The British Invasion In Musical Pop Culture

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Anna Dressman IIA 16 May 2014 The British Invasion Rock ‘n’ roll, Woodstock, James Bond, and the Beatles are what we think of when one of the most famous decades in history, the 1960s, comes to mind. This decade was overflowing with all different genres of music, from jazz to rock to R&B, as well as plenty of theatrical productions, both in and out of the cinema, and the various fashions and hairstyles of these years are not to be forgotten. One of the most well-known occurrences of this era was the British pop culture invasion, in which British musicians, style icons, and actors had a huge influence on and were widely famous throughout the United States. The British invasion in musical pop culture was, to put it simply, one of the biggest developments and influences on the future of American music. The first several years of the sixties, British rock was moving away from the rockabilly of the 50s, and toward more R&B and blues focused music. This new style of music represented a rising Mod trend [5], “Mod” referring to the British subculture characterized by stylish dress, the riding of motor scooters, and a liking for this style of music. Many bands from across the Pond became very popular as a result of this, including The Kinks, The Who, The Byrds, The Yardbirds, the Animals, and, of course, it wouldn’t be the Sixties without the legendary Beatles. The Beatles originated as just a small town band, “singing simple songs” [2] in 1962. The band’s first members were John Lennon and Paul McCartney, who first played together at the Conservative Club in Norris Green, with the name “the Quarrymen”, in 1957. The two later let George Harrison join their group, which by then was called “Johnny and the Moondogs”. In 1960, one of ... ... middle of paper ... failing in her attempts to become a nun, who is then sent to take care of a Naval captain widower’s children. The James Bond movies have definitely had a prolonged effect on American culture, seeing that the most recent movie, Skyfall, was released into theaters two years ago, and was the biggest movie success in UK box office history. In the US, although the movie was not quite as popular, Skyfall was still a huge hit. The sixties were about as distinct from the other decades as distinct can get in regards to the fashion or “style” of the era. Many, though not all, trends in fact, began in the UK, more specifically, London, the fashion capital of the world at the time. The UK dominated not only the musical and theatrical popular culture of the decade, but the fashion world as well. (Paragraph of analysis about long term effects) Conclusion *****write at end

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