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  • Evaluation of Actions of General Douglas Haig

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    came back from India in 1904 and was made Major General. He was the youngest ever. He was steadily promoted up the army ranks after this and made the full General in 1914. After the war, Haig dedicated himself to the Royal British Legion. He was made Earl Haig in 1919 and the Baton Haig of Bermersyde. This shows to me that General Haig was held in high regard by the British army and was obviously identified as a success and was well respected. While researching Haig, I discovered that he

  • the patriot review

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    subject of conflict will not be understood. The plot of the movie began to develop when Benjamin Martin’s son, Gabriel, was captured by British troops. Benjamin Martin was a former hero of the French and Indian War, but he renounced fighting so that he would be able to raise his family in peace. Attempting to save his brother, Benjamin’s other son stood up to the British soldiers, but was killed in the process. Benjamin, only wanting to save Gabriel, ended up fighting in battle, rescuing Gabriel, and

  • Women's Role Of Women During The Revolutionary War

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    before the Revolutionary War women’s main role was in the home. They were the manufactures of the home, taking raw materials and turning them into household goods. The women were the consumers and before the Revolution they led the boycotts against British goods. During the Revolutionary War they became the men at home on top of the roles they already had. They became spies, nurses, propagandists, and even took over on the battlefield. After the Revolutionary War the push to go back to normalcy again

  • Haig and His Men

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    Haig and His Men Source Based I think that Source A does not prove that Haig did not care about the lives of his men. It just shows that he knows that you cannot fight a war without having casualties. You know that he knows this because he says "No amount of skill on the part of the higher commanders, no training however good, on the part of the officers and men, no superiority of arms and ammunition, however great, will enable victories to be won without the sacrifice of men's lives."

  • Haig as a Successful Commander

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    Haig's tactics during the Battle of the Somme, which was intended to take pressure off the French at Verdun and wear down the German army. He was a commander in 1900, in the Boer War, and so his tactics were simply to send wave upon wave of troops, claiming that "success in battle depends mainly on grit and determination". This eventually resulted in 450,000 British men dead for a maximum advance of twelve kilometres. This, understandably, caused unrest both at the front line and at home. A similar

  • Evaluation of the Battle of the Somme

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    joining up with their friends. In 1916, one of the biggest battles in the history of British Military history started. This battle was named The Battle of the Somme, named this because the region the battle took place was called the Somme. There were many reasons for basing the attack there.The most important reason was to relieve ... ... middle of paper ... ...ho were being attacked at Verdun. The British attack at Somme did this and prevented what could have been a breakthrough for the

  • Historical Sites from the Battle of Saratoga

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    to the public May 25, 2002. ("Saratoga Monument", 2001). John Nielson built his house in 1775 or 1776, where he and his wife lived until they learned that General Burgoyne and his British troops were headed to the area in September of 1777. The American Army had set up Fortifications to wait for the British Army to arrive and used the Nielson House as a mid-level headquarters.

  • The Last Interview of Napoleon Bonaparte by Erica M. Historian

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    proving I was made to be a leader. I had a countless amount of energy and ambition. I learned how to make the best with what I had and take advantage of opportunities. I successfully defeated the British at the siege of Toulon. After that I even had a few astonishing victories as commander in chief for the army of Italy. This was one of my many achievements (Encyclopedia, 2001). Erica M. Historian: Some refer to you as a military genius. What do you think your most successful battle was? Napoleon Bonaparte:

  • The Battle of the Somme

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    The Battle of the Somme Geoffrey Malins (1886-1940) was one of two official British photographers assigned to the Western Front during the First World War. He is chiefly remembered today for the film The Battle of the Somme shown to huge success in British cinemas in the late summer of 1916.Considered risky at the time, the decision to allow Geoffrey Malins to compile a film based upon the initial attacks on the Somme in July 1916 proved a massive success when put on general release in

  • Herrick 17

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    and his heroics on the front line and his Mention In Dispatches. This is the oldest Infantry award available in The British Army for bravery. We were quizzed about our feelings towards this and how we feel it will affect his career.Ryan was posted to Afghanistan on September 16th 2012. He was required to serve in a Seven month tour in which he would work with the Afghan National Army to eradicate Taliban oppression in the North. He would partake in many joint National missions with the ANA and ISAF