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  • Bonds and The Bond Market

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    Bonds and The Bond Market Given today's uncertain economy, many people are taking time to examine various options for their financial future. Different types of investments are investigated and bonds are one of the more popular choices considered. Many of the same people who talk about investing in bonds, however, do not fully understand them nor where they place in the economy. Many individuals believe that they should simply buy

  • Bond Markets

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    Bond Markets A bond is a debt security, or basically a loan, that an investor makes to a corporation, a government, an agency, or municipalities. In return for up-front cash, a corporation or government promises to make specific payments to a bondholder on specific dates. The bondholder can not only expect fixed payments but also the principle repayment when the bond reaches its maturity date (The Bond Market, 2002). A bond is considered a fixed-income security because the investor knows the

  • The Bond Market in China

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    Introduction The bond market is a financial market that identifies two different environments: the primary market, in which members issue new debt; and the secondary market, in which they can sell or buy debt securities. The main aim of the bond market is to guarantee a long-term funding mechanism for both private and public outflows. Traditionally the global bond market has been dominated by the Unites States; however, nowadays the US constitute less the half of the market (Pike, Neale and Linsley

  • US Bond Market

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    You have been asked to write a training document about the US Bond Market for use in the new employee-training program. In your document, you must make sure to address each of the following: 1a: The key players in the market; and the types of investments available to both individual investors and institutional investors, Bond Characteristics A bond is a "security" which gives the holder a financial claim on the issuer. This claim protects the holder in circumstances in which the issuer is

  • The International Bonds Market

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    international Bonds markets is a platform whereby the flow of funds between the borrowers for long-run funds and long-term investors who supplies funds is facilitated. There are two main types of bonds that Shoprite can use the foreign bonds or the Eurobonds. Foreign bonds can be defined as bonds that are issued by a global borrower and sold to investors in countries with currencies other than the currency in which the bond is denominated while Eurobonds are issued in a host country’s bonds market, in the

  • Hong Kong: Bond Market Development

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    latest development of bond market in Hong Kong The Hong Kong dollar debt market grew steadily despite the volatility in global bond markets. Firstly, Hong Kong is quite a liberal debt market. According to CbondS, International investors are free to invest in debt instruments issued in Hong Kong. There are no restrictions on foreign borrowers tapping the domestic debt market to finance their business. The bond market in Hong Kong has for some time been a significant market place for issuers and

  • Islamic Capital Markets and Sukuk or Islamic Bond

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    Sukuk: Its Definition and Characteristics It is apparent that the contemporary era denotes the Islamic capital markets recognizing the issuance of Shari’a-compliant financial instrument called as Sukuk (Godlewski, Turk-Ariss, & Weill, 2011). From a business perspectives, the term Sukuk refers to securities that conform to the Shari’a as well as to investment principles, which likely prohibits the various Shari’a laws stated such as the riba or paying or accepting interests (Shaikh & Saeed, 2010)

  • History Of Treasury Bonds In Kenya

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    local Infrastructure bond market regulation remains underdeveloped has more recently led to several efforts to promote their development, including the Infrastructure bond instrument with a Diaspora component. The bonds market in Kenya trades in both the treasury and corporate bonds. While treasury bonds were introduced as early as mid-1980s, corporate bonds came to the market in 1996 during the reform period. Despite the early initiation of treasury bonds in the market, the market remained almost stagnant

  • Pros And Cons Of High Yield Bonds

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    The high yield bond is a bond that features higher returns but with a lower credit rating than typical investment-grade bonds. These bonds can also be referred to as ‘junk bonds’ that are rated as below investment grade by organizations such as Moody’s and Standard and Poor’s. [Appendix #1] Generally, companies that issue high yield bonds may receive their rating due to a few characteristics, such as being less established than typical household brands, showing weak financial performance or they

  • Corporate Bonds Case Study

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    Corporate bonds are issued by companies to raise more capital. That money is used to reinvest in their operations, to buy other companies or even pay off older, more expensive loans. The alternative for companies is to engage in an Initial Public Offering and raise equity by selling stocks. This is a long and an expensive procedure. Selling bonds provides a quicker way to raise capital for corporate expansion even though it’s a bit complicated. You can buy corporate bonds individually or through