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  • Summary of The Book of Habakkuk

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    It is believed that the book of Habakkuk was written to Judah around the year 606 B.C., as Nineveh no longer exists, so it has to have been written some time after Nahum. There is nothing known about this prophet outside of this book, and it is believed that Habakkuk wrote the book himself, but it is uncertain. His name means "embraced" or could even be the name of an Assyrian flower. Also known as the prophet of the watchtower, he was one of the last prophets to write before the Babylonian captivity

  • Summary of The Book of Hosea

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    In this book, there is an ongoing story of adultery, fornication, and betrayal between God and Israel portrayed through the relationship between the prophet Hosea, and his wife Gomer. There are a few different views on the actual relationship between Hosea and Gomer, the first of which is that Gomer was already a harlot when Hosea took her as his wife. This one I would think is the most widely accepted, simply because it's the literal description of the book, and people tend to lean towards literal

  • Summary Of The Book Of Daniel

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    The book of Daniel is probably one of the most important books in the entire Bible. Daniel not only deals with history, stories, biblical principles, and general accounts, but also deals with prophecy (both immediate and apocalyptic), thus setting the stage for everything that happens thereafter. Daniel deals with historical accounts as well as with prophecies that have already been fulfilled and those that will be fulfilled. Daniel also plays a vital role in a Christian’s beliefs. There are many

  • Books of Old Testament Summary

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    Deuteronomy The book of Deuteronomy is a book of law. The key themes that are mentioned in Deuteronomy are the retelling of what God has done for all of the Israelites through Moses. He gives the historical accounts of Moses as a leader. Moses ultimately rebels against and distrusts the journey to the Promised Land. The telling of the Ten Commandments is told by Moses in the book of Deuteronomy. The Israelites are told how to love God and how they should not worship any other gods but the Lord God

  • Summary Of The Book Of Job In The Bible

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    This book is about a man by the name of Dr. Gregory V. Jones. Mr. Gregory Jones is born in Durham, North Carolina. He is raised by his mother in a God – fearing home where the biblical principles are very important. He graduates from Methodist College and is a great athletic who plays basketball. After retiring from playing basketball, he is inducted into the Methodist College Hall of Fame. Later, he pursues a degree in Clinical Psychology and Religion. Dr. Jones spends a great deal writing books

  • Summary of The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

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    Summary “Like most misery, it started with apparent happiness” (84). In the beginning, we are introduced to the narrator by the name of Death. He informs the readers that he has many stories, but only remembers the ones that interest him. The tale of Liesel Meminger is one such tale, as he was always fascinated by her will to live through the most horrible instances. It should be duly noted however, that this story does not have a happy ending. Death makes this clear before we even have a chance

  • Book Summary

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    Addy is a nine year old girl who lives with her Momma, Pappa, Sam her 15 year old brother and her one year old sister Ester. Addy and her family are slaves who work for Master Stevens. One night on a summer night sleep Addy heard her parents talking about running away. Pappa wanted Addy to be free. He is sick and tired of seeing his children work so hard. They were talking about how they have to take a chance. Pappa did not want to wait till the war was over. He wanted to be free, and to be able

  • Book Summary

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    The pages start with a rumor that Hitler is dead, giving Elli hope. They are herded into a train where Elli takes care of her mother and panics when her mother falls unconscious. Once they reach Auschwitz, Elli’s mother revives, and Elli finds out the rumor isn’t true. Her mother tells Elli that to leave her behind in the train, but Elli doesn’t want to leave her, and gets her to keep going. While walking, an SS officer asks her mother if she can work, and Elli becomes nervous when her mother

  • Book Summary 1

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    My first book choice was a particularly easy choice to make. As a young child my dreams often wandered to the skies and I have aspired to be a pilot ever since. Becoming one the United States Air Force’s elite pilots must be among every young man’s dreams at some point in his life. Unfortunately for myself, I found out this year that I am not medically qualified to become an Air Force pilot but that I am restricted to the commercial industry. Nevertheless, I still look up to and have great respect

  • The Book Flush Summary

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    Flush This takes place in the Florida Keys up to Miami. It is placed in modern day time. This story happens in the summer. This book is about a family whose dad is a tour guild. He used to work with a man name Dusty Muleman. He said that one day he was going to form a new business. He owned a casino boat that was parked in Indian Territory. He made a deal with the Indians that he could gamble on their waters and pay them a part of the profit. Since his ship the Coral Queen never left the dock