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  • The Impact of the Past on British Columbia

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    The Impact of the Past on British Columbia Beautiful British Columbia, one hears this phrase constantly mentioned, but does anyone know why it is so beautiful? Though BC houses many people, very few know how BC got to where it is today. Not many people know that the Cariboo Wagon Road was built entirely by hand, pick and shovel. Some people may not realize that getting to the California Gold Rush was either an agonizing 2000 mile walk or a 6 month boating trip, and more than half the ‘gold

  • British Columbia Gold Rush

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    years, British Columbia was not included on maps. The Gold Rush brought so many people here, they didn’t have a reason not to put it on maps. There are many different claims from people who want to be known as the person who first found gold in BC. Some say that natives traded gold dust since 1852. Others say that Donald Mclean sent two pint-sized pickle bottles full of gold back to James Douglas, an HBC chief factor. James Houston claimed he was the discoverer of gold in British Columbia. His story

  • Polygamy in Bountiful, British Columbia

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    them is the Bountiful community in British Columbia and the other community is in Utah, U.S.A. Both of these communities practice polygamy as it is part of their religious beliefs. Polygamy is not legalized in North America, but a British Columbia’s community, Bountiful, has raised several concerns that have legal scholars divided on this issue of polygamy. The essay will only focus on the Mormon community particularly the Bountiful community in British Columbia and their conflict with Polygamy in

  • Ecology Within British Columbia

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    bear, a steelhead salmon, or an old growth forest, and smile. Works Cited Cannings, Richard. “British Columbia – A Natural History.” Vancouver: GreystoneBooks, 1996. Gibbons, Maurice. “Genuius of Place-Writing About British Columbia.” Ed. Stouck, David & Wilkinson, Myler. Vancouver: Polestar Book Publishers, 2000. Hume, Mark. “Genuius of Place-Writing About British Columbia.” Ed. Stouck, David & Wilkinson, Myler. Vancouver: Polestar Book Publishers, 2000. Hume, Mark. “Adam’s

  • Tamil Refugees in British Columbia

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    On October 17, 2009, seventy-six Tamil refugees arrived off the cost of Victoria, British Columbia in a rusty boat followed by another four hundred ninety two exhausted Sri Lankan Tamil asylum seekers in August 2010 (CBC News, 2010). Their migration stemmed from the civil war that had been ongoing in their homeland for over two decades. Human rights agencies and media around the world raised concerns over human rights violations, and death of tens of thousands of innocent civilians in Sri Lanka

  • Youth Workers In British Columbia

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    In British Columbia young people can begin certain kinds of work at age 12. Types of work include working in local grocery and clothing stores. This can cause conflict and concern on whether it takes away from the innocence of a child or whether it teaches them good life skills in order to become upright adults in the future. Childhood innocence is an example of a childhood discourse that this law could have a negative impact on. Childhood innocence is the idea that children should be carefree, naïve

  • Grizzly Bear Management in British Columbia

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    Grizzly Bear Management in British Columbia Grizzly bears in British Columbia represent many things to different people. To a large percentage of the population, they represent all that is still wild about our province, a link to the past before humans came and logged much of the forests, put roads over the mountains, and dammed the rivers. This view of grizzly bears as somewhat of a ‘flagship’ species is reflected in the naming by environmental groups of the large wilderness area of the

  • Legalization of Marijuana in British Columbia and Canada

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    The marijuana prohibition in British Columbia and Canada is an issue that needs to be addressed; it does not reduce the total number of people using the substances, increases the cost spent on law enforcement, and is a six billion dollar industry in B.C alone that we are unable to tax (Maclean, 2005). In this paper we will examine three innovations British Columbia could enact the first is legalization of marijuana in B.C and Canada, exploring decriminalization, and leaving the marijuana laws the

  • Arguement for the Legalization of Euthanasia in British Columbia

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    I am writing to you today in the hopes that at the coming meeting of the Legislative Assembly you will help make British Columbia one of the most progressive provinces in Canada. The issue I am talking about is, of course, the legalization of Euthanasia and physician assisted suicide. The awful inadequacy of our current laws, such as Section 241.(b) which states “Everyone who aids or abets a person to commit suicide, whether suicide ensues or not, is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to

  • Briefing on the Pipelines Project in British Columbia

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    The Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines are proposing to construct and to operate twin pipelines. The total length of these Pipelines is 1177km (731 mi). It is primary transfers the natural gas or the oil from Bruderheim, Alberta to Kitimat, British Columbia and finally exports to Asian market (mostly it is Chinese market oriented), since Alberta has abundant oil and natural gas and also BC province has a unique geographical environment, which is near the west coast of the Pacific Ocean and with