human race represented in the novel and the Tasmanian Aborigines dominated by the British Empire in the 19th Century. These

  • The Melting Pot

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    The USA may be a melting pot of cultures, but it seems as if it expects only other cultures to assimilate. Not only are most of my family's multiracial traditions forgotten, but I am also ignorant to cultures outside of the USA. I have never been able to live or visit outside the box of my country. I don’t wish to see such a tiny view of the world. Even though I live in a western culture, I don't know how other western cultures live. As a country, it feels as if the USA is too young to even begin

  • paper

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    denounce slavery and oppression and were very active in the abolition movements. Millions of natives were converted to Christianity and even took upon themselves the lifestyles of the missionaries such as clothing, culture, and even many went to school to receive an education. Soon after the British invaded and began to occupy Hong Kong, Christian missionaries soon began thei...

  • Globalization: The Myth of Cultural Imperialism

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    language to Spanish. Based on my understanding of the views presented here, I believe that the idea of globalization as a manifestation of cultural imperialism is fatally flawed. I can't see how it is possible to completely wipe out someone else's culture just by showing them your own. I feel that although people in every nation are excited by exposure to new things, they will not simply leave their own heritage behind. There is no reason to do so and no trend is making it an option. I believe that

  • Culture In Australia

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    CULTURE GOVERNMENT/ HISTORY There are different views in concern to the subject of Australia’s culture and the relations to the government and history. Many claim that Australia’s blend of global influences-the cross-fertilisation of cultures by the dominant political powers of Great Britain, the United States, and emerging neighbours in Asia. Others argue that separate and distinct Australian cultures have existed for a long time, as an example, Aborigines. Aboriginal cultures dating back thousands

  • My Cultural Shock Experienced in Lancaster, UK

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    with our friends instantly without the restrictions of time and space. Such instantaneous communication has the potential to increase the amount of communication that occurs among people from different cultures (Lustig and Koester 7-8). However, we are not able to experience other countries’ culture unless we have been to that place. In this journal, I will share my cultural shock experienced in Lancaster. It is a small city in the North West of United Kingdom (UK) which is a historic city dominated

  • Critically Evaluate the Value of Academic and Applied Psychology in Facing the Challenges of Life in the Twenty-First Century

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    around the world, which has been an ever-lasting process throughout time and into the 21st century. Globalisation is described as “a process of international integration arising from the interchange of world views, products, ideas and other aspects of culture” (Al-Rodhan 2006). Throughout time, Golbalisation has impacted everyone, from the changing face of work (Occupational Psychology) through the Industrial Revolution to the more current Globalisation of hand held devices, such as mobile phones. Even

  • Two-Way Monologues An examination of Keneally?s The Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith through Friel?s Translations

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    fictionalized accounts of true events. British imperialism is the similar theme in each, and both elaborate on the destruction of society and the reaction of the indigenous peoples. Translations illustrates the attempted dissolution of the Irish culture by British solders. Map makers are sent to survey and re-inscribe the entire island of Ireland. This is clearly an attempt at revising history, and erasure of the Irish’s sense of the past. In this case, the existence of culture acts as the medium, and is an

  • Museums or Keeping Places

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    Over the years, culture, ethnicity, and national identity through museums have become moulded as the world has emerged through the globalisation and post-colonialism. Through globalisation and post-colonialism, people from all around the world have become aware of the different cultural and ethnic groups. This process of understanding different cultures can be understood through museums. A proper understanding of culture can attributed through the visual perspective, and that is what museum offers

  • Multicultural Culture Essay

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    different cultures that individuals identify with. Culture is very important to many people and is something that helps define who we are. When different cultures are respected and appreciated it is a beautiful thing, it can bring individuals in society closer to one another. Ideally this understanding of one another’s cultures can lead to multiculturalism. If the appreciation for different cultures is not done correctly it can seem to be cultural appropriation. Any piece of a culture can be stolen