Chapter Summary: The Book Of Genesis

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The Book of Genesis is a collection of stories telling the accounts of the beginning of the universe and some of the first humans that reside within it. In chapter one, the story of how there is an all-powerful God and how he created everything in existence is told and listed out. It is very methodical in its delivery and seems to get right to the point of what happened and seems to have a more ceremonial feel in the way that it is worded; it gives the feeling of something a teacher would state in a lesson. In the second and third books it is in more of a storytelling format than the first chapter and focuses more on where man falls into all of this and the story of how evil or sin was spread over the earth. In the beginning of the second chapter, it recounts how God …show more content…

In the third chapter, it shows how the perfect life full of bliss God gave to Adam and Eve, the first humans, was destroyed through the original sin of disobedience to God which led to spread of sin and the beginning of suffering on Earth. The purpose of this chapter was to give reason for why humans were cursed to feel pain and suffer throughout life and why sin and evil exists. The second and third chapters is a story that could easily be seen repeated in a casual way with the entire family. Even today, it is a common story told to children as it has a moral to the story much like that of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”. The Book of Psalms is a collection of poems, hymns, and prayers and thus has a different tone than the accounts in the first three chapters of Genesis. The story of creation mentioned again in Psalm 19 is like a love poem which sings the Lord’s praises and states how all of creation and those in heavenly beings such as Angels all sing his praises as

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