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  • Whose Life Is It Anyway? by Brian Clark

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    Whose Life Is It Anyway? by Brian Clark Whose life is it anyway? is about Ken Harrison, a paralysed patient in hospital, and his battle to end his own life. The problem here is that he is incapable of committing suicide and has to turn to euthanasia. The hospital is against this. They cannot deliberately let a conscious person die. In this essay I will tackle the question above, how Brain Clark persuades us that Ken’s decision is right. The title of the play, 'Whose life is it anyway

  • Brian Clark uses a number of techniques to dramatise the Euthanasia

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    Brian Clark uses a number of techniques to dramatise the Euthanasia Debate in his play, Who's Life is it Anyway Brian Clark uses a number of techniques to dramatise the Euthanasia Debate in his play, "Who's Life is it Anyway". Euthanasia is the means by which a person has the freedom of choice over whether they live or die. In the play there are two main arguments concerning this issue. One argument saying that a patient has the right to make this decision of life and death and on which

  • How does Brian Clark make his play Whose life is it anyway?

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    How does Brian Clark make his play Whose life is it anyway? Interesting, Memorable and Dramatic for a modern audience. Brian Clark makes “whose life is it anyway?” an interesting memorable play for a modern audience by using a wide variety of techniques that are available when writing plays. The play addresses a range of modern day issues. Recently Charlotte Wyatt’s case and Christopher Reeves’ death have broadened the awareness of the issue of euthanasia and the right to die or be resuscitated

  • How Brian Clark avoids Senintimentality in Whose life is it Anyway

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    responds to his plight with wit and clarity and argues his case with power and persuasion. As this play focuses on ones mans wish to die and the issue of euthanasia we as the audience would expect the play to be very emotional. With the storyline, Clark could have easily made this play the opposite of what it actually is, powerful and fast moving. As Harrison had been though such a terrible ordeal we would expect him to be full of self pity and self indulgence and therefore make the play emotional

  • Measuring Success in Business: The Significance of Setting Goals

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    self-help author Brian Tracy (2001) said, “If what you are doing is not moving you towards your goals, then it’s moving you away from your goals.” Setting goals requires understanding where one is, where one wants to be, and a course on how to get there. As stated in the text, when drafting goals, they should be “realistic and attainable,” “improve the organization,” everyone should have a voice in the “goal-setting process,” and “a program should be developed to achieve each goal.” (Clark, 1997) While

  • Canada's Political and Governmental System

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    Canada’s political and governmental systems, while much like our own here in the U.S., is rather different and, of course, has its own unique story and parties that clash for control during debates and elections. Much like our country, Canada’s two main political parties are the Liberals and Conservatives, but more have sprung up over the years, and the country has come up from a two party system to the multi party system it calls its own today. Canada’s governmental system, as you may already know

  • Assessing the Free Trade Debate

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    United States, criticism was less defined by partisan politics and focused on the protection of important local industries. The Canadian Debate Politically, the main proponents of the FTA were the Progressive Conservatives (PC), led by Prime Minister Brian Mulroney. When running for the PC leadership, Mulroney was against free trade. He claimed it was like “sleeping next to an elephant... it’s terrific until the elephant twitches and if he rolls over, you are dead.” But as early as 1985, Mulroney

  • Kim Campbell - First Female Prime Minister

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    The rise of Kim Campbell as Canada's first female Prime Minister is considered by many to be that of a phenomenon. Webster's Dictionary describes a phenomenon as being something of significant or rare, either fact or event. This can be shown by the rise of Kim Campbell from a local Vancouver School Board Trustee, to becoming Prime Minister of Canada. Of course, this success was dependent on her ability and ambition to succeed in what is still considered in contemporary terms as being a male dominated

  • Define Crime Essay

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    criminal justice system (Henry & Lanier 2001:6). Evidently, crime is a complex concept, in which people’s perceptions of criminality are often influenced or shaped by a broader context. This research paper will look closely into the criminal case of Brian Wells, the “Collar Bomber” who robbed a bank in the state of Pennsylvania in August 2003. Robbery, like crime, has several definitions including both legal and sociological. According to the American Criminal Codes, robbery is defined as, ‘Whoever

  • Brian Clark's Play Whose Life Is It Anyway?

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    Brian Clark's Play "Whose Life Is It Anyway?" The play "Whose Life Is It Anyway" by Brian Clark was made into a stage play and film. The television play was made in 1972 and the stage plays in 1978. In the play,” written by Brian Clarke, the intense argument of committing Voluntary Euthanasia is discussed. The main point of the play, Ken Harrison, once an imaginative, devoted sculptor, is involved in a terrible car crash. Following a long operation, Ken is paralyzed from the neck down;